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"That's right! Just dial 1-800-CHOSEN-1 to meet girls who have this alarming yet fun condition."
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July 04 2003

Have you ever met a Buffy? Why has Buffy not become a popular name with the cult following that it has?
First mention of Buffy on page 3, last paragraph.

BTW: Buffy is a distinct name, isn't it? Maybe Buffy fans should show their support of Whedon and BtVS by naming their kids with names from his shows and implement a strict descendant naming scheme in their families so Buffy can live on forever. Just a suggestion though. Also, I must say I don't think it's that hard to come up with an original name... Paprik, Sporfi, Noosum, Dejous, etc. All good names in my opinion. What are some other good names?

My first spawn-of-the-devil will be Numfar. Boy, girl or misc.
I don't know, Jonathan always had a nice ring to it.
Ever since Firefly I've thought that "River" was a great girl's name.
The Doctor in Firefly, I've forgotten his name but I remember at the time thinking it was a very cool name.
Had a classmate named Buffy in a Shakespeare class, but she was a redhead....
I dunno, "Joss" has a nice ring to it. :)
I wonder what kind of schoolyard trauma could result from a name like 'Spike'. Probably not the best kind of experiment to carry out...
Here's one:

Two blokes were trying to row the Indian Ocean (but had to be rescued). One of them has a wife called Buffy.
Never knew a Buffy, but I would name my kid (were I to choose to procreate) Willow, Giles (NOT Rupert), Alexander, Anya, Riley, or Frederica...

Will & Jada's daughter is Willow - wonder if there's a connection?
That little skank on the Real World Las Vegas, has a sister name Buffy. And one of Hugh Hefners current girlfriends name is Buffy.
I know a Buffy! But she's about 50 years old, and the name is short for Badonna. Don't ask me how she got to Buffy. Apparently she's gone by it her whole life though.
i've known 3 people named buffy so far; all of them elizabeths but called buffy as a pet name. i think back in the day it was pretty common for girls named elizabeth to get that nickname.
Guess this doesn't strictly count, but my aunt had a Golden Retreiver called Buffy.
I knew a girl in high school whose real name was Martha. Her nickname was Muffy (this being the early 80s) but changed to Spike when preppy started to wane and punk to wax.
Funny, Melsta!...even funnier if true!

We have neighbors who have a dog named Xander.
Caleb seems to be rising in popularity among the toddler set--I know of at least three little Calebs, and one about age 30. Let's just hope none of them reveal tendencies toward Evil.
I know a set of angora bunnies named Spike, Anya and Xander. There was a Buffy and an Angel, but they were a bonded pair and when one died the other followed. (True story.) One of these days I'll ask if I can link to their picture.
I like 'Joss', doesn't it mean 'fate' in Chinese? Or is it 'luck'---and isn't 'Buffy' a diminutive of 'Elizabeth'? Can you imagine calling Queen Elizabeth 'Buffy'??? Maybe they do? ;)
Correct on Buffy, Lady Pele, but not quite on target for Joss.


JOSS f English
Pronounced: JAWS
Short form of JOCELYN

Oddly, they list "Joss" as a female name, but then list its derivative "Jocelyn" as both female and male. The only other Joss I've ever heard of is the English actor Joss Ackland, who's been in a lot of movies and has had a nice stage career in Britain. I saw him as Stanley Kowalski in a London production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" (with Claire Bloom as Blanche.) In the 80s, he was in a BBC production of "Shadowlands," in which he played C.S. Lewis. Could there be two roles more dissimilar!

I love Harris Yulin as Quentin Travers, but Joss Ackland would have been great, too.

I think "joss" is Chinese for a god or idol or some such thing.

Here's the listing for "Buffy":

BUFFY f English
Pronounced: BUF-ee
Pet form of ELIZABETH
I've heard of one other Joss before- Kate Winslet's brother.
I was very proud of myself when I figured out that his real given name must be Joseph, and was surprised when I read in that biography that he chose "Joss" because it was Chinese for "luck". I had just figured it was his own version of his given name - la Xander and Toph (for Christopher).

I like my version better. That he came up with it on his own and was later pleased to discover it was also a Chinese word (BTW - what Chinese? Mandarin or Cantonese or other? And which is the one he studied?)
I knew a Joss when I was a kid, and he was Dutch - I always figured it was the Dutch form of "Joshua".
The word "joss" is actually not Chinese at all. It is from a Pidgin English word for a Chinese idol. The word comes from the archaic Portuguese "deos", meaning "god". The meaning has been adapted to represent "luck" when speaking in English about Chinese traditional ceremonies (like New Year's Festival etc.), where joss sticks (made of incense) are burned for good luck.

According to this page, his real name is Joseph (his parents call him Joe).
In Dutch, the spelling is 'Jos' (short for Jozef)
My son's name is Alexander Riley -- Xander for short

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