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July 13 2008

Megan Gogerty puts out "I Miss Buffy" tribute album. She previously released the "I miss Buffy T.V.S." single; now she's updated it (with electric guitars!) and has a whole rockin' album.

Tracks include "Kinda Wish D'Hoffryn Was My Boyfriend", "The Legend of Mr. Gordo" , "I Think My Roommate Is A Demon With A Soul", "Lots Of Xander To Love" -- 2-minute samples for which can be heard on the album's page at

The hard copy of the CD is already on back order, though you can purchase an mp3 copy instead.

Catchy and funny.
It looks to be sold out or something.....and the FAQ is hilarious.
Hahaha, Lipstick Wiccans. Very clever.
Is she the one who sang this? Cause that set my teeth on edge (in terms of audio quality). But the intent was nice. Always interested in fans who do something different.
Is she the one who sang this? Cause that set my teeth on edge...

Simon | July 14, 07:07 CET

The YouTube vid was by someone else (an 18-year old Aussie named Kristy) singing over Gogerty's song. Megan's singing, on both old and new version, is substantially better. While the original acoustic one has been apparently removed from her site (it can still be found here), the updated electrified one can be heard on Megan's MySpace page.
I wish D'Hoffryn were my boyfriend too,
Awww! This is fantastic!
I love the reviews from whedonesque.
And very funny FAQ.
I loved the acoustic "I Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer" when I first heard it - a link from this site I believe. The new version is wonderful, I do miss the "for teenagers quipping wittily I guess there's The OC" line and the wistfulness of the "unplugged" version though. Still, small price to pay for a whole album of fun.
That was cool.

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