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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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July 04 2003

R.I.P. Barry White, 1944-2003. Willow offered herself to Oz with Barry's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," in the third season episode "Amends."

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Edit: Found a better link at CNN.

G'bye Barry...loved when strains of "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" came up in "Amends"...loved it even more when Oz let us know that it wasn't back up music to the scene, but back up music that Willow had actually put on...G'bye and God bless, Barry...
The legend is gone.

Farewell, Barry. You will be remembered.
Good thing I'm married already. Without Barry to back me up, I'd have no chance with the ladies these days. Low, and slow, and workin' the afterglow. Thanks.
Bye bye to the Walrus of Love. I know Oddjob has already posted the ref to Amends above , but thought that Barry deserved the full works (also Psyche seems to be down, anyone know what happened? More cease and desisting?)

From Amends, Season Three (written & directed by Joss Whedon):

Cut to Willow's house. Oz comes in.

Oz: Willow? (closes the door) I got videos. (holds them up)

When he sees the living room, he stops in his tracks. Willow has the
room softly lit, with a small fire going in the fireplace, candles
burning on the coffee table, and soft music playing on the stereo. She
is sitting on the sofa, dressed nicely just for him.

Willow: Hi. (pats the sofa next to her) Why don't you come s-sit down?

After a moment's hesitation, he walks into the room and sits down next
to her. He set the videos on the table. On the stereo "Can't Get Enough
of Your Love, Babe", by Barry White, begins to play.

Lyrics: I've heard people say that

Oz isn't sure what to make of this, and looks at Willow. She smiles back
at him.

Lyrics: Too much of anything is not good for you, baby

Oz: You ever have that dream where you're in a play, and it's the
middle of the play and you really don't know your lines, and you kinda
don't know the plot?

Willow: Well, we're alone, and we're together. I-I just wanted it to be

Oz: How special are we talking?

Willow: (a bit nervous) Well, you know, we're alone, and we're both
mature younger people, and, and so... w-we could... I-I'm ready to... w-
with you. (whispers) We could do that thing.

Oz looks at her in disbelief. Willow smiles back. Oz has to stand up.

Willow: Where are you going?

Oz: No, I'm not going. Just a dramatic gesture. That's, that's pretty

Willow: (stands also) Oz, I-I wanna be with you. First.

Oz: I think we should sit down again.

They sit stiffly.

Willow: Oz?

He looks at her, worry evident in his expression.

Willow: I-I'm ready.

Oz: Okay. Well, don't take this the wrong way... but I'm not.

Willow: (confused) Are you scared? 'Cause I thought you had...

Oz: (shyly) No, I have, but this is different. I mean, you look great.
You know, and, and you got the Barry working for you, and, and it's
all... good. But when it happens... I want it to be because we both need
it to for the same reason. You don't have to prove anything to me.

Willow: I just wanted you to know.

Oz: I know. (smiles) I get the message.

Willow leans over to him, and they kiss.

(Transcript from
That's one of my all-time favorite Buffy moments. The first time I saw it, I rewound it and watched that scene a couple more times. Gorgeous acting and writing.

When I read about Barry's death, it was one of the first images that flashed in my mind. He's gone too soon.
Barry White's dead, yet Barry Manilow lives???
Life is not fair, indeed.
Better for Mr. White the peace of the afterlife, than the spangley hell of unlife. "Play on, you undead zombie bastard!"

I remember all my life
Raining down as cold as ice
A shadow of a man
A face through a window
Crying in the night
The night goes into
Morning, just another day

Epilogue, in which I Screw Up A Joke: "Why would I wish for a zombie pianist?"

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