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July 14 2008

Countdown to Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Part one kicks off tomorrow. Are you excited? Come talk about your exuberance in the official pre-launch Whedonesque thread.

No seriousness or solemnity allowed. Swellness and glee welcome.

Does anyone know if it will begin airing at 12:01 a.m. EDT?
Some fan I am. I completely forgot about this. Stupid school essay.

Why start on a Tuesday though? Is there a reason for that?

Someone has a link to the offical time in another thread. If that's of any help.
Tuesday is officially Dawn Kidnapping Day, NYPinTA. Everyone knows this.
I feel about this project in the vein of the gal that made the I Miss Buffy! album, only more so. I've missed seeing Joss' work so much it's like I have a phantom limb that got hacked off awhile back, and it's been itching and aching. This will be the lovely appetizer before the Chocolate Souffle known as Dollhouse arrives, and I'm going to savor every bit.
I thought it was a little quiet around here. Now I expect long missives on time, cheese, pants, beer, goggles, fungus, acting, astronaut vs caveman and a myriad of other topics.

Go on, you know you want to.
Tonya J - I must admit phantom limbs weren't even on the list of possible things I thought we might talk about. But there you go, the wonder and variety that is the W.
I'm all a'twitter - um, and I can feel my phantom limb waving "hi" and snapping its fingers to the phantom music.

I want to tell everyone on the Internets about it, but I hafta work, and that sucks, except it's good, too.

(I'm gonna assume it's 12:01 a.m. PST USA, like, in the absence of anything further - but I'll be checking the site 9:01p.m. PST USA, just to be safe.)
But, but, Dan, there was Chocolate Souffle in there too! Everyone loves Chocolate...
Long missives on beer? Hmmmm. Anyone want to debate whether the panic in the capital markets will limit InBev's ability to secure $45 billion in debt financing necessary to pay the $52 billion purchase price for Anheuser-Busch (AKA Budweiser)?

I didn't think so. What's up with Britney Spears?
Tuesday is officially Dawn Kidnapping Day, NYPinTA. Everyone knows this.

D'oh! I did not know this. Except now that you say it, I know it to be true.

I thought maybe it was for numerogical reasons. Like choosing the 15th because of the 1 and the 5. The 1 ensuring that it will be the number 1 internet web series musical about superheroes that day and the 5 because it's a number that is easy to multiply and divide with. (5 times 2? 10! 5 times 50? 250! See? Easy. Multiplying by 7 or 8? Totally sucks.)
I'mma do a little dance!

I've told practically everyone I know to tune in tomorrow. Can't wait!
I wonder if Dr. Horrible has super-talented evil brothers like Joss has super-talented evi...good brothers?

Drs. Horrible, Terrible, and Morally Reprehensible will see you now.
Why start on a Tuesday though?

A double Whedon whammy? If the Powers and Titans thing is true I'm guessing there will be official blurb about it tomorrow at E3. And now some glee. *GLEE*. That is all.
I'm very excited! I hope that they get a DVD ready soon. And I keep reading about possible sequels. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

*runs to watch the trailer ONE MORE TIME*
NYPinTA; don't forget, "Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday" ;)
Wait... what? Double whammy? Powers and Titans? Is this a riddle?

C'mon. This thread isn't fair! Now I'm craving chocolate, worrying about having "phantom limbs" and there was math! (Which, I know, was my fault. Sorry.) Now a riddle??
And now some glee. *GLEE*. That is all.

I don't think I've ever seen you use all caps before, Simon. Glee indeed.
I want to not go to work tomorrow! But, I know that time will move faster if I do...
Poo.... dle.
I'm three quarters tempted to stay up to 3:00 a.m. (my time zone), even though that'd make working afterwards a big, fat problem.

Anyone have any guesses as to where/how/when it'll be downloadable for a fee? I'm hoping it's soon after the 19th and that iTunes is one of the venues. As for the DVDs, nothing in the world will prevent me from ordering a gazillion of them. Vive Dr. Horrible and His Horribleness!
Joss should probably post what time it's going up, if he wants to make it a TV style event.

Although I bet we crash the website.
As I pointed elsewhere, technically is already "tomorrow" in some places of the planet. So glad that I'm in the western hemisphere today, instead of you know back in the eastern hemisphere...
gossi, Joss mentioned that they have two servers. I'm probably outing myself here *happily passes the science ingredient*, but isn't that a good, non-crashy kind of thing?

Or am I just way too optimistic about getting to see this without slamming my desk against the desk?
Although I bet we crash the website.

Yes, I think that's a cert Gossi - although if we could wait until after I've seen it at least once would be cool.

*is excited*
SOOOOOOOO excited!!! Can't wait any longer!! Feel like I may explode!!
deadbessie: Or am I just way too optimistic about getting to see this without slamming my desk against the desk?

Wow. Just how strong are you?? :P

(Sorry. Way too much sugar today! And excitment!)
Hmm, so my recent waking up at 3:00 a.m. insomnia bouts have not been a random annoyance, but are merely the cosmos preparing me for tonight.

Note to self - do not do that strange thing of turning the computer off before going to sleep tonight.
I'm planning to do the same thing as QuoterGal, checking the website at 9 pm PDT, just in case the 12:01 is Eastern time. It would be nice for us on the west coast though to have something adjusted for our time zone for once. ;)

I am so excited waiting for this, and Thursday, and Saturday, and then seeing it on the big screen all at once next week. If I squeed, that's what I'd be doing right now!
Holy crap! This whole time I've been thinking that 12:01 am (PDT) Tuesday meant 36ish hours from now, and just realized that it's actually less than 12ish hours from now.

::does the Dance of Joy::
This is an incredibly exciting week, with both Dr. Horrible AND E3 going on. Can't wait 'till tonight!
What exactly is E3? (If this is another obvious reference I'm not getting...)
NYPinTA, as far as I know it's a sort of gaming and electronics conference.
Ah. Thanks. Back to the joyous anticipation. :)
I've done everything short of telling complete strangers about it...*Wait* I did that too!
So I'm ready!
T-10 hours. Not that I'm paying it any attention.
I'm just thinking of all of the bandwith being used from corporate and nonprofit servers worldwide to stream Dr. Horrible tomorrow - if one could channel that and have it power a freeze ray - hey, maybe I could get into the Evil League of Evil, too.

So Dr. Horrible is Glory?
For those who like me are fidgeting, the most recent notes on the official Facebook page are funny.
Does anyone else absolutely adore the song that plays in the teaser? Especially the dramatic swelling as all the action clips are playing? Everything I'm doing today I'm internally playing that song in my head. It makes everything a bit more bearable.
It makes everything a bit more bearable. Even math?
NYPinTA Wow. Just how strong are you?? :P

Well, I was born with a full head of hair and the ability to bench press 500 pounds. ;)
I think I've reached my sugar limit too. So excited that I can't even type straight!

Seriously, hoping to see it once before it crashes. Otherwise I'll be dragging the laptop (that I just bought this weekend because the other is still in the shop and I was afraid of missing all the goodness) to work and sneaking off to find a wireless connection.
Arrrrrssseeee ! Goddamnit Joss, why haven't you spoken to my boss and got me sound at work yet ? My job you say ? 'K, guess I sort of see that.

May have to sort some headphones out or something. And wait for my boss (who sits directly opposite me) to pop out. For 20 minutes. Maybe he'll have had a particularly "aggressive" curry tonight. Fingers crossed.

ETA: Wooooot ! Obviously ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-07-14 22:18 ]
And a big "eeeeeeeewwwwww" goes to Saje for giving me that mental image of the results of his boss' "aggressive curry."
Well I work till 2:30am so when I get home I'll be watching this piece of AWESOME!
Thank JOSS I checked Whedonesque today. I usually do, religiously, but I'm a bit off today and didn't think I should tamper the black.

However, if I did that stupid move, I would have missed out on the count down, phantom limbs, chocolate, math (yay!), people being outed as "modem nerds", and my all-time favorite debate on what time zone we should schedule our GLEE & SQUEE.

Sometimes I think myself a dummy. Luckily, I let my fingers do the driving. :)
... for giving me that mental image of the results of his boss' "aggressive curry."

I live to serve ;-).
Although I bet we crash the website.

Here at WHEDONesque, we don't crash websites, we fandango them.
Well, I for one am happy with the time the show is launching - it'll be ready for me to watch when I get home from work! No staying up late, no getting up early. A perfect ten minutes of entertainment for this evening.
Oh b!x, 'fandango' reminds me of when the 'Serenity' preview tickets were going on sale, and would be sold out even before Universal got the information up at their site, because of the fans finding the tickets on fandango! LOL

Hopefully this will not be that bad, since they claim to have two great big servers...
but I will be online late tonight waiting to see it!
New twitter says "It begins... EST"

Five hours!!!
embers, that's where it came from, except not because we got there first, but because we did in fact crash Fandango at least once for those screenings.

So from then on out, I never use "crash" here. I use "fandango".
Just as long as you don't use those freaky paper bag puppets, bix.
New twitter says "It begins... EST"

Five hours!!!

I just noticed that on Facebook. Yay! (I assume they mean EDT. ;)

Can someone help me with the timing thing? I'm normally on EDT but I'm visiting the 'rents in CA. What time will it be up and available *here*?
OL, if it's midnight on EDT, then you get to see it at 9 pm PDT.
Damn. It launches during Sony's E3 conference. >< Oh well. CAN'T WAIT TILL TOMORROW! :D
Okay, so: above linkiness says something about 12:01 AM US Pacific time. Yes? Is this so? Oh, great persons who understand time zones, please let thy knowledge flow. Metaphorical cookies for those who assist me (and others on the Pacific coast, I guess.)

If this is in fact the case, then I don't even have to make special wakiness plans; only do what I normally do, which is stay up late and go to sleep at my normal time: 1:00. All of a sudden, it's nice and shiny here.

Ooh! Ooh! And, YAYYYYYYYYYY! I'd do a dance, except I'm really sore and slightly broken. Ah, well, these phantom limbs shall hold me up...or contribute to my nonexistent PTSS. Plus, I have Yossarian's bad liver, and see everything twice.

Okay, this is me effusive and incoherent with joy. Ignore as needed. :)

Oh, and Saje, eew. (And may I follow that with a gnyaaah?) Also, I might point out that epsom salts in his coffee would do the same. ;)
"I might point out that epsom salts in his coffee would do the same."

Oh? *files that away for future use....*

Me, here at home, still excited.

Oh. This isn't a word association game?
There's only about 30 hours til it airs! It actually went by pretty fast.tomorrow my cellphone will change its usual Doctor Who wallpaper for a Dr Horrible one!
I'm doing my happy dance of excitement! I have missed Joss-TV so much that the severed limb analogy makes complete sense. I will watch it as soon as I can, after it's up. Hopefully the site won't be fandangoed for me! (Thanks b!x)
I'm stupid. when someone tells me it airs at midnight, for some reason I always think it's midnight the next day. as in, from Tuesday to Wednesday. and then I get nasty surprises,like finding out my university admission results a day early. and well,now that I've realized it's 6 hours away. I think. according to my rarely-used and pretty much non-existed math skills
pretty much non-existed math skills

Perhaps this is the math instruction Joss was singing to us in my dream.
I was going to wait until morning to watch this, but I don't want to miss an opportunity to fandango the intarwebs. Guess I'll have to set my alarm for middlenight-ish and watch it with the rest of the world. Can't wait!!
Oh dear. For anyone else confused with the time zones, use this handy timezone converter. If I calculated correctly, midnight EST means 7 in the morning here in The Netherlands. Seeing as it's already 2:30 in the night here, I'm guessing I'll start watching after the website has been fandango'd ;).

Which wouldn't be bad (assuming it's back up when I wake up), except then all of you guys will have already seen it, and it's more fun to be there when the insanity starts. Otoh: it's also nice to be, y'know, awake while watching ;)

Even math?

Hey, math can be fun! As long as it's not integral calculus. Give me some (linear) algebra any time of the day. What? Too nerdy?

Perhaps this is the math instruction Joss was singing to us in my dream.

Bix, I still feel your dream should be released. Maybe it would be another nice extra on the Dr. Horrible DVD. Or, alternatively, we could do a live performance on Conesque (with cabri singing *Gwpaapa* *Gwpaapa* in tune with the music, on the background).

ETA: replaced previous statement with actual time here, heh ;)

[ edited by GVH on 2008-07-15 01:45 ]
Math? fun? that sounds like an oxymoron. I have never been able to find the fun in math. or in numbers in general. I'd rather have letters,words.
Hey, there are bunches of letters in math, y'know. Hell, sometimes, when we're using math for actual physics, we have to expand to the greek alphabet to get more letters, because we've used up all the regular ones ;).

But yes: math can be fun. And so can language. Which I why I combined both and became a writer for popular science magazines ;) (also: I've now stayed up even later. I'm so gonna miss out on the first buzz...)
Well,some people like you can combine them.Me, I stay as far away as possible from math and science. I like humanities, languages. Also,I think I've been perpetually scarred by school so I can never,ever go near it. The closest I get is reading xkcd.
Hand me the math ingredient!
[big whine] Its already July 15th in my sucky perverted Southern Hemisphere timezone! Oh Joss, haven't I waited long enough!! Hulk Angry! Hulk Smash! [/big whine]

...Glad I could share in the blinding anticipation.
Ha. "perpetually scarred by school..." Yep.

Less than an hour now... or three. We'll see.
I just woke up in dreary old Sydney... So, what US timezone are we going by? Eastern? Central? is saying PSD, which means I have to wait another 3.6hrs.

I think I'll just refresh every 15 minutes from my 2pm.

Anticipation... deafening.
I love my math. Don't be talking bad about my lovely math.
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.

I just can't talk 'cause I'm on a deadline - but I'll break at 9:00p or 12:00a, whenever it airs...


(No work for 3 days and now I got two rush jobs. It ain't fair... but it is money, so I'll shut up now. *sigh*)

ETA: Tamara, your math frightens me, but if people like you didn't like it, we'd be sunk - so yay for folks who like math, of whom I am not one...)

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-07-15 04:27 ]
The Dr. Horrible Twitterfeed just posted "...30..."

It's midnight EST, people. Brace yourselves...
Yup, saw it, it's verra soon...

I prolly shouldn't hold my breath 'til then, huh?
Dumb question: why is the link for this story not to the offical Dr Horrible's page?
Doc typed ...30... in twitter at 9 minutes ago.

Whoops...somebody already saw it.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-07-15 04:44 ]
Oops, it's 12:01 AM. lol Eeven better. :D
This is a handy tool for working out time zones...
Or... in real time - just 6 minutes from now.
IT'S UP! and how do canadians access it? :(
I get a message saying "this video is not available on this site". What did I do wrong?
It's 12:06 a.m. -- has it been fandango'd yet? I'm waiting until later since I stay up until 4:00 a.m. anyway, but it's kind of fun watchin' y'all freak. ;)
Nice timing...I completely forgot because I've been heavily engrossed in a programming project and decided to take a break and visit Whedonesque. I admit...I squee' forgetting it was Christmas until waking up Dec. 25th.

But now I'm sad because the page is telling me "This video is not available at this site."

Might there be a direct link to a page on Hulu?

Please don't make me download molested my machine last time I did.
*wibble* Getting a message that it can't be accessed outside the US *wibble*
That is midnight Pacific time, and right here where I am on the West coast it is only 9 pm. So y'all gotta wait another 3 hours!
OMG! It is up early! I must watch now! But I'm trying to watch the Closer to....!

[ edited by embers on 2008-07-15 05:35 ]
It was 3 hours earlier than expected...but I can't watch.
Dammit! I don't want to wait til the DVD comes out!
You sure embers? Because the icon for act I just became active a few minutes ago.
Amazing! NPH is outstanding, and our Captain Hammer's the best ever swaggering hero. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do . . . Now to watch it again . . .
Hulu? HULU? US residents only? WHAT IS THIS? *head exploding a la Gentlemen when Buffy screams*
craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. I can't see it. *cries*

BTW, I have a friend in Texas who watched it once already, so time zone doesn't matter.
I'm so disappointed - I thought this was supposed to be viewable for those of us outside the US :(

[ edited by Beth'll on 2008-07-15 07:22 ]
Twitter says they are working on it and there are ways around the US only issue, people.
From the wording from their twitter blogs and facebook, I don't think it was supposed to be just US tonight. I think that was a glitch. Not done on purpose.

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