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July 14 2008

Julie Benz slated to appear in Dexter panel at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 24. Michael C. Hall and various Dexter show runners will also make appearances at SDCC to talk about the upcoming third season.

From the article:

The DEXTER panel is geared to start Thursday July 24, 2008 -5:45pm-6:45pm Room 6CDEF while the Entertainment Earth is looking at 3:00pm - 5:00pm on the convention floor.

I've never heard of Entertainment Earth, but apparently Benz has a role in that, too.

I love Julie, I was fortunate to sit by her at a banquet and she was telling a story of another of my favorite parts she played Topolsky on Roswell. On the show she is taken and never heard from again. In the first take, however, the guys that were suppose to be grabbing her and throwing her into the car did not hold on tight enough so she got away and ran down the street yelling, "Topolsky lives!" She is such a sweetheart and I LOVE Dexter.
On another note wasn't someone asking if Christian Slater was to be at Comic con? NBC is saying both he and Ron Moore will be at the TV Guide panel "6:00-7:00pm TV Guide panel
Location: Room 6B
* This panel will feature several showrunners and stars from different network series. TV Guide has agreed to include Jason Smilovic and Christian Slater from My Own Worst Enemy and Ron Moore for the studio's Virtuality"
IT's in's Comic con section
Is it the 23rd yet? :)

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She's also scheduled to be at the Punisher panel at 8:00 pm in Room 6B.
Oh my God, they are having a Dexter panel?!?! Oh dear, I am getting more and more bummed out about missing Comic Con! Next you'll tell me they are having a Burn Notice panel too *sob*.
The autograph schedule is also up but Joss is not listed. Does this mean he isn't signing anywhere/anytime?
It means he's not doing an official Comic-Con signing. The schedule does not include all the booths on the floor that hold signings also. Last year Joss signed at the Marvel booth. If he does a signing it will be at a booth that he has a relationship with, Marvel, Dark Horse, California Browncoats (we can dream :), etc.
This is one of the few I will be attending. Love Dexter, Love CBS for showing Dexter Season 1, wish I had Dexter Season 2, wish I had Showtime so I can watch Dexter 3. Wish I had a pony.
I think he was really at the Dark Horse booth for a couple of hours last year, but he's bound to be at the CA Browncoats table sometime during the event.
love Dexter.
oh, my very own personal "a genre fan"?
Teacherdarling, thanks for the bit about Benz's part on Roswell. I remember liking her in that role, especially once we got more on her character. It sucked that they wrote her out (and presumably killed her off, off-screen).

I still need to see the first Punisher (well, Thomas Jane's, not Dolph's). I'll watch it just because I'm definitely gonna see "War Zone", so even if there's next to no continuity between the original and the revamp (man, Marvel's gotta stop doing that, ie Hulk), I can compare.
Entertainment Earth is a collectible/toy store. It looks like they'll be having Julie doing a signing at their booth.
Here's the list of 2008 SDCC Exclusives and celebrity signings for the Entertainment Earth booth. No times or dates yet, but it confirms her as being scheduled.

Where are you getting the info that Benz has some role in the company? She owns a restaurant, but I don't know of any ties between her and EE, other than the fact that she's doing a signing for them. I don't even think they had a Darla exclusive figure.
I think Saturn Girl thought the Entertainment Earth listing was for a panel. And therefore, she thought Julie had an actor's role, not a role in the company, which is how it reads if you know what EE actually is.

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