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July 14 2008

Dr. Horrible shirts will be sold online at Jinx. No link on the official site yet, just a picture. But a little searching leads to this currently empty page, hopefully soon to be filled with all kinds of goods.

Awesome. Cheers!
this is great! cannot wait to see what they have.
"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." ? Hmmm.
That's great news!! I was about ready to prevail on someone attending Comic-Con to try and snag me one and I hate doing that when folks are there to have fun.
How many shirt sites have you been hitting to find that? :)

(grumbling that I didn't think of doing that first...)
Bridges, there's a picture with the name of the site on it that was recently added to the official site. That's how he found out about it.

I was going to post about it, but decided to leave it to someone else.
Actually none. I was reading the Newsarama article or something and someone mentioned the funny bits on Facebook. So I clicked over there from the main site. When I went back to the main site, I noticed a new addition under the Captain Hammer comic link picture. So I googled Jinx, loaded the site, and then went to the latest blog "WTF is Jinx?" In the blog post is a link to "mini-stores" and I clicked on one of those. In the address was just the name of the mini-store after So I typed in drhorrible instead and the rest is history.

I was surprised no one had found it yet honestly.

Or, what Racoon Boy said.
I'm gonna be rockin' a Dr. Horrible Shirt ASAP!
NYPinTA | July 14, 22:19 CET
"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." ? Hmmm.

Saw that too and I wonder if that is one of those shirts and something Doc says. I hope they copyrighted or whatever that line. Sounds familiar. Something similiar. If they put it on a shirt, hopefully they put the words Dr. Horrible beneath it.

Sort of like *BROWNCOAT* on the front and "I AIM TO MISBEHAVE" with the word Serenity beneath it on the back. People buy that shirt and have no idea what it is for...they just AIM TO MISBEHAVE.

Joss is so going to find out how much business is in the show business t-shirt business...or something like that.
I've never been so excited about a Tuesday! :D

*waits (im)patiently for the show and the shirts*
I just get '0 Products matched your search' when I click the link.
I just get '0 Products matched your search' when I click the link.

Which is why, after the link, in the post here, it says in part: "a little searching leads to this currently empty page". ;)
I hope they get something up earlier enough so I can get one before Comic Con. :)
If all goes well, you'll be able to get one at Comic-Con too.
I want my T-shirt to say "Balls!"
Yay! Me too TamaraC. But I think it must include a picture of NPH with the get-up on (googles included).

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Whoo! It looks like we will have some shirts at Comic-Con. But very very few. :(

I'll post more once everything is confirmed. I suggest buying from the website to guarantee a shirt at this point. And I also suggest you click on the headline link in a few hours, might see something. :)

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