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July 14 2008

"This Really Was a Labor of Love." The Los Angeles Times interview.

Oops -- Sunfire had this in another thread. Consolidate at will, gentle mods.

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I didn't want to submit another story, so I'm just putting this here. From LA to Boston. There. West Coast meets East Coast.
Note the photo gallery.
I like the clangy noise too, Joss!
It is the very model of a modern web-based musical
Quite Little Shop of Horror-ble without a whiff of Seussical
I am now a Dr. Horrible investor! Well, I bought part one on iTunes. Happily!

Wanted to note with pleasure the fact that:

The good bad guy and bad good guy both do some John Wayne channeling.

But nothing rhymed with that except:

I thought the villain's seedy lair could use some nice wood paneling.

ETA: Which was forced, I admit. And un-thematic, since paneling is the instrument of corporate toolery.

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The iTunes video looks sooooo pretty on the big (computer) screen!
It's on iTunes now? Must get!

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