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July 14 2008

The Guild's schedule at Comic-Con. Just what it says. The schedule for Guild activity at the California Browncoats booth.

How far is Ballroom 20 from the CaliBC booth? No matter which day, it looks like it's going to be tight to get there and then on to the next event, but I'm determined to buy the DVD and get it signed there. *squares jaw determinedly*
cab, you could always run down to the booth on a "bathroom break" from Ballroom 20 during a panel.
We are about as far to the right of the convention hall as you can go before hitting the wall. Ballroom 20 is a little over half the con away (it's above Hall D). I will offer one tip that should save you minutes. When you travel across the convention for any reason, go out to the lobby, or even outside to the sidewalk. Then go back inside when you get to the area you need to be. It is so much less crowded there that you can literally cut the time in half from walking through the dealer room itself.

For those needing to find our booth, we'll have a few ways to find us. In your schedule book you get at the con, we have a full page ad and it will have a map. The map will also be on the website, probably tomorrow.

And lastly, for a text description. We are at tables A7/A8, which is in Hall A, at the back of aisle 300. If you walk into any front door of the convention, you will need to walk all the way to the back, then all the way to the right. When you get to the last lounge area before the wall, stop. Turn around. See Browncoat goodness.
=) Thankyouverymuch.
danrgal is it literally the same spot as last year, or just in that vicinity?
Literally. Same exact table numbers and everything.
Thanks, danregal. This will come in most handy!

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