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July 14 2008

Felicia Day shares new collection of 50 headshots. In anticipation of impending video release, check out Dr. Horrible's love interest in this oh-so-pretty photo shoot by celeb photog Ron Jaffe.

Felicia + Glasses = Mmmmmmm....
Ditto, Romo.

Um wow pretty. Like, pretty and then some. A lot.
Felicia's gorgeous. I don't see how anyone can think she's not "Hollywood pretty." Seriously, wow.
Alright, now she thinks we're all skeevy pervs here...
yabba dabba zaboo!
Wow. Apparently it's impossible for her to appear in a photo looking anything less than gorgeous/sexy/cute/adorable/fantastic. And that's coming from a straight woman. And ditto the glasses = very hot. I wish I looked half as good in glasses! Oh, and she can sing too. Jealous? Moi???
Yes, glasses! Tina Fey glasses, in fact. But better on FD. Plus, sultry FD toward the end there.
This girl is gonna go places, you mark my words. With or without Joss paving the way.
Absolutely gorgeous. A gamer, a babe, an extraordinary talent, and a Buffy alum... I can't think of a more perfect woman.

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