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"I have a message for you from inside the Dollhouse."
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July 14 2008

Act one of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is live! Discuss. ETA: Site down at the moment due to very heavy traffic and rain (probably).

Technical issues?:

"This video is not available at this site" can usually be fixed by turning one's firewall off and reloading the page.

You might also need to update/install Adobe Flash. If one tries loading it in a secondary browser that is not used often, Adobe Flash might not be installed.

"We're sorry. Currently our video library can only be streamed through the United States." I don't think a message has ever made me so sad :(

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Me too. D:
It's about as sad as "this video not available at this time" which is what I've got here and I'm in the US.
Me, three! I stayed at work so I could see it would play better on my work computer which is faster and has a better screen. I guess I'll go home and cry now.
I got "not available at this site". :( But friends in Texas are watching right now.
It won't let me download it on I-Tunes either. It gives me an error message saying that the item has been moved since I logged into the store. I guess I'll try again on there later. It lets me watch the short free teaser clip though.
So Hulu for a video host ... doesn't let you view outside the US. And iTunes won't sell it to you unless you're logged in officially to the US store.

Very disappointed. I really didn't think of Dr Horrible as a US-only event. :(
It won't let me watch since I'm not in the US.
This makes me want to risk getting scurvy.
This(as of now) sucks so much ass.
US only?!

A tragedy, in 3 acts.
I didn't get any message. Just said site not responding. Bummer. I have iTunes but only at home. I'm on vacation and cannot do anything about it. I am so sad.
Yeah... I have to say I am very disappointed. I don't remember in any article or announcement it was mentioned that this was for the US audience only. I could bitch and complain more, but I won't. *sigh*

ETA: I remember there was a mention of having international downloads of the episode being worked on, but I really had no idea that the streaming of it would be the same way.

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So not impressed that no mention was made before of this only being available in the US... oh I forgot there is no life outside US borders....
My Canadian pride just went spiraling down the drain :b
iTunes won't let you buy it even if you're logged into the US store. I tried that when I couldn't get it to play.
iTunes hasn't got a store here so I can't get it. Couldn't they have warned about this earlier? I had gotten my hopes up!
Worked here.

US only? Why is there never any love for America Jr?
All I'm saying is look up proxying, people. C'mon, we've been through this before... great start :)
That was fantastic!! Sorry to all those outside the US. The next act can not come fast enough! Would comment more, but I need to watch it again :)
Thanks for the U.S. bashing.

Act 1 was thoroughly delightful.
Anger. And disappointment.

ETA this is not about the show itself, but about me being Canadian and having already stayed up late to catch the premiere of the first act. Now I have to figure out how to hide my IP and whatnot? Not impressed.

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You guys! I LOVED IT! I only watched once so others could have a turn. I won't spoil it for you....but it was really great. And Nathan CAN carry a tune! NPH is awesome.... and Felicia has a pretty voice! OK, I will wil patiently for the others to see before more discussion.
Great job and big pats on the backs of all those involved!
I don't understand how proxying works.If I did, I'd watch all the extras on the bbc. I guess I'll have to go my usual way.
Yep, no previous mention of it being right-side-of-the-Atlantic-impaired. Very very not good.
"Smells like cumin." And also, awesome!
Um... it was bitching?

I really hope this gets resolved for non-US residents, because it's everything we were hoping for, with songs that will be stuck in my head for days. Or at least until Act II.
I can't even describe how sad I`m right now.
I spent the whole day sending thousand of emails to sites, blogs and everything related to series or films here in Brazil to tell about Dr. Horrible, and now this.
I thought it was mentioned that it would only be available in the US...I wanna say it was in a Joss post here on Whedonesque.
Oh, I just feel horrible for all of y'all outside the US! That sucks!

Because that made me giggle hysterically. Oh, Nathan. You were so perfectly cast. And Neil Patrick Harris owns my soul. And Felicia Day is way too cute. And the writing was great.

Can't wait for the next installment!
I'm in the US. Couldn't see it. Will try again later.
I'm another disappointed non-US-resident. I guess I'll have to find another way to watch it, now.
*Must resist urge to say the banned phrase.*

That was Awesome with capital A baby.

I loved it. Must rewatch.
Well I will have to look up proxying I guess, but that shouldn't be necessary. I thought this was supposed to be a new way of doing business. The internet is global, and region dependent viewing is a legacy(bad one in my humble canadian opinion) of the television era. It would make sense if there were US specific ads etc for the program, but I wouldn't think its the case here.

I just hope this is worked out as soon as possible. I mean with the Sanctuary project, they did have downloadable episodes worldwide. However at the beginning, there were different pricing schemes based on where you were. A lot of people complained and eventually they reworked the pricing so it was the same for everyone. So this isn't the first time I have been through this disappointment, I just hoped its worked out.
"I laughed, I cried, it was better than 'Cats', I want to see it again, and again, and again!"

Seriously. I can't stop smiling. NPH rocks as per usual. And just when I thought Nathan couldn't be anymore perfection, he sings and sings well. And looks damn hot in that t-shirt!

Well done Joss and Co.!! Clever and cute and I can't wait for more!
OMG!!!!! It was great!.....then Nathan made his "heroic" entrance and I couldn't stop laughing. Such a riot! Bring on act 2! Whoo hoo!!!
"This petition is about the building." that line made me LOL so hard!!!

"Do not bounce." CLASSIC!

Guys, I'm an aussie and there is a way to watch it internationally, you just have to fool Hulu. Get a program called Hotspot Shield, it's supposed to be some sort of virus protector, but it masks your IP address. And when it does this, I think it gives out a new IP address thats a US one. It's worked for me before, I have watched many episodes and movies on Hulu using this trick.

I know some of you aren't going to wanna do this, because of the whole program downloading thing, but it's worth it. You can turn it on and off and go back to your usual IP. I haven't used it for months, but I'll fire it back up now.

Anyway, gosh tihs is exciting, I can't wait.
There are ways around the US only thing, people. If you really wanted to see it, you could do a little googling and figure it out. Complaining is easy.

It is brilliant, BTW.
Ok, excuse me, but I'll have to jump out of my window now.
Could I be any sadder?
I think we're going to need a whole new page dedicated to ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT THE SHOW. because this one is already way huge and all it's talking about is how everyone's PO'd.
Yup I did a little googling TamaraC but it's the principle of the thing that bothers me.
Knuckleball... just remember universal healthcare... its not much but maybe it will get us through...:)
Thanks for forcing me to proxy Dr.Horrible! :P
NoooooOOooo! (Up in Canuck land). Maybe I'll figure out how to get my hands on it, but I'm not very tech savvy!
Don't be silly. Non-US residents are just a myth made up to scare children.
Squeeeing like a crazy squeeing thing. I'm so sorry you guys outside the US can't see it. Pisses me off for you, especially all my friends who have been listening to me go on and on and on about this both in the UK and Canada.


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It's even better the 2nd time through.

If I say that I promise to buy the soundtrack when there is one, can I get away with temporarily ripping the songs to mp3 to put on my iPod for tomorrow's commute?
As reported higher up, clicking on the iTunes link takes you to iTunes' Dr. Horrible page, where you can supposedly buy a season pass for all three acts ($3.99) or the first act ($1.99). However, buying the season pass just gets you a notice that you'll be notified when they're available, and clicking on the first act returns a message that it's been moved. Maybe it was set up but won't be "active" till after Sunday night?

Posting the link may have been premature, although it does let people know to buy it later. You can only get there through the iTunes link on the DH site; searching for it through iTunes store gets you nothing.

Ehh. I bought a season pass anyway.

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I do feel bad for those outside the US. I truely do. But I'm in the US and still can't see it. And I do not understand why.

Glad everyone loved it. You all suck. ;P
I am devastated. Purely devastated. I have been looking forward to this day since it was announced and now...As silly as it sounds I feel like crying (bad day, and this has just topped it). There’s a few very sad Aussies around at the moment...
Not to gloat - I'm so sorry about you guys outside the U.S. and didn't know that was the case - please, please, hopefully, you can find a workaround so we can talk about it with you'all. (Bet it's a rights issue...)

I bought an iTunes season pass for the three eps, but my previous understanding was that it wouldn't be available for purchase until after the initial viewings, and that appears to be true - it sold me a pass, but actual downloading would appear to be later... it did let me write an iTunes review, though...

It was the Cat's Ass, the Bee's Knees, the Cream in My Coffee, the Tops, and the Tower of Pizza. I gotta learn the songs. Oh, and they all have voices you want to listen to.
Does that mean Nathan Fillion can't watch this ??
"It smells like cumin."

Simply awesome.
US people getting the "not available on this site" message...

Try turning your firewall off.

If you have Norton Internet Security...turn it off and reload the page.
I think Nathan lives in my town - judging by how often I see him going into a movie theatre - unless he flies here from Canada to see a flick now and then...
Does that mean Nathan Fillion can't watch this ??

If he were here with me at my house in New York? Then no. At his house in LA? Probably. I don't think the computer knows he's Canadian. ;P
What!? Can someone point out to me where it was stated that this would only be accessible to those in the US, coz I missed that memo and am very disappointed. What’s this about proxying? ETA: Thanks for the instructions Nalliac! I'm off to see if I can make this work.

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Good point, witch_kat. ;) I did remember that I had previously downloaded HotSpot Shield before, when I was trying to catch up on Battlestar Galactica. I'm currently waiting for the video to sort of catch up a bit, so it isn't as clunky.

But, as others have said, it's not as much a matter of the hassle, but simply the principle. And, quite frankly, there are plenty of less-ardent fans who simply won't care enough to seek out any means to mask their IP address.

And I don't mean to bring other people into this, so slap me on the wrist if I'm out of line, but the person who started this entire website for us can't even just log onto the website and watch the video, without going through the (admittedly short) process of masking her IP. That just doesn't seem right to me.

That said, I hope everyone that can watch it is enjoying it and I'm going to go now and try to enjoy it for myself! :)
Agreed that it's better the second time around, and also agreed with everyone squeeing... I just want to say thank you to everyone involved, if they end up on here. No matter how this ends up doing financially, it's certainly a story telling success.

And since I can't applaud in person...

*Virtual Applause and Whooping*
Just posted at "Working on international...hang in there"

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The Dr. Horrible Twitter feed just said:
"Working on international...hang in there"

ETA: Damn you Bridges!!!! :D

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I swear Chris is two people.
Heh, took me until the second time through to get the "Bait & Switch" joke.

"Didn't you go on a date last night? Conflict Diamond told me you were doubling with Bait and Switch."

"It was alright. I thought I was supposed to end up with Bait, but..."

"I hear ya"

That made me smile big. I love it when the second time is more fun than the first.
How the !@#$ am I going to keep from singing all of this on the bus tomorrow? (Yes, me, of all people.)
Woot! Good to hear :). I was just working on figuring out the proxie nonsense after the HotSpot Shield thing flopped for me. I'm glad to hear they are working on the problem though.
I, too, am so very sorry for the people who can't watch this. That sucks, and it shouldn't be that way. However, I recommend using any workaround available to you because Act I rocks. It's not nearly as corny as I thought it would be and the music exceeded my expectations. Very funny!
I dunno, b!X, but I've already pulled the audio out and am thinking about separating into individual tunes for easy play-listing.
thanks for the tip,Nalliac
and TamaraC,yes we could do it, but that's no the point,isn't it? If this is supposed to be a new format, then regions shouldn't matter,cause the internet hasn't got them.

They did tweet about working in international,so I guess I'll wait

BTW, is anyone else having trouble with the site? It keeps giving me 'database errors' is it fandagoing?
Just more context to the twitter update: back on June 28, Joss had said they were "working on [overseas downloads]".
It was awesome! So very shiny. NPH is a scream. I love him as Dr. Horrible.

Felicia Day is so very cute. You feel so sad for her when people won't even listen to her about the petition.

Nathan Fillion is just brilliant. He's so very swarmy and so full of himself. I love it!

I do feel bad for those outside the US - and even some inside - that can't watch it yet. I'm sure you'll all find a way to see it.
I'm really sorry about all those folks who can't see it because they live outside the U.S. Quick, some kind soul set up a proxying tutorial?! I would, if I had a clue what that meant or if I had a clue about computers in general. Good luck, guys. I know how bad I'd feel...

As for those who can see it, can we talk? I LOVED it. Insanely tuneful is right. I have a new crush on NPH. Moist. Heh. "Balls." Heh. The songs were great. I particularly like the laundry one and the last one. Felicia Day is a doll. So sweet and effective. And Nathan? So wonderfully smug.

Which of the brothers were sung in that one number about bad horse?

I bought the iTunes season pass, too. Can't wait until it's actually available for download.
"Working on international...hang in there"

Awesome! 'Cause I was really about to cry... I suck at this proxy thing.
Yay saw it!! AWESOME it was. *goes to watch again*
ZOMG singing cowboys!!! So much happiness...Part 2 now please??
"Will you lend a caring--"

"Ahhhh! Ahh."

Cracks me up every time. Also, what is Whedon's deal with florists? Anyone else catch that?
Holy cow, that was as amazing as I had hoped it would be - which is saying a lot. The music is already lodging itself firmly into my brain. I'm so excited to see where the story goes. Yay, Dr. Horrible!
for easy play-listing.

That's my plan as well.
Yay to the news about them working on international... I was disappointed, still am a bit, but I am glad they haven't forgotten those that have not been fortunate to have a US IP :P
And just to jump in and add my voice to my fellow canucks and other non US people that it is the principle of the matter.

Its more than wanting to see new material from Joss Whedon. I am hoping this venture will work financially so that more material can be produced and distributed this way. I mean it is an important part of this project that the internet can be successfully used to create new visual entertainment.
Clearly Dr. Horrible has stolen a prototype of one of them new 3G iPhones, with the remote car control app. Or d'ya think he hacked his original iPhone? (Yes, super-nerd rhetorical question.)
Hooray! Transporters!

I now have an enormous, breathless, giggly school girl crush on Neil. Like, omigod, you're so kewl.

The League is watching you? Well, so am I!!
Clearly Dr. Horrible has stolen a prototype of one of them new 3G iPhones, with the remote car control app. Or d'ya think he hacked his original iPhone? (Yes, super-nerd rhetorical question.)

Oh, c'mon, a super-nerd would've caught the glimpse of the back of the phone and noticed it was a 1st Gen iPhone ;). Of course I say that and go back to look and he actually had a cover on it, so you'd have to notice the even dorkier fact that the headphone jack is recessed. Or speculate on it based on the fact that the data connection icon was E for EDGE rather than 3G.
noticed it was a 1st Gen iPhone

But surely if Dr. Horrible tried to jailbreak it he would have bricked it for sure.

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What the.. there are other countries on the planet :( Has anyone outside the US worked out how to see this yet?
Thanks Nalliac! Worked straight away.

Now that was awesome. *swoons over Nathan and NPH*
Balls. Have to wait another day to see the next part!

NPH and Nathan Fillion were great, but Felicia Day was the real surprise. She has such a beautiful singing voice!
so, so bummed. Bad bad start to my day.


Playlisting is neat and stuff, but we're all buying the soundtrack when it comes out, right? I know it hasn't been proven but some researchers say there is a link between pulling audio and scurvy. =)
That was fabulous! My son is now making fun of me because of my squealing when Nathan made his entrance! :D
yellowcrayon: ZOMG singing cowboys!!! So much happiness...Part 2 now please??

I do believe those are singing Whedon cowboys. Unless of course I'm wrong.
My new catch phrase is going to be "The status is not quo!"

I am already singing "Laundry Day" (or "Freeze Ray Song"- whatever it is called) over and over in my head. I predict lots of indie band covers.

I hope they fix the international streaming tonight for the rest of you because this is too awesome not to share with the world.
That was awesome. Me and my Mom were cracking up the entire time. And yay! We now know what Wonderflonium is!
"agrees with kurya".

I'm fairly sure that I can get it working in the next hour or so, and doubtlessly I will be able to watch it soon. However, a large part of the market for an online venture like this are simply people who want to click on a link and check out this great little internet musical which, for them, popped up out of nowhere. The problem I have with it is that a huge part of that online market doesn't have access to it for reasons that don't make sense within the online distribution medium.

If I'm not mistaken, the purpose of having Hulu only watchable in the US is in large part due to copyright issues relating to overseas partners. With an online project like this, that shouldn't be a concern.

If the problem is fixed soon, and within a day or so anyone who clicks on the link can see it, than it's not a big deal. Just a small hitch in the road for what is a new distribution method. But if it lasts the full week, than a sizeable portion of the market that may like it enough to eventually purchase it won't see it. Just because people on this website would go through the trouble of researching and messing with their computers for access, doesn't mean that anyone else would.

Speaking on an entirely personnel level now, I am just happy those of you who saw it loved it so much. Whenever I get to see it, at least I can be sure that it's great. So for those of you with access, enjoy it for the rest of us xD!
but we're all buying the soundtrack when it comes out, right?

Did you not read that that's what I said to begin with? ;)
Any method for tracking number of plays? It'd be interesting to see how many people view it in the first hour (and how many times in that hour).
Wowowowowowowow. Better than I ever thought it could be. I'll be singing the Laundromat/Freeze Ray song for days to come. Plus Neil Patrick Harris is super sexy. And Nathan is super douchey.

I just have to say:
How the !@#$ am I going to keep from singing all of this on the bus tomorrow? (Yes, me, of all people.)

Now that I want to see a video of!

BTW, whoever put up the Nortons Internet Security tip, it worked. It played. I saw it. Yay is me. :D
I missed that, bix. My bad. I was actually responding to zeitgeist's post and didn't get the whole context. We're on the same page now, I think. =)
I'm buying it on iTunes, on DVD, and the soundtrack, so I think its okay if I dump the audio to listen to in the meantime while having some nice fresh citrus as a safety precaution.
Wow, so, who else purchased it on iTunes by selecting the season option and didn't have it download?
That was so cool. I loved it, Nathan was great, he can really sing, and NPH was so cute.
That was amazing, absolutely everything I wished for and more.....very happy sigh
I've seen it three times already, and it keeps on getting better and better. I just can't saw how much this reeks of awesomeness.

There were so many good parts, I cant decide which part I loved the best, but the singing cowboys were awesome. And that's a deadly whinnying. Joss and co. were on their game with this one.
I'm in tears from laughing.
ChampBlankman, I think pretty much everyone. I don't think the itunes will work until after Saturday.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-07-15 06:13 ]
Pain... Pain... Pain...
I marked it on my calendar and everything. :'(
I hope that it comes out internationally soon.

From the desolate wilds of Canada
Nalliac, I'm your fan forever.
It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, so, who else purchased it on iTunes by selecting the season option and didn't have it download?

Already addressed in this thread. There was never any indication given that it'd be downloadable right away, only after the streams were done with in a few days.
Loved it!

NPH: You're a riot and I love your singing voice. I'll be saying "Balls!" all day. I have to find a way to work that into conversation.

Nathan: You play a heroic ass of a man so well. And your singing was lovely as well. I don't know if it was "scrotum" worthy as Joss has stated, but it was lovely. And the scene of you and Dr. Horrible with a van hood - priceless.

Felicia: I love your singing voice!! And who could resist a man who shoves her into a garbage heap? I can't wait to see more of you in part 2.

Bravo, Joss and crew!!! Loved it! Can't wait for the 17th.
That was some kind of wonderful...loved it!!!
"We're sorry, currently our library can only be streamed within the United States."


On their Facebook page:

"We're working on it...
...and we apologize. We're launching this thing from our living room..."
Yeah, sounds like the mistake with iTunes was to make it buyable already. They should just have listed a release date and optionally "pre-order".
Thanks NYPinTA, so long as I'm not the only one I now feel better about having been charged and not getting anything...yet! Can't wait for the rest of the acts to go live.
I have to say, now that I've seen it twice, this was my favorite part (I knew the episode would be terrific, so that was just gravy):

Mutant Enemy Productions presents

Joss is back. May he stay where he belongs.
Owh thanks to the fellow sneaky Aussie for that tip... Seems to be loading for me now.
I actually downloaded iTunes just to buy this...although I will uninstall iTunes after the last act as I kinda hate the iTunes software.

Also...I think like a pipe just burst under my house...sooo...I'm gonna go take a look at that.
Eh, I feared it'd be US-only (for a while, anyway). :(

Yes, I see there is a way around it, but I'll wait until I've bitten one of my fingernails down to the lunula. ;)
Love it!! Brilliance, as always, but was expecting nothing less. I love the underlying metaphor of the homeless shelter, mirroring this project's attempt to completely overhaul and re-work the system. As she's trying to expand the shelter (or maybe move the medium to a new forum), he's talking about a redistribution of the power to put it into other's hands...hmmm, maybe I'm just reading too much into it. But that's what I've always loved about the man's writing...well one of the things. He does know how to mix a metaphor! Anyway, can't wait for the next two parts. But they are days away...balls!
I don't think it was supposed to be just US only. By the wording of their twitter feeds and message on Facebook, it seems like that's a glitch, not something that was done on purpose.
Perfect casting, terribly-flawed-but-absolutely-lovable characters, hilarious jokes, good music...this thing is so Joss. (Does this mean someone is going to die?)
Gotta say, Nathan (like his alter ego) stole the show for me. Not that Neil and Felicia weren't amazing, I was actually looking forward to them more going into this. But Nathan was just so hilarious and played the part perfectly. Awesome singing all around, and can't wait for the next acts. Anyone transcribe the lyrics yet?
Wow!Joss can write music. Love love love it.
I'm getting "this video is not available at this site", but I didn't think it was going to be online until 12am PST anyway. Maybe it's a bandwidth thing?

International Viewer Issues are Being Addressed

Many fans around the world have been disappointed to discover the feared message “not available outside the USA” but rest assured the problem is being addressed and we’ll report back as soon as we’re aware of the details.

Never fear, Doctor Horrible will save the day…..err……ahh….. Captain Hammer will save the day? …. well, rest assured, someone will!

The team behind Dr Horrible are really sorry about the problems and want to assure you that they really are working hard to get it all sorted out. The best news is, it’s worth the wait!
I read that as "Nathan" Internet Security.

Act I? Brilliant!!! I watched it twice. Love it to pieces.
My happy-happy joy-joy over seeing this was dampened (but not moistened) by the difficulty the not-in-the-US-peeps had in partaking. Good stuff. I'm sorry for your troubles. :(
How cool is it that this is on Hulu? They have been knocking it out of the park of late. It is too bad that it is US-only for now, but that is the usual set-up for many of their licensed television shows and movies. Hopefully they can open it up for everyone to view shortly, and enable itunes downloads in a couple of days.
dollrific, if you have a firewall (like Norton Internet Security) try turning it off and reloading the page.
Wonderflo! Loved the Bad Horse letter song. Being a programmer type, I was thinking what a cool iPhone app NPH is using. They should release it just for kicks!

Good luck international folk! I hope you get through soon.
YEAH!!!!!!!! So glad I checked to see if it was up yet! Thank you, Joss Whedon, for not going by Pacific time! Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day rock. I think I'm going to watch it again.... Feeling very sad for the ferners who can't watch this masterpiece :-( "My hair is blowing in the breeze!" Freeze ray song is great! "My nemesis is Dr. Horrible not some guy in an oversized parka." Squee. Ended too soon is the only crit... Gotta leave 'em wanting more, eh? Best. Internet. Musical. Serial. EVER. "Would you like something dampened?"
Seriously, though, how much did you break a little when NPH stops and says, "She talked to me".
I am so very sorry that non-US folks can't watch this currently, because it was awesome. Seriously, it's only one-third over and it's already one of the greatest movies (or things, in general) that I've ever seen.

The freeze ray song is genius, Nathan's introduction is hilarious, and most importantly, the characters already have layers and nuance. When I saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be brilliant, but I didn't expect the immediate poignancy amidst all of the absurd happenings. Silly me. This is Joss we're talking about. (And Jed, and Zack, and Maurissa.)

Oh my God, this is amazing. And considering how small the budget was, it looks absolutely fantastic! Had I not known it was super-low-budget, I wouldn't have guessed (though the brief bit of iffy CGI would've been a clue).

I wish I knew how to rip the songs...someone wanna e-mail them to me...? I would be ever-so-grateful. Plus, I'm totally buying the soundtrack; I just wanna listen to 'em nonstop right now.

Congrats to all involved! Joss, your first live-action creation in almost three years was more than worth the wait. Welcome back, bro.

(I am so going to cry if the "Grr, arrgh!" guy pops up after the closing credits.)
I'm trying to get iTunes downloaded so I can download Doctor Horrible, it is even better the 2nd time I saw it, and I know I'll never get tired of seeing it! So so sweet!
You know I haven't been this excited about seeing something on a screen since Serenity came out. I'm going to stop seeing it for now because I'm afraid my squeeing might eventually wake up my folks. :)

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I'm not at all patiently waiting for hotpspot shield to finish installing.
Anyone having trouble with the drhorrible site? I'm getting a page load error now.
This is the greatest musical I have never seen.
Dr. Horrible Twitter sez:
Working on international. Give this a try in the meantime

I'm grinning like a nut :D AWESOME!
Anyone having trouble with the drhorrible site? I'm getting a page load error now.
okelay | July 15, 06:51 CET

Uh-oh, have we fandango'd it?
Whoops, double post. Damn you, Dr. Horrible!

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Being out of the country for the summer, I was seriously worried that I was screwed. Thanks to Nalliac's suggestion, I was able to get it up and running. Hooray. And it was incredible. I can't wait for the rest of it.
Who had an hour and 51 minutes in the office pool?

I had an hour and 49 minutes. Darn it, I was going to use the money to buy that beach house in Cabo.

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I think I just did wee-wee in my pants. Multiple times. Oh my god, the "mare" line. So... Much.... Awesome.
And no, it hasn't been fandango'd's working now.
I'm about to break into song in happines. And I haven'teven watched yet!!!

Twitter says to try this url if you are not USians.
Give this a try in the meantime

Muahaha. Now that's just punk rock. Shh.

o/` I wonder what you're the captain of... o/`

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So, Nathan's had it happen already, and NPH must have at least some sense of things. But do you think Felicia is ready for the Ballroom 20 standing ovation?
I wonder what happens when you bounce the Wonderflonium?
Dr. Horrible MySpace Bulletin:

We are currently working on international capabilites. We are sorry for the delay. Please understand, we are literally working on this from our living room.

We're working working. Promise.

The Dr.
Horrible Team
Seen it three times already and my favorite part keeps changing. First it was the Wonderflonium case. Lately, it's hearing all the squishy sounds when Moist is around.

Ahh, awesomeness abounds.
Neil Patrick Harris is now my *hero*!!!! Loved it!!!!!

Thanks so much to Joss and everyone involved.
Ok, now I can comment on it.
First, Felicia's voice. I so NOT expected that voice from her! Like an angel! Beautiful!
Nathan's voice. Didn't expect as well. Was a little weird for me at first, like 'is this Nathan?', but now I'm fine with it.
NPH was awesome. Really lovable.

I loved every little thing about it. WAY more than I could ever imagine.

Waiting for ACT 2.

Off to watch it again and again and again.
Hehehheheheee. Snoopy dancing my happy little butt off.

This is going to be a TERRIFIC week!
Thanks GrrrlRomeo! Now it works fine. Pretty sure I'm going to watch this at least 3 more times before I go to sleep.
I loved it! I've got to go to bed but I can't stop watching it!! Funnier and funnier each time I watch it!
"So, Nathan's had it happen already, and NPH must have at least some sense of things. But do you think Felicia is ready for the Ballroom 20 standing ovation?"

I bet she cries a whole gallon of happy tears. =)
my abhorrence for the laundermat has now ended.
Is it just me.... or is that a large model of Serenity hanging in the window behind NPH's head at the begining?

Maybe I'm seeing things?
Hooray for workarounds. Hooray for Doctor Horrible. Hooray for Bad Horse? What the heck was that all about. That was awesome!
Just watched it a third time.

Yeah, the freeze ray song is my favorite, plus the part where Billy (AKA Dr. Horrible) says, "Sorry. I know I come on strong." It's just so genuine and heartfelt. He's in deeply unrequited love with her, and damn if NPH doesn't know how to pin that feeling exactly (I should know, I've been there before).

And SenseiJJ, I've been thinking the exact same thing.
I kinda love Moist. That was so awesome.
Beautiful. Especially wonderful since my mom called me to tell me it was up. She was just as excited about it as I was.
That was awesome!

"I remember it differently."

No, I lie.
I feel bad that the international peeps have to resort to underground tactics to get it to view. I was sure the Dr. Horrible team is aware of their international fanbase, but I'm sure there are specific reasons why they used Hulu (video-quality being one of them). Dr. Horrible will rule the world soon enough.

I'm going to download on iTunes after Friday. Intresting bit: on iTunes it says (c) "Timescience Bloodclub, LLC." Cool name.

My favorite part of Act I is probably the song about Bad Horse, although it has lead to me getting a song from the musical episode of "Scrubs" stuck in my head.
Maybe I'm seeing things?

In fact, it's pots and pans hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen. But at that angle it does look oddly like Serenity from the frontish.
Clearly Hulu is no solution, can't believe I sort of antecipated this and already ranted about this, just can't believe it's happening to Dr. Horrible.
If you have to go through a back door to be able to view it outside of the US, the model is already a failure. I'm depressed now.
That's another reason, why people will pirate it. Sad.
Watched it twice. Wasn't sure what to make of it the first time around but the second time around, I loved it. I don't listen to musicals much so the music takes a bit getting used to. Both Neil and Felicia give a very nice performance but I have to say, Nathan totally steals Act I. Not only does he have a strong, clear voice, but the cheesy facial expressions and goofy heroic demeanor leaves me in giggles each time I watch it. I also love the Whedon brothers' "Bad Horse" song. It's too bad Joss couldn't find a red mustache (instead of a brown one) to match his hair color.
I love it. Pure brilliance. Good job people, good job. :)

"Wow! Sarcasm--that's original!" Best. Line. Ever.

Except for the dozens of others that made me very glad that I wisely chose to stay drink-free for the 15 or so minutes of Act I.

So sorry for y'all who can't watch it yet; it is totally worth the [extra] wait. I could sing for you, but I've got a cold. Perhaps someone can bug b!x's bus and get that audio?

Oh, and DEAR GOD was that AWESOME! Even enough for me to use ALL CAPS!! ...And now I want a Serenity-shaped skillet. Cornbread will never be the same again! Okay, off to watch again!!

Wait...Joss's hair is red? And Dr. Horrible is Glory?!? Morgan Freeman!! I love our Strawberry-Blonde Auteur.
Beyond awesome. Wasn't sure it could live up to my enormous expectations, but it did more than that. It's better than I imagined, in a huge huge way. This is the first time we've seen a true Joss Whedon project on film since "Serenity." We need champagne. There should be champagne.
"So, Nathan's had it happen already, and NPH must have at least some sense of things. But do you think Felicia is ready for the Ballroom 20 standing ovation?"

And now I'm even happier and more excited than I was that she will be at our booth for a few hours all weekend at Comic-Con. I certainly hope you all stop by and tell her how great she did in this. And buy the Guild DVD and get it signed.

Will watch it again soon. Loved Moist, the singing cowboys, Nathan, NPH, Felicia and pretty much the whole dang thing. Wasn't the opening vlog a oner? NPH doing his thing for minutes on end and no cuts?

Hulu sucks. And Hotspot Shield doesn't seem to like me, it won't connect :(
It seems to work better on Internet Explorer and it does take a wee while for the page to load but it does work.
I'm still waiting for it to buffer. It ran for like a minute before starting to skip and it died.This sucks.
I have a pretty slow broadband connection and it took a good 30 minutes to load, not counting watching time. Worth every minute, though. =)

I think hulu should give you one of those status bars they have on youtube so you can see how much is loaded.
Loved. I'm quite glad however that there was no one around to see my overly-enthusiastic dance of joy taking place at the desk throughout. The word awesome doesn't quite do it justice, (even at a crappily slow connection speed with the video lagging behing the audio). Made my night. Love love love NPH in this. Felicia Day's voice is beautiful along with the rest of her. And Nathan, just when I thought you'd probably reached the peak of awesome-ness you do something to top it. He's perfect as Capt. Hammer. Congrats to everyone involved. I'm now going to go off in search of some new adjectives that fully capture how great it is. -Hang in there those who haven't seen it yet.:)
Indeed,Simon.Surprisingly, it works better on IE.
I've been killing time checking the twitter talk on summize and someone mentioned it there.
Squee! One viewing before bed - more tomorrow at work. Thank you Mutant Enemy for the Squeeage!
That was magnificent. It was also definitely worth the stuffing around with Hotspot, and slow and painful almost dial-up speed that my internet is sitting on right now.

Awesome in every sense of the word. I am in awe.
Has anyone actually tried the twitter tinyurl yet? I'm passing notes to other sites and want to let them know if it's worth it.
I have, downloaded Hotspot Shield, Dr. Horrible works perfectly for me now.

I've been so looking forward to this and it was never mentioned anywhere that it was not set up for international viewing.

World wide web. Funny that. Country restrictions are so last century thinking.

Can't be arsed to run Hotspot Shield right now (and all the crap it installs alongside it), I have to be at work in five. Also... travelling the rest of the week, so I won't be able to view the rest anyway.
"Freeze-Ray" (or whatever the title will be) is such a lovely, pure, delicate song, sung to perfection. And with beautiful gentle choreography too, from NPH's tongue-tied expressions at the beginning to the dancing at the end. Gorgeous stuff.
More! I need MORE! Act One was just adorable. Where did they find such cute actors? :-)
Where did they find such cute actors?

I've heard that it's done by finding attractive couples having children, and adding various fuzzy baby animal (except bunny) dna to the amniotic fluid. Although, damned if a freeze ray would help with such a process!
My two favs were Hammer's not-there earpiece and Horrible's shoulder dance.
Hotspot shield works fine, I've used it before and while it doesn't always work, seems to be fine for this. As far as I can tell, it doesn't install anything else but you do get ads on your browser page while you have it activated - but that's no big deal.
*runs around flailing*

OMG that was so awesome! I am so glad part two is only two days away. Must have more!
Yeah, "Freeze-Ray" is lovely! Can't wait to get the Soundtrack and listen to it over and over.
Bad Horse is just hilarious. And NPH moving his head with the beat of the song was great!
The 'Would you help...' song kind of reminded me of 'Parking Ticket' from OMWF.
And Cap. Hammer's song just made love Nathan even more. And I thought it wasn't possible.
That moment with the 3 of them singing together was awesome! Loved it!
When I tried the tinyurl thing I just got "Error establishing a database connection"
Does anyone else find themselves planning Dr Horrible or Captain Hammer halloween constumes? They look relatively easy to put together:)
Just watched it twice. Fantastic. I love the first song, "Freeze Ray" or whatever it's actually called.
I'm getting the same error as zillah with the tinyurl.
Funny how the first thing Felcia and Nathan did together was him as an evil priest trying to kill her, and now this.
'so please give me a sec, to catch my breath'

I'll need like... a month...
Based on the actual url, the tinyurl leads to a page that tells you how to get around the US only in Hulu. Doesn't seem like much of a solution, but then I can't get in either to confirm. I thought it was because I was US. ;)
Dr. Horrible is made of awesome!!!
Dear... I want to say friends...

I Can't tell you what a thrill it was for me and Jed and Zack and Maurissa to gather round the comp-fire and await the launch of our musical... and find out it wasn't playing in many many places. And get slammed. And slammed. Yay team! Team of slamming!

The fact is, we're dealing with big companies that have moved more quickly on this venture than they've ever had to. We've always been clear about getting this out to everyone, but that just isn't as simple as we'd like. (At the last minute we found out about a Canadian restriction involving it having to be in French simultaneously...) We (well, mostly Jed) have worked to the point of delirium getting this out to you guys, and yeah, we're experiencing technical difficulties. Bear with us. We're (well, mostly Jed) trying to make this work for everyone as soon as we can. It's not thoughtlessness, or jingoism, corporate evil or scurvy. It's just new. We'll get you there.

For those of you who HAVE seen it, isn't it dreamy? Thank you for all your comments. They buoyed us much. Sadly, we really just phoned in the next two eps, so it's all downhill. Jestage!
And now, I fly! (Coach.) xoxo -j.
The Laundry Day/Freeze Ray song will not leave my brain. I had to watch a third time so I could finish transcribing the lyrics and then I started filking a review to the tune for my LJ tomorrow (it seems only fitting to set the review to music and there is no other music I want in my head right now.

I fear for my sanity. That fear means I'm still a tiny bit almost sane, right?

The Tiny URL is failing because we've already managed to fandango the site it was linking you to.

However, thanks to the miracle of Google's cache, it can be found here.

ETA that because Jed clearly has absolutely nothing whatsoever else to be doing right now, maybe he could twitter the cache link since the real one is down.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-07-15 08:24 ]
Joss, this was absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

I loved the Bad Horse song the most.
ok before i watch it for the 5th time via hotspot sheild i just wanna say this is awesome!!! joss is in true form here.

loved it and my favourite part keeps changing

the status is not quo!!
I really like the laundry song! I was having trouble viewing this like a lot of people, luckily all I had to do was switch to a different computer. Weird.
Joss and everyone else involved, thanks for making the B-day special. It's truly brilliant work. Your efforts are appreciated and admired.
I'm so happy right now!
So far my favorite bit is the shot near the end when NPH is miffed inside the van and Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion are singing to each other behind him...
... I think I have to go watch it again! :-)

Thanks to everyone involved!
Hey, I've transcribed all of the lyrics.

If anyone wants 'em, just e-mail me.
Thanks Joss, and Jed , and Zack and Maurissa, and everyone working to fix the international thing. And thanks to bear with us complaining! =]

It is, indeed, dreamy.
lol we slam because we love <3
It only just occurred to me that my day started with The Dark Knight and ended with Dr. Horrible -- a more divergent set of experiences I cannot possibly imagine.

(Meanwhile, is it intentional that Dr. Horrible sings the single word "whatever", considering that Buffy did the same?)
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I'm just saying.
Huh, it appears the iTunes download of Act 1 is available after all. Just finished the download now. I wonder if this is intended or maybe was activated to allow the non-US residents the ability to see it today?
Sorry you feel slammed Joss. Hotspot's not working for me on my home machine (works on my work machine but by the time that filters down to here, the connection is way too choppy.) so I'll continue to wait in anticipation until its available through other means. I appreciate that you guys (Jed) are working so hard on this so quickly!
Looks like I'm getting it through iTunes now! Woo!
"letter of condemnation", awesome!

Can't wait for my Captain Hammer t-shirt and Dr. Horrible DVD.
Huh, it appears the iTunes download of Act 1 is available after all.

Indeed, I just got my email notification that it was there.
Beautiful. And not just Felicia Day, but all of it. And Felicia Day, mainly.
Just got up at 3:00 to watch, so am also sorry I can't. Translated into French before it can be shown in Canada? On behalf of Canadians everywhere, I apologize! I'm guessing subtitles will do?
And big thanks to Jed for working so hard on getting this available to everyone.
bobw1o, you can't buy the download on iTunes if you live outside the US. (I just tried).

I did debate about setting up an international streaming site myself just now as I could do it, but, er - I'd get kicked in the teeth I think. And rightly so.

To give The Whedon Family (dun dun dun... Mummy, take the keyboard away) their credit, doing this kind of thing with 3rd parties is always troublesome. All credits to Jed and friends for staying up. And doing the launch from their living room. And, erm, making it!
Not even iTunes outside the US? And here I thought Apple was everywhere.
Apple is everywhere. But a consistent and simultaneous copyright clearance regime isn't.

ETA that it should be noted that this always was called something of an experiment. To expect an experiment such as this to go smoothly and flawlessly the first time out, well, I don't think that ever was realistic.

It's all new or vaguely new. Snags will be hit, and then be dealt with.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-07-15 08:55 ]
OK, I'm proxying using putty / SHH tunnel, and though I don't get the 'not available in your country' message, the thing won't start.
"Please give me a sec, to catch my breath." What a fantastic lyric and perfect description of how I feel right now after watching. More!
I love it so far. Poor Dr. Horrible, I don't care if he's trying to take over the world, the man needs some lovin.
"Hear my crying!"
we can not watch it here in europe :-(
We Can Not Watch It Here In Europe. :-o
*Boohoo-hoohoohoooo ...!!*
I hope for all the non-US people's sake the bugs get ironed out and Jed gets some sleep tonight. =)

And yeah b!X, this is an experiment and bugs are to be expected, but also this is Whedonesque and our expectations for Whedon projects are way beyond high. They might even be pretty high. So a little grumbling is to be expected from all the dashed hopes.
Yo, cleveland. They know. Have a read, 'k?
I bow down to Jed for trying to fix this problem for all the non-USers. But trust me it's worth the wait! :]
I was thinking (as I am wont to do): If this hits YouTube, non-U.S. residents won't have a problem watching it. But then again, that does kind of go against what the Whedons (and Maurissa!) are trying to do, doesn't it?
I don't think Dr. Horrible could screw the world up any more than it already is. Bring on the freeze ray!! And, the adorable children with beautiful singing voices, reddish-blonde hair, and mad acting chops. Ah, little Billy and Penny Horrible, Jr. Although, I guess there could be a Dr. Jr., as that would rock.

Joss, 'twas wonderful, and much in the way of causing dizzy giddy joy. I hope that the rest of the world will be able to experience this same feeling soon. Thanks to (mostly Jed) for trying to fix the sitch!

Slamming out of love--like Mom used to do with the cookie jar fifteen minutes before dinnertime. I'm sure the dancing mushrooms are more forgiving ;)

ETA: wow, I type slow when it's late, thus making my jokes out of context. Whoops! The first comment was to badwolf's saying that the Doc needs some lovin. 'Nite, all; here's to happy watching!

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-07-15 09:13 ]
We were told to help spread the word. We did. And not ONE person thought to mention that we wouldn't be able to see it ourselves... but yay for "working on" international streaming. I see how it might have come as a surprise that it would be needed.

...Sorry. I'm a little bitter right now. Happy for all of you who got to see it.
Amazing! I loved it! And my thanks as well to Nalliac, Hotspot totally saved the day. It also downloaded in seconds, ver easy-to-use if anyone was having doubts about it...

Now watching it for the fifth time, my current favourite parts are Cpt. Hammer (corporate tool - nice pun!) and his invisible earpiece and:

'It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible! Lacy, wafting curtains...'

So many good moments though. Can't wait for Act II!
beergood, they meant for the whole world to see. You know why they couldn't mention it to you? Because they didn't know it was going to happen!

They obviously expected the international viewing to be up sooner than this, but they hit a roadblock. I'm not saying you can't be frustrated; if I were you, I'd be close to tears. But it was an accident, not some way of stabbing their fans in the back.
@ Jossir - woah, that's gotta be a sucky-ish feeling of semi-conflicted letdown. Dude. Do let the Buoying buoy you, please, 'cause honest, you can say "Friends." Tell Jed and Maurissa and Zack that whoever saw it loooved it. It's bright and witty and sweet and menschy and musically-rich and dear and it's got soul and pizazz, and ooh, what's that old Hollywood word?

Legs. It's got legs and it sings.

The first frame that really got me, though, was this (but I also like the sound of Timescience Bloodclub, LLC, and why does that make me think of Heinlein?)

(I was also able to download it from iTunes a short while ago, and that was a big ol' treat - I can watch and obsess and screenshoot 'til I can screenshoot no more. Thanks for that, though I don't guess us Yanks is why you released it... and now hopefully anyone that can download from iTunes can get it... thus keeping us from sliding further down into the Dark Side and the Bad Place...)
The iTunes issues appear to have been related to the link being posted before the original midnight release date. Now that midnight has passed, the season pass is now downloading as expected and it's showing up in the iTunes Store search as well.

I can't wait to see the shirts and swag they go along with this. So many quotable lines to choose from!

Joss, send Jed our love. Having manned the helm of a few product releases in my day, I can feel his pain. And give him a can of Jolt. That usually helps.
"I Can't tell you what a thrill it was for me and Jed and Zack and Maurissa to gather round the comp-fire and await the launch of our musical... and find out it wasn't playing in many many places. And get slammed. And slammed. Yay team! Team of slamming!"

I'd have prefered a simple "Oops! Sorry!" rather than a "ooh, I'm going to be petulant because some people are p-ed off". Sorry Joss, but surely it's pretty elementary to make sure the distributing people give access to the whole world? 'S'not our fault! I was pretty chillaxed about the whole thing until that, to be honest.

Hooooo well. At least they're trying to fix it.
Wow, I must say, I am feeling really bad for the Dr. Horrible team right now. They've tried to do something major, new, and amazing! And as with anything new, there are bound to be a few bugs to sort, but reading through here, it seems so many not only don't understand that, but they aren't giving the Doc team their due benefit of the doubt.

People have automatically jumped to the worst conclusions about folks we know wouldn't behave in that way! I know emotions run high when it comes to the works of the Whedon, but also loyalty and respect should also run high. I know I'm new to the boards, but not to the man's writings and to his dedication to his fanbase alone, then add in all the other folks working hard to deliver this to we the whedonites, and it just seems that all the anger could be checked in the name of respect. Just thought better of base, but I guess over-excited anticipatory emotions take precedence.
Since it hasn't been clarified, this is available for download through the Canadian iTunes store. I downloaded it about half an hour ago and have watched it twice back to back. Awesome awesome awesome!

Lacy, gently wafting curtains!
I used the tinyurl Dr. Horrible twittered and downloaded HotSpot Sheild long enough to watch it twice before I uninstalled it because of annoying popups. I loved it (Dr. Horrible, not HSS). Even on my old computer that makes videos jerky, it was still delightful. I especially liked the Whedon boys in the cowboy song. I can't wait to watch it again - and sing the songs.

I too had high expectations and so far they have been met - and surpassed - much as when I saw the prescreening of Serenity, and that's saying a lot.

Congratulations, Joss, Jed, Maurissa and Zack! You done good. And a special thanks to Jed for working on the international access problem. Our disappointment was only because we had been looking forward to this for so long.

QuoterGal, the Mutant Enemy frame certainly made me smile. It's good to have it back in the picture - so to speak. ;)

[ edited by samatwitch on 2008-07-15 09:30 ]
Massive thanks to Joss and his people to bring this Internet event to us! And thanks to Nalliac for making it possible for me to watch it :) It was excellent!!!! It really was!

I know this is about breaking new ground, and therefore it's expected to run into snags. So props to the team (well, mostly Jed) for working on getting it out to the world!
Oh my god! That was sooo cute, funny, awesome, sweet, nice, good... Everything, I loved it, I want more lol... I can't wait till the 17th, lol...

Is it the 17th yet?
BandofBuggered, I agree that name would rock. "Hey have you met our son... DOCTOR JR!" and then the 'DUN DUN DUN', music would play as it closes up on thie boy's face.

Also, angryhippie I understand what you are saying. I really feel bad for team Whedon right now, because they've tried so hard to put this together right and this happens on opening night. I think people just need to chillax and just wait this out. It's not Joss's fault, how was he to know that they video wouldn't show in other countries. They are trying their best to resolve the problem. He understands how upset you guys are and i'm pretty sure that will make him work even harder to get this fixed.

For now, just pop on that 'Get Siked' mixed cd and wait for awesome!
2nd viewing favorite things
- NPH minor, yet insanely hilarious shoulder boogie
- possible serenity shaped thing in the lab background
- "Lacy, gently wafting curtains"
- Nathan Fillion, the perfect tool entrance!
and I still lurve the cumin a web QA nerd, I feel the pain of the push, hopefully no rollback!
I cannnnnntttt waiiiitttt for thiiiiiissssss!

I got up all early and such to get my share of Whedon-y goodness only to find I need to be part of the US. Like that's gonna stop me! ^^

OK, I'm sticking on some OMWF until I get mah fixin' - ooh, I'll watch some Guild, too; can never get enough of Felicia :D

Thank you Whedon & Wife!
It has to be in French... le freeze ray? One upside of the streaming problems will be more colorful reviews. Think Love Guru. Will any of the critics step up and offer a musical critique? In French?
Happy Birthday Jed! Today is his birthday, right?
And ilion, thanks so much for the Cdn itunes hint. I assumed it wasn't available.
surely it's pretty elementary to make sure the distributing people give access to the whole world?

Well, it seems obvious that it's not quite as elementary as you think. Or it would have been done already. They also did offer a simple apology 2 hours before Joss posted. If you've read stuff from Joss in the past, you know he jokes, a lot. You also know he takes things to heart, sometimes too much. He wears his heart on his sleeve as it were and a lot of the negativity had to be tough on the night of the big premiere.

I'm sorry people outside the US can't see it. I think the whole Horrible team is sorry too. The fact that they are still up and working on it at midnight should tell you something about how they feel about it.
@ all those saying Hotspot Shield works: I'm on a Mac, and that version doesn't do anything when I click connect…
As long as we don't get to the "Final Fantasy XIII is going to the XBOX 360" stage of wank, we should be ok. There's always going to be problems with stuff like this at the start. At the end of the day, this is a treat. We didn't expect it but it's more than welcome.

And I have to say the production side was really. Kudos to the camera crews, those shots were well ace.
Oh,Jossir,of course you can say friends!
Personally,I don't blame you, or any of the crew,you're doing the best you can,I'm sure. Thanks to Jed for trying to help us poor non-usians. It's 4:45 here and I've been trying to watch since midnight but seeing all the amazing stuff everyone's saying, I just can't go to sleep.
Salocin, I'm on a mac too, and it worked perfectly for me, so it can't be that...

Just keep trying, I guess!
salocin, did you download the latest one? perhaps there's some sor of firewall on your computer? I don't really know how macs work, but I heard of friends on them who've used HSS without any troubles
ok do i have to be in either the us or canada to get it off itunes? cause when i click on the link it just takes me back to blog page.

oh and thanks so much to whedons for staying up to work on this! much appreciated!! i can't wait till i see it without the choppiness that hotspot shield causes
With a friend like Moist its no wonder that Dr. Horrible wears gloves and galoshes.
I'm in the UK and got Hotspot Sheild to work no problems ( Keep trying guys! It is seriously well worth it :)
This is so, so depressing. I want Horrible and Hammer NOW.
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Can you guess what I finally got working ;) I had a few troubles getting Hotspot Shield to work, but it finally did and I have started watching Act 1, but turns out it hasn't fully downloaded yet so while I wait I wanted to come here and squeeeeee!!! (I really need to get me a life, huh?)

Joss, there is no slamming of you, just dissapointment that there was a problem for those of us not in the US. I don't think any of us non-US fans could be annoyed at you, cause we all know that you know we are here. Huge thanks to you, Jed, Zack and Maurissa for all your hard work!!!

Now, back to the rest of Act 1... =D
I'm getting the "unable to stream this video" message as opposed to the "we're sorry, currently our video library can only be viewed inside the USA" message. Dare we hope that the problem is nearly fixed?
I was still quite frustrated on my way to work, but now I`m sad that Joss and crew found other obstacles to make this viable.
Now I understand why they went to the Hulu route, instead of another venue. Wasn't simply a question of quality over distribution.
Just hope I can get to watch it sometime this week, without having to rely on some bootleg I end up stumbling into.
Wonder if they'll reconsider the master plan, upon this chain of events.

I'm getting the I'm getting the "unable to stream this video" message as opposed to the "we're sorry, currently our video library can only be viewed inside the USA" message. Dare we hope that the problem is nearly fixed?message as opposed to the "we're sorry, currently our video library can only be viewed inside the USA" message. Dare we hope that the problem is nearly fixed?

I think so, I'm also getting the "unable to stream this video" messasge.
Should we start cheering for Jed?

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2008-07-15 09:57 ]
UnpluggedCrazy: Having read through more of the comments, I can only apologise to Joss. Disappointment is a powerful emotion, and I let it get away with me (and it didn't help that I hadn't had my coffee either). Sorry.
Hey all (and especially Joss & team),

I'm in Aus(tralia) and have just watched Act I - yes, I am a sneakycat. :-)

I'm love love looooving Dr.Horrible. Neil's voice is, natch, lovely. I was thinking, "Gosh, he sounds like he'd make a perfect Mark from RENT..." And then I thought, "...oops, better check IMDB before I say that and get egg on my face..." - and sure 'nuff, he ~was~ Mark in the L.A. production. Legen...

(wait for it...)

Felicia! Oh my, what a sweet sweet voice. Talented, funny, quirky-pretty, and sings. Clearly, she will not do well in this industry populated by 'singers chosen for their ability to dance'... ;-)

And Nathan. I think I may finally be able to stop seeing Caleb when I look at Nathan in Dr.Horrible. Excellent to see that Joss is still including a healthy dose of cheese in everything he does. :-)

OK, I need some merch. Possibly an official Captain Hammer t-shirt. Or maybe goggles. And it will be great when this is out on DVD, or even just iTunes (internationally).

It's so fantastic to be witnessing what is quite possibly the birth of the mainstreaming of the 'net as a "broadcast" medium. I, for one, have my fingers and toes crossed that the M.E. team can find a business model that makes it all viable.

To Joss and the team, including the production team and cast - congratulations on a stunning debut. The Guild has paved the way (yay Felicia!), and Dr.Horrible is poised to take over the world.



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I loved it so much, I've watched it a couple more times than I shoud's brilliant.

Joss, you guys did a great job. And if you want to address us as friends, please do, it's a compliment we probably don't deserve and one that I (and I'm sure every single soul here) would be ecstatic to recieve.

I was the one who suggested Hotspot Shield before...I'm really happy it's helped so many of you see it. To the guy's who are struggling..sorry...that's all I got.

Looking forward to getting all of the kinks worked out. This would have been such a gargantuan (I love that word) effort to make and then distribute. You guys have done a great job.


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Someone put the first act on digg. Come on people lets promote this before it can't get on the front page anymore. Once something on digg is submitted it has 24 hours to get enough diggs to reach the front page or it loses it's ability to forever.

Awesome first act btw :)
OMG!!!! Sorry more Squeeing!!! Just finished it and now I have something to complain about. I can't watch parts 2 and 3 yet! Brilliant. Just brilliant! So completely worth the sadness from earlier and the annoying wait trying to get Hotspot to work. I really hope it becomes available on iTunes very soon for everyone. As soon as it does, I'm downloading it so I can watch it again, and again, and again.....

Joss, thanks for once again bringing us something totally kickass to watch!!!
Well I thought I'd be out of luck too, being an American stationed in Europe, but Woo-Hoo!! my itunes account let me with no problem! Yay!!! Now I have something to enjoy on my ipod next week for my hospital stay and c-section! Oh, and beautiful baby #3 too!
It was well worth downloading Hotspot Shield to get around the being a Canadian thing to see it. Hotspot Shield gets deleted tomorrow after I've shown a few people.

Will probably buy off of tomorrow. Yes Joss, this is awesome enough to pay for twice ('cause I'll be getting the DVD for sure), like Serenity with the collector's edition.

I can't remember if I've ever seen Neil Patrick Harris in anything (haven't seen How I Met Your Mother, Doogie, nor Harold & Kumar films yet). Bit of a crush now man, bit of a crush. Likely to grow with further installments. Probably gonna be the same story for Felicia Day.

Nathan is always awesome and funny. Not used to seeing him bulked up that much, but he looks pretty badass (but at the same time also effectively pompous-goofy, since that what's you guys were going for).

Glee ! Aside from Joss-directed episodes of The Office, this is the first Whedon live-action/full-motion material we've seen since Serenity. Nice summer treat. I'm there for Dollhouse, forget any ideas about maybe just waiting for the DVDs. Crazyness, I could never have thought that way.

Skimmed the comments cos of spoilers so sorry if this is repetition.

Guys, I get that folk are disappointed but we do all know this is free right ? A professionally written, acted and produced mushortio (it will take off, it will ! ;) just given to us. Waiting's not that hard.

(that said, arrangements have been made. Now it's just a matter of waiting until my boss's possible curry kicks in ;)
We're not allowed to install software ourselves at work, but IT was installing other stuff for me this morning so I asked them to add Hotspot Shield too. The stream stutters every few seconds but at least I'm viewing it. Working on a video project makes it job related too ;-)

So far it feels very Buffy musical to me. Anyone else?
I've managed to watch about half and I must say, it is absolutely BRILLIANT! So much better than I expected. And I had very high expectations! I wish there was a iTunes store available here so I could watch it on my phone over and over again.
I was so dissapointed to find I couldn't watch because of my non-USness but thankyou so much to the person who posted about the Hotspot Shield, I just installed it, refreshed the page and it works like a charm!

Squee! Act 1 was so funny, wonderful, amazing, sweet and cute. I loved it! NPH is wonderful, Felicia is sooo cute and adorable and Nathan is hilarious! I can't wait for Act 2!

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I was shocked when I saw the restriction earlier today because I did not believed that Joss would be content only showing this to US citizens. So I did (mostly) expect and am glad to hear that this problem is due to things not going entirely as planned (completely understandable with experiments). So thank you Joss, for letting us know the situation, and Jed for working on the problem!

I did try using Hotspot Shield but, while it did let me access the video, it's not steaming very well at all (not sure why...). Heh, its quite hard to watch a musical with pauses every few seconds, but the bits that I could make out sound great. Captain Hammer looks delightfully obnoxious. I can't wait to see it Dr. Horrible properly!

ETA: YAY! Turns out I don't have to wait. It is indeed working now! :)

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NPH sounds amazing. Nathan was so funny and Felicia was sweet.
Just like someone said, really funny that last time Nathan and Felicia worked together, he was the evil preist trying to kill her.
I want DVD, soundtrack, t-shirts, want to get it all...
...and yet further apologies to Joss and the gang for whining earlier. This is bloody brilliant. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Also, my Felicia Day Crush-o-meter just exploded.
It runs smoother during the second watch-through. I dunno why, but some other folks have claimed the same.

I couldn't make out some of the stuff being sung about in that last bit where all three of them are singing together, but a third viewing tomorrow with the nice clean iTunes download should fix that.

Are the iTunes downloads permanently available, or limited to just the specific days like the free streaming version ?
Heh, I'm anything but bitter that I can't see it yet. Oddly I've managed to not bite my nails, and oddly I've stayed away from the sneaky-cheaty hide-my-IP (though I have let others know about it).

I had the feeling that it would be US-only [to begin with], only because that's how things usually go... I'm pessimistic about technology, therefore it never works out for my benefit first time round (or thirty-first time). I am a little saddened that so many other non-USers are getting p'd at this... *shrugs* They obviously don't have my outrageous sense of patience, caused by an unpredictable muse, a crappy PC, and an aging puppy dog.

*looks at site*
Oh, look at that... I had a feeling by the time I finished my opinion the bloody thing would be available to me. :D
After waiting all night,I finally got to see it. it was completely worth the wait. Loved it.'Laundry Day' was my favourite song. Well, I like them all, but I think that one wins. for a bit. It was so,so brilliant. I want to watch it many,many times.
Got Hotspot shield to work in Ireland also.

Must be a lot of traffic because despite a good broadband speed the video is stuttering quite a bit.

Still very happy with what I've seen and hopefully I will be able to get a cleaner play of it later on

Edit: Since it became available internationally I un-installed Hotspot shield and it plays just fine

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I am in Europe and I was just able to watch it - so I hope my fellow EUers are able to too.

What a laugh. Very funny, really nice music and I want to see everything else that Neil Patrick Harris is in NOW! He is excellent in it. I actually really felt for him in the last song - we've all been there.

Pity Nathan wasn't in it till the end,but what an entrance! He rocks!

Felicia was adorable. Lotta people gonna fall in love with her after this.

Looking forward to the rest!
It works!!

Awesome stuff. NPH is brilliant and Nathan is cheesetastic.

::passes celebratory slammer to Joss:: :D
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The website still didn't work for me, but I-Tunes did. Kudos to everyone involved for creating something so wonderful.

Joss' post managed to make me feel really guilty for a minute there, and then I realised I was feeling guilty for criticizing the fact that it didn't work online for most of the world at the time of release. I'm sorry that it was an iffy launch, but when a large portion of viewers can't see it, and don't have a good explanation for why, it's sometimes hard not to kind of share their feelings with other people in the same predicament.

With that said, thanks to Joss, Jed and all for working so diligently to get it to work fast. It might not have been as fun a launch as you may have liked, but the people who have seen it adored it.
Alright, I was so excited for this. I had to wake up at 5 in the moring and sneak out of a hotel room (I'm on a strict "teen tour" thingy) to watch Dr Horrible. I've tried and tried on this hotel's crappy computer (I'm pretty sure its just the computer's fault.) but it does not work. Now I'm in trouble for nothing and I won't have computer acess again until its taken off of the internet. Yay for everybody who got to watch it, I'm sure it was awesome. Gosh, I'm so disapointed... waiting is hard when you were building up to this day and now you won't even get so see Act 1 for a long long time.
Couldn't decide whether I would be singing the 'Freezoray' song all day or 'Man's got to do'. Flippin' awesome. Cumin scented molecules, a friend called Moist and singing cowboys. Just brilliant.

I am supposed to be working but I am sure I can sneak another viewing soon.

Thank you so much to Whedon bros et al for bringing us this gem.
Watched 3 times already, and already singing along some of the tunes. Sorry for the earlier rant....
So is everyone in the UK now able to view this? Because I went straight to the Dr. Horrible site and watched part one before reading these comments and it worked for me just fine without me having to do anything but click the part one link. Which is handy because that is about as technical as I get when it comes to computers. Proxy shmoxy! :p

For whatever reason though, it's working for me.

Damn, that was excellent! Damn, that was funny! Damn, Felicia Day is beyond gorgeous!
And having now just seen Beth'll has posted a new link on the front page, I know the answer to my above question is yes... ;)
I'm in England and it worked for me first time.


(Lord Whedon, that is. Lords Whedon.)

I am in love with Joss. All over again. And again. And again.

This rocks like the rockiest thing that ever rocked. I am so getting the DVD, the soundtrack, the book-of-the-film, the hand-carved jade statuettes, the life-size models crafted out of pure butter, the - oh, you get the picture.

Let the lacy, gently-wafting joy be unconfined. Joss is back!

Yes, I did like it. Why do you ask?.
Seems to work for everyone now; just as well as I couldn't get that hotspot thing to connect at all. I had started ripping my hair out first thing this morning when I discovered it went through Hulu. Now, three watchings later, I am happy, happy, happy. Not to mention extatic.

It was brilliant. And only two more days till part two!
I still can't see anything... just get "Video is not available at this site". Cleared cache, reloaded, ctrl-f5'ed - nothing. :(

ETA: Had to disable Norton to get it to work...

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And I just keep wondering how much less whine we would have seen if there was a simple one-liner text at saying "we are having some difficulties in broadcasting outside USA, we're working on it". People would still have been disappointed, but knowing that it is getting fixed, they would have waited instead of instead of the initial panic/whine that just unavoidably happens... Good thing it got fixed already though.

Anyway, so far so good, it looks nice but I'm not totally blown away just yet. I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I get home to a proper stereo set to really judge though. A musical played through a €10 computer-speaker just doesn't cut it. And, I suspect this will just get better after rewatching regardless of the sound system.
After watching it properly I have to say that I loved it. My favourite bits being the singing cowboys and Doctor Horrible's realization that he had just used sarcasm to ridicule someone else's use of it.

Also I thought Penny's sung lines trying to get people to sign her petition was really sad (as in it made me feel sad, not sad as in bad).

I thought all four actors in this piece were brilliant and I never thought that I'd end up cheering against Nathan Fillion but Captain Hammer is truly un-likeable from the get go
One word..BROADWAY MUSICAL! 'Kay, that was two, but I'm too FRAKKIN' BOUNCING WONDERFLONIUM to really care! The mushrooms are doing the polka while the townsfolk are elderberrie drunk and giddy. As am I. Yays! Thank you Joss and et al for all the wonderfulness you have bestowed upon us on this melodious day (not to be confused with malodorous, which I get mixed up with and causes me much grief). Anyways, I digress, can't wait for the next instalment! Same bat time, same bat channel. My, haven't we come a long way!

Thanks for the tip Nalliac. Will be naming my twins Nall and Liac when I have twins, if I have children.
"I never thought that I'd end up cheering against Nathan Fillion but Captain Hammer is truly un-likeable from the get go."

Heh. I'm on Hammer's side. I love the cheese.
Just watched it again, the songs have already taken hold of my head. Bring on the soundtrack!
That was so very.

Really, really loved it. I had HotSpot Shield running last night and tried to watch it, but it was a little clunky, so I decided to go to sleep and wait until the morning. Just finished a mostly clunk-free viewing and I'm quite happy. Downloading the iTunes episode now!

I hope our slamming didn't cause what must've been a pretty long night to go by any slower. Truly, we do slam out of love. Well... love and impatience.

Personally, I was mostly happy, once I found out that it wasn't an intentional issue and was being worked on and I think that was the case with most people. I had been planning to stay up until 12 AM PST (4 AM, Atlantic) to catch the premiere, so anything earlier would just be gravy. Really good gravy.

Current favourite song is "Freeze Ray" - though I'm a sucker for counterpoint and harmony, so I rather enjoy that last song quite a bit, too.
just gets funnier each watch. "Wonderflonium. Do not bounce."
That was so epic, I have to go out in a minute or I would watch it again, excuse me while I tell everyone in my life about this! :)
This thing is amazing. I'm so proud of our guy right now. :)
Brilliant!!! Bring on Act 2 and 3 and the DVD and Soundtrack! Many giggle worthy moments such as "the status is not quo", "Wonderflonium - do not bounce". Lovely performances and voices all round. And Captain Hammer is a complete snortfest. I love the Freeze Ray Song, and when they're all singing together at the end. I agree Caroline, this is totally reminiscent of the Buffy musical. It leaves me with the same giddy happy humming feeling! Congrats and thank you Joss & Co!!!

UnpluggedCrazy said: I am so going to cry if the "Grr, arrgh!" guy pops up after the closing credits.

Me too!
Just watched! I am really disappointed that captioning/subtitles were forgone (because this means that myself and other deaf/hard of hearing fans are going to be left in the dark for a while, until a kind soul transcribes this or until the DVD releases. Makes us a feel a bit like the international folks). The parts I could understand were very awesome. Loving the visual gags. Dr. Hammer is truly a special snowflake- a hilarious one.

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Yet another advantage of staying in bed until mid-morning: when you get up, stuff's already been sorted out ;). Really sorry for everyone that couldn't see it straight away (and I think a bit of anger borne out of frustration is understandable), but I assume it's ok everywhere now.

Like a couple of others, I didn't really get it the first time through (possibly still slightly asleep ;), but on second viewing it really was fantastic. When I wasn't laughing, I had a big silly smile on my face. :)

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'Heh. I'm on Hammer's side. I love the cheese.'

But, but......but he is a Corporate Tool! And he pushed Penny into rubbish
A fantastic start to my day! Can't wait for the next act.
Thank you Joss, Jed, Zack and Maurissa. It is amazing, and completely dreamy *sigh*. NPH is adorable and that shoulder wiggle is hilarious! Nathan, Felicia and NPH are all such good singers. The songs are awesome, just brilliant in every way. I'm off to watch again, woo hoo Dr Horrible!
Just watched it five times in a row. It's absolutely briliant - not seen NPH in anything before now. He was perfectly cast as were Nathan and Felicia. Going to spread the word now :)
Oh, joyous rapture. The next two days are gonna be torture.

The songs were just amazing! I think I liked them even better than the ones from OMWF. And the last number was just hilarious!

What I wouldn't kill for this to be a recurring series. :)
Damn I just love Neil Patrick Harris, he's a delight! Been able to watch most of it.. kind of cuts in and out, could be my internet. But love what I've seen.
I hope that there's more of the singing cowboy minions of Bad Horse (love that name). They could be like a Greek chorus...of evil ;)
EvilFirePixie8, I'm sure I read somewhere on here that someone had transcribed it. I could be wrong, cause I just did a skim through and couldn't find it, but I am sure I did see it somewhere.
Wonderflonium. Heh.
"Balls." Heh.
Now THAT is how you're supposed to start your day. I'm now on a mission to work "Smells like cumin" into everyday conversation.
There are so many special things in Act 1. I love Neil Patrick Harris almost Officeish discomfort as he does the blog at the start. I love the Death Horse cowboy chorus. I love the final song. Nathan Fillion absolutely steals the show when he hops onto screen, and that works so well for the role. His swarmyness masked by forced charisma is so front and center that you emphasize with Doctor Horrible almost immediately.

I especially love that Doctor Horrible's remote for the van is actually called "Horrible Van Remote."

It made me laugh and smile, and I can't think of a better way to start my day. I can't wait for the second installment.

One final thought, in an interview linked to here recently, someone involved with the production commented that they always saw Captain Hammer as a Gaston-figure. Even if I hadn't heard it, that would have been the first thing to pop into my head during his introduction.
"Whatevverrrr" made me chuckle (not for the first time obviously, it being near the end). And "Do Not Bounce". Just lovely little details all over the place which will repay eleventy kabillion re-views plus DVD freeze frames. And lit like a well lit thing lit well with, well, lights. Great production values all round.

Said it in the unAmerican thread but i've carefully considered it since then, weighed the pros, searched fruitlessly for cons and decided it's still true: that frikkin' ruled !
What a wonderful way to begin the day!

I loved it! I had heard Felicia Day sing before (in HBO's film Warm Springs), so I knew how good she was, but I hadn't heard NPH or Nathan. NPH has a wonderful voice, and Nathan's so perfectly suits his character.

So many funny bits. So Joss.

Thanks for all the hard work, team Horrible. I can't wait for the second act. And the soundtrack. And the DVD.
Huh. I am getting 'This video is not available at this site'. Doh!
Weeh, what a ride...only made better by a second watching.
Patience is a virtue.

Now it is the time for Dr. Horrible to take over the world!
Is there a way to post somewhere where it's really visible...instructions for known technical problems?

Because I feel like a broken record with the firewall thing.

"This video is not available at this site" can usually be fixed by turning one's firewall off and reloading the page.

You might also need to update/install Adobe Flash. If one tries loading it in a secondary browser that is not used often, Adobe Flash might not be installed.
Reviewed it at my blog. Looking forward to the remaining two acts.
GrrrlRomeo - added to original post, hopefully folks will read it.
Just watched it a minute ago. Fantastic. Felicia Day was thoroughly believable as the earnest do-gooder. Makes me wish she had been given more acting opportunities in Season 7. NPH's opening monologue was instantly hilarious. That and his laundromat number were the standout moments for me. My only quibble so far is Nathan Fillion's Captain Hammer. His performance, while obviously intentionally exaggerated, isn't quite pulling off that difficult Jossian balance between spoof and sincerity. He seems all spoof in his alley-way sequence.
Patience is a virtue (wow! I just figured that out). I kind of figured it would be hard to access for the first couple of hours and since I had other stuff to do anyhow, I just .... are you ready? .... waited for a while.
And had no problem, with my less than current Firefox and my slowly dying computer.

Dearest Joss and Co., you are awesome beyond the telling of awesomeness. And sometimes your devoted followers can be a tad impatient and testy when they don't get what they want within a nano-second of it's first breath of availability.
The impatience I get. The testiness, not so much. I mean, how dare you not have every international kink worked out in three minutes or less. (Whoa .... you mean, Joss actually isn't god??)
OK had my say. Peace and love and hope the slamming didn't upset the team too much, because I have to say, it upset me just a bit.

Oh .... Dr. Horrible itself? everything I could have hoped for and can't wait for the next two. :_)
hey all,

still up (it;s 2am here in new zealand) watching this for the umpteenth time can't get enough

i'm slowly converting a friend to whedons work
he's been watching buffy for the first time (shock horror i know) and has been doing reveiws on his blog

he's just given dr horrible 10/10 (i mean who wouldn't)
if anyone wants to comment the blog is

any comments (especially on the buffy side) are really welcome.

cause the status is NOT quo
I've watched it 4 times now. It gets better every time. Love it, love it, love it! I can't wait to see the next two.
Fun with a capital F.
Off to watch again
"Balls." I'm sure someone else said it, but this has to be a t-shirt! :)
Shey speaks the truth (as did saje and angryhippie some other folks). I have to say a huge, fat, thank you so much! to the Dr. Horrible team. This self-financed micro masterwork of passion and fun and generosity is a marvel to behold. And it is being presented free, folks. Free! Wow. I do understand feeling frustrated and very disappointed that this wasn't instantly available everywhere. I'd be super disappointed, too. But I know how these things go. It ain't easy. Crap happens. It's an experiment. "Surely this sort of thing should have been worked out beforehand." Yeah, right. A world where mistakes never happen would be nice, wouldn't it? Nothing evil was intended. I think. (We'll wait and see if the mayor writes the Dr. Horrible team a letter. Maybe it's all part of a scheme to get in good with Bad Horse. Whinny!)

So, thank you so very much, Dr. Horrible maestros, one and all. Phantasmagorical fun. And so damned tuneful!

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The best 13:49 minutes I have spent in the last "since I can't remember"! Engaging, charming, well done and very shiney all around! Loved Nathan Fillion's entry. Can't wait for more.
Kudos to Joss and all involved for an excellent show!
3 Cheers for the Whedon family, hip hip hooooooooray. What a blast that was for sure. Can't wait for the next two parts. A totaly shocker to myself they all can sing so well, and of course Nathan looks absolutely fabulous.....
nakedandarticulate: Buffy also says "balls!" to great effect early in the Buffy Season 8 comics - one of the first four issues I love it when Whedon characters say "balls!" Hmm. I wonder if any other have over these lo! many years of Whedon productions.
I wonder how many times I'll be able to watch it today (damn having to work!)... Love it, love it, love it.
Listened to it all the way into work, memorization well under way.
"With my freeze ray I will stop...the world" (Woke up with that in my head this morning...) Thank you, Jossir! Hoping you remember all the accolades and not so much the slamming.... What a gift! Sorry, Mom, but Joss' was pretty much the best ever (okay, well, there was that whole giving life thing, but other than that...). Lovin' the bloggin' and can't wait for the next installment....
That was absolutely hysterical!!! I want to watch it again!! Everybody involved was superb and of course - Joss is the best writer in the history of the written word...

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FYI some questions asked in the other thread that bear repeating the answers to:

The video and sound quality are better in the iTunes version. It is an .mp4 (well, .m4v to accomodate DRM) file instead of this flash based file format. Noticeably better. Video is not grainy, sound is like a studio recording instead of the slight fuzz you get on the Hulu version. It is under Fair Play 2 DRM, so there are restrictions (can auth 5 systems...). And DOSing a server is called slashdotting, not fandangoing... sheesh, kids today have no sense of history ;)
Now, I'm wondering who wrote which song, so I can appropriately credit for those amazing lines.
And, was I the only one who got chills by the "trying to change the world" line?

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I can't get on the site! Oh noes!
"But, but......but he is a Corporate Tool! And he pushed Penny into rubbish."

Heh. Girls are stoopid. Cuz I'm 12.
I can't say enough about this project! I am in love with Dr. Horrible!!!! NPH, Nathan, Felicia - good Lord! I never expected their voices to be so awesome! And the script and the music and the lyrics... I've been singing the laundromat song all morning! I stayed up until 2am because I couldn't stop watching it.

Thank you, Joss & Co, for creating this and following through with posting it and thank you in advance for the DVD - because I believe that will be incredible. And I can't wait to own it!!!
Hammer is awesome. Fillion's such a HAM.
Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

That line is stuck in my mind.

Now we can't see it in the US. I think we crashed the site. I saw it three times this morning, and now I can't get it at all.

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Aw Joss, you just made me really happy!
I know most of us suck up, but it was great!!
Now I'm going to twirl around my house and sing along :)
A letter of commendation from the deputy mayor? Would that be the same one Faith stabbed?
I just got it off of iTunes. I don't want to wait till they clear up the technical problems, plus, I was gonna do it anyway!
Not to nitpick, but that was a letter of conDEMNATION.
I agree the itunes is more fun, cause it's mine mine mine, no one can take it away :D and I can see it bigger :D I love it even more in the context of the writer's strike. So bring on the swag, people!!!!
Well, the Joss said it wouldn't be successful if it didn't crash... which it apparently has done.... I can't get on for morning fix... Will check out this thing called iTunes mayhaps.... :-(
In jest I jibe - I almost envy the global fanbase denied entry, for having seen it we must now wait for parts ii and iii. And questions burn:

Will the characters swap roles - hero, villian, victim - and again? Will the Dr.'s videoblog fan mail fan appear in act iii with a cameo by Parker Posey? When will I be able to download Horrible Van Remote from the iTunes iPhone 2.0 App Store?

ETA: Yes, who else but Parker Posey could play the 'Poser in a parka' johnny Snow?

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I wonder if "balls" is a South Park homage. IIRC, "balls" is something that Butters says when he is disappointed or vexed. That's the same Butters who has the evil alter ego Professor Chaos who ineffectually plots to overthrow the world in a couple of episodes.
When I heard "balls," my brain immediately went to Emma Caulfield saying that very thing repeatedly in a bunch of Buffy outtakes, so I cheered a little when I heard it from the defeated lips of Dr. Horrible. Anyone with me on that?

I love that no expense was spared on Captain Hammer's "costume." {{giggle}}
Must. Have. Capt Hammer shirt. NOW! This is so beautiful, and yes, Caroline, it very much has a OMWF thing going on. I'm going to try and not watch it, you know, ALL THE TIME, so I can appreciate the DVD in its fullest while I contribute to The Makers.
phlebotenum- You didn't imagine it. It took me 20 minutes to dig through the comment heap (probably should have read it all before I first posted) but I found the comment you're referring to- UnpluggedCrazy's lyrics offer- so thank you for pointing that out. I still wish captions were an option, for both HOH and non-English speakers, but I think today has shown us that figuring out the internet is complicated enough as it is.
Wonderful. Just wonderful.
And also I want Felicia Day more than ever.

Good thing I slept through the morning and missed the disappointment of not being able to see it outside of the US.

Good job on fixing that Whedons, and please the angry lynhmob's reactions as testiments to how eagerly we've been anticipating this!

"Balls." <3
If Jed or whoever wants any help keeping the website online I'm willing to help. Memails in my profile.
I can't get the page to load. :(
Wasn't able to get it to work at home this morning... but of course it works fine when I get to work and should be on the clock!

I just *loved* it- can't wait to watch it again at lunchtime without having paranoia about getting busted whilst doing so.

So many things made me laugh- but my first laugh out of the gate was the status quo speech: I can't remember the line exactly- but the "....and I need to rule it" killed me.
So I gave in, I was saving until I had all acts locally, but couldn't resist..
omg Felicia, what a wonderfull voice she has.. like Willow, but in tune! too cute!

Is it just me.... or is that a large model of Serenity hanging in the window behind NPH's head at the begining?

Yup, saw that too :D

Am excited and giddy *g* gonna watch this a couple of times now, love it! Thanks cast and crew for a gem like this :D
And DOSing a server is called slashdotting, not fandangoing... sheesh, kids today have no sense of history

Bah. Let Slashdot have their Slashdot Effect. When we do it It's fandango'ing. Or, rather, will be when I am dictactor1

1And, of course, it isn't just us now at this point today anymore so it's all irrelevant anyway.
Yup, saw that too :D

No, that's not what it is. I explained what it is in this thread. ;)
The link's on Slashdot's front-page so it might be a literal Slashdotting anyway.

As theonetruebix may or may not have said in his small print. I remain non-committal.

[ edited by Saje on 2008-07-15 16:55 ]
Read my small print! ;)
No, that's not what it is. I explained what it is in this thread. ;)

Pots and pans shaped like Serenity.. Well, wishful thinking from my part then or someone who wants to trick us :D
I'm having a ball anyway!
Read my small print! ;)

Yeah, well ... Jesus, what's that on your shoulder ...

*edits like the wind*
Hey, is anyone getting a "server is not responding" message when trying to access the site? I'm sorry for people who can't get through but somehow this makes me happy - in the people-are-crazily-trying-to-access this way.

Since I have it on iTunes I won't go to the site anymore. I only went there to get the Horrible-related links.

I am desperate for a soundtrack! The music is delicious. I'm humming "Freeze Ray" everywhere I go. And "Man's Gotta Do" is so catchy. I love those complex group musical interactions. Reminds me of "Walk Through the Fire" in the Buffy musical and Spike saying/singing, "No...first I'll kill her THEN I'll save her."

Neil Patrick Harris is a god. So is Nathan. So is Felicia. So are the Dr. Horrible team.

Anyone - are the three western singers the Whedon brothers? One of them is clearly Jed. Maybe Zack is in there, too? Maybe even Joss, in deep disguise? Or?
Joss... I love you. This is so good. I've watched it online like 10 times already and I just downloaded it on iTunes.
This is so much better than most of the crap on TV today.
Neil, Nathan, and Felicia: you just had me captivated! You are all amazing!
Thanks Joss and co!!! This is great: the way you are changing the status quo (allusion intended). Thanks!!
According to Twitter they are having technical difficulties... which they are working on.

Is the iTunes version only available on the US iTunes, cos I cannot find it on my UK version.
I'll have to look for the pots and pans on my second viewing.

Hey- it was only a couple of weeks ago that I misidentified the 'celtic cross' Flogo on Good Morning America as a 'Serenity' shaped cloud from the custom cloud-making machine!

Heck- the cameraman did such a perfect job of matching one of Serenity's lift-off shots in the movie that I bet lots of folks would have thought the same. Luckily, the clip of that was saved for posterity.
If Jed or whoever wants any help keeping the website online I'm willing to help. Memails in my profile.

gossi, you just can't stay away from the cauldron, can you? ;)
iTunes crashed, had to restart the computer, now I can't get back onto the Dr. Horrible site... sigh. I need the Husband to have a chance to see this before the end of the day!
Further message just gone onto Twitter

We love you for crashing the site, we really do. In the meantime, you can go to itunes. Or just wait a few hours, we'll be back up.

[ edited by Cider on 2008-07-15 17:15 ]
We broke it.

Facebook note:

We've officially crashed
Today at 12:15pm
We love you for crashing the site, we really do.

In the meantime, those of you who have iTunes capabilities can go there and get your fix. Our site should be up and running again in a few hours.

Your support is warming our hearts and kicking our asses. So thank you thank you.

J, M, J, Z

No, really, J,M,J,Z - thank you!! So. Very. Much.
Re: Crashing, or as the Soon-to-be-Aloof-Dictator bix calls it, "fandangoing"... That sucks and makes me giddy at the same time.

Watched it again when I got to work today. (Bosses are in "meetings".) Great way to start a morning.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-07-15 17:23 ]
I wonder if any other have over these lo! many years of Whedon productions.

phlebotinin | July 15, 15:14 CET

First one I remember was Spike when the police found the dead body in S6. The name of the really good episode went out of my head because

I can't get on the site to show my son Dr Horrible!!!

Having read all the comments from last night and this morning, I am assuming that as a loyal but disappointed Whedon fan I should ascribe not being able to see this to a plot by the Whedons to let everyone see it but then pull it back to make me, and those of us with children who were not awake in the middle of the night crazy...and ah ha! to make us buy the Itunes version. That Joss, you know, he does things like that. Crafty devil, insidious in his ways of tricking people into wanting things and then purposely denying them those very...things.

Seriously though, I know disappointment stinks, but the immediate assumption that Joss (and everyone in the US) didn't care or think about foreign fans etc. seemed way out of line. I realize patience is tough but not assuming the worst of intentions from the person you are such a big fan of, seems like it would be a little easier. /wagging finger

...and I still can't log on.

Oh, they left a message that has been brought over by Sunfire since I began writing this. Thanks Sunfire.
Actually Cider had the twitter version here first but I totally missed it. ;)
I can not even get on the drhorrible website...*cries*
I think one of the mods may want to modify the description to say the website is offline right now..
Well, that's the kind of response you can expect when expectations are high. We've been asked to watch it and promote it and it's been in our face every day for the last couple of months. Also... we'd only just woke up here. I'm not usually the most forgiving 8am in the morning. So, sorry for the negative, but we get that 'not available in your country' all the bloody time and it's not about anti-American, or anti-Joss, it's about corporate entities (like Hulu and Apple/iTunes) applying 20th century thinking to 21st century business. Consumers aren't interested in borders.
That Joss, you know, he does things like that. Crafty devil, insidious in his ways of tricking people into wanting things and then purposely denying them those very...things.

They're learning the technical stuff as they go. And unfortunately for them their audience was massive before they ever got the product out. They are learning with great speed I expect.

iTunes works! Dr. Horrible just broke into song. I was so sucked into his reading of his fan mail that I forgot it was a musical until the cue to start the song.
It was AMAZING! Makes me want to cosplay it at SDCC. Only, I can't think of how...
Just watched on iTunes.

Wow is all I can say right now.

And although I know it's not...I can SWEAR that the cowboy in the upper left corner is Simon Pegg.
Oh noes, we crashed the internets! Didn't we ask this very thing about Vimeo's ability to handle the load? (Maybe that was why there was a switch to Hulu?) Looks like we forgot about going belly up due to an unintended DOS. Now I'm wondering if the bandwidth cost is going to eat up all the moolah.
MySpace has just been updated with the same message now.

When I search for Dr. Horrible in iTunes I get Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible!!
Cider, just look in the Top Ten Television Shows.
A few things:

"Balls" is Gwenyth Paltrow's favorite swear word. I saw it on Inside the Actors Studio. Doesn't mean anything... I just thought it was interesting.
"The Satus is Not Quo" I want on a t-shirt.
Neil Patrick Harris's eyes are really blue. Never noticed that before. Pretty.
The scene in the laundrymat was pretty much just like me meeting Joss in Boston except:
1) we weren't doing laundry.
2) there was no singing.
3) I'm not actually in love with him. (Although today, I am a little. ;) )
But the inside my head all smooth and witty but in real life all, "I really like air!" Yep.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-07-15 18:16 ]
My computer picked the worst possible month to die and leave me with a laptop that has no sound card.

Grrrr. Hopefully I can get into my dad's office later today and view it there, if the website is back up by then...
Cider: go to the TV section of the iTunes store. There is a big icon/ad for it in the upper right-hand corner. Click on that.
I agree, newcj, about the first use of "balls!" in the Whedonverse - by Spike, in Dead Things.
Jobo, Nebula1400 - it's only on the US iTunes store, and Cider lives in the UK, so she won't be able to see it.
no power in the verse can stop dr. horrible.

well, except voracious fans repeatedly mashing refresh.
I watched it again on my iPod during the commute to work. (Relax, I don't drive; I was on the bus.)
Some things I loved instantly:

1. "poseur in a parka"
2. NPH practicing his evil laugh - strangely melodious, even operatic
3. the songs, every nanosecond of them
4. that little non-singing interlude in "Freeze Ray" (or "Laundry Day?") when they're dancing - so catchy, so fabulous, I love it
5. NPH in his costume as Horrible moving his shoulders slightly to #4
6. Moist and his shrugging, "life of crime"
7. bait and switch - hah
8. "I'm just a few weeks away from a connection"
9. "Wonderflonium - Don't Bounce"
10. Nathan Fillion in general
11. NPH in general
12. Felicia Day in general - "angelic" is the perfect word for her here
13. "There's ASS that needs kicking...."
14. "Whateeeeever" (no-one does a better musical whatever than a Whedonverse singer, no-one. NPH nails this one, hard.)
15. "Balls!"

And pretty much everything that I didn't list above.
Jobo, Nebula1400 - it's only on the US iTunes store, and Cider lives in the UK, so she won't be able to see it.

Yes, I even tried to fool the US Store into thinking I lived in Beverley Hills, but it saw right through me. Guess I will just have to wait....
Joss and Co-Creators/Crew/Actors, I just plain forgot to say Thank You in spite of my short but heartfelt remarks way above, including the best part for me, seeing the "Mutant Enemy Productions Presents" frame at the very beginning. Thank you, all of you, for being who you are, what you are passionate about, and silly and zany about, and most of all Joss, for your big heart. You make art worth looking forward to. And ... You are so loved.
I think I just did wee-wee in my pants. Multiple times. Oh my god, the "mare" line. So... Much.... Awesome.

Gotta say, not digging on that line.
And now, I fly! (Coach.) xoxo -j.

joss | July 15, 08:17 CET

I wonder if Joss is a Gossip Girl fan. ;)
Whew, we're back... I'm so relieved (my world is not right without Whedonesque). So I hope we stay up and running when Act 2 begins tonight! I love 'Doctor Horrible' so much, I watch it over and over again, and then I complain to my friends that they haven't watched it enough!
I was finally able to watch it this morning. Happy happy joy joy

I laughed hysterically when Nathan appeared... Will rewatch it at lunch. This will be a must-have DVD for me when it comes out...
Yea! Whedonesque is back. I missed you. [hugs]

So, sorry for the negative, but we get that 'not available in your country' all the bloody time and it's not about anti-American, or anti-Joss, it's about corporate entities (like Hulu and Apple/iTunes) applying 20th century thinking to 21st century business. Consumers aren't interested in borders.

I understand the frustration. The BBC does not like those of us in the US and it can get really annoying.

The whole restriction by country thing is self-defeating and annoying. I just felt like some of the people, not all, who were upset jumped to conclusions about this being done on purpose and started bashing etc a little fast rather than giving the benefit of the doubt. Oh well, it happens.

Meanwhile did I mention that I really enjoyed this. Nathan Fillion does not usually do as much for me as he does for most of the folks around these parts, but I thought he took over the screen just the way he was supposed to in this. Great job. NPH was endearing, as was Felicia Day. Definitely want those two crazy kids to get together...though how she is going to feel about a self described super villain could be a problem.

I am so looking forward to the next sections.
does anyone know if it'll EVENTUALLY be availible on Itunes other then US and Canada? if not is there a way i can pay somone to Gift me all 3 episodes?

i gotta have it on permanant replay and i don;t wanna break the net again
Loved it!

"Whateeever" is the greatest thing ever.
I'm so glad the black is back. Thank you to Caroline and anyone else working behind the scenes to get the site back up or moved to a new host. I very much appreciate your unseen efforts!

Now that I am through with my initial surge of excitement, I am really appreciating the craft that is in act I.

My first reaction on my first viewing when it started - was a bit of a cocked head of confusion. "What is this?" I thought, "Isn't this a musical?" It lacked the traditional long overture of an amalgam of the musical's songs leading into the first number. Once I realized it was Dr. Horrible's video blog - I immediately got into the world.

But that is the craft that thrills me upon repeat viewings. The video blog and NPH's brilliant non-verbal acting accomplishes in just a few spare minutes of establishing this new universe - who are the characters, what are their relationships, what are the code of ethics in this superhero/supervillan world - all of the exposition needed for viewers to easily enter this story and get the audience to start rooting for the supervillan by song #1. So subtle and so effective. Well done I say, well done.
Is it just me.... or is that a large model of Serenity hanging in the window behind NPH's head at the begining?

Maybe I'm seeing things?

SenseiJJ | July 15, 10:19 CET

I hate to confirm that you are seeing things, but those are actually just my pots and pans hanging in the background of the opening shot. Right above my microwave and right above the 20 or so bottles of booze.

And eventually you may get to seem my Mace Windu Light Saber, my DVD collection (well, part of it) and the rest of my house. :)

But to confirm- Pots and Pans, not Serenity.
Thank you Jonathan. It's been driving me crazy trying to convince people it was pots and pans.
I've heard it told that the Serenity cookware silhouette manifests only in the kitchens and minds of true Browncoats.
NPH makes an exceptionally lovable supervillain (can't have a face-off with a nemesis in the park--there are children there!) The choreography of the dryer doors in the laundry room was a lovely thing to watch. And the dialogue is a joy.
Just got back from overseas and the first thing I did was watch Act 1 - before having a shower and unpacking. I absolutely adored it. Thankyou Joss and co! And it was great to see 'Mutant Enemy Productions presents'. With this, Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods it really feels like things are getting rolling again

(Also, I'm really shocked at how rude some people have been in this thread. Calm down and don't be rude to people who are providing you with free entertainment and who made a simple mistake)
I kind of think rude is the wrong word. Most people, including me, were fairly sure we wouldn't be able to watch something which personally, I'd been hyping to everyone I know in real-life. Tensions ran high, and there was some bitterness, but there wasn't much vitrol aimed intentionally at the Whedons. Mostly it was at the distribution method, and you have to remember at the start there wasn't any word on what was happening wrong.

Anyways, it's kind of off-topic, but that's my two cents on it. The episode at the end of the day was obviously worth the in retrospect minor inconveniance. Everyone did a great job fixing the problem.

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