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July 15 2008

Fox exec says "Joss was a gift". Kevin Reilly, Fox president of entertainment, is excited about Dollhouse.

I'll believe it when it's still on the air in a year or two.
This guy has my hopes up so high that if they're dashed, I will probably never trust another human being.

But for the moment, go Kevin Reilly!
Honestly, I love that he's up front about it: "The only reason Joss wasn't on my list is because I thought there was no way he was coming back."
Yeah, bix, I liked that quote. It seems honest.
I'm hopeful. Everything they've said so far has been solid. =)
Just remember not throw him out when you get bored with him after a year a month a week the first episode the first five minutes of the first episode!

Wow, the president said that! That's cool, but I hope he's true to his words!
But TaraLivesOn is right...
Sounds sincere. Can we trust? *traumatized sigh*

Hope them producers are what they are supposed to be: supporters.
*crosses fingers* let's just hope he isn't full of it. I'd hate to see this show cancelled within a couple episodes because they won't give it a chance.
I think Kevin Reilly is the best possible network president to be dealing with a show like this. He has a habit of sticking up for the shows he's passionate about and giving critically acclaimed but low rated shows more of a chance than many others would. He helped Friday Night Lights stay on the air this long, kept The Office despite a low rated first season, and stuck with 30 Rock.
But it's Fox ! [/obligatory ill-informed rant] ;-)

Yep, sounds like they're really going to give it a chance. Course, that doesn't mean the audience won't reject it. Audiences are a strange bunch and if the ratings are low and stay that way the network might have no choice but to pull it (especially since they're selling the - reduced - ad time at premium).
Memo to Kevin: this looks like a winner, so please run it, support it and give us a chance to spread the word.
I'll be happy if Dollhouse is able to pull close Lost level numbers, even with the slipping ratings pattern.
The news sites talk so much about those slipping numbers, and mostly undervalue the shows increasing presence on new media, that do show a quite different scenario, compared let's say a procedural series, that get mostly steady ratings, but are way weaker on new media presence.
Right...if the ratings tank, I'm sure he'll be singing another tune...put me on the skeptical side
Sure, but if the ratings tank--really tank--you can't really blame him for pulling the show. Even if you're running your business by keeping quality shows on the air and trying to support struggling ones, ultimately you're a business, and if you keep shows on the air that are doing terribly ratings-wise then you're not going to be able to keep your business. Or in Reilly's case, his job.

So if Dollhouse fails, my anger will probably be directed at America for not watching, rather than Fox for pulling.

Well, maybe a little at Fox. Because it's so easy, teehee.
It's funny, but I think Dr. Horrible will help pull in "non-Whedoners" to our Dollhouse family. It's #1 on iTunes right now, and everyone wants to be in the "know" on what's cool. Anyone agree?

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