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July 15 2008

Doctor Horrible Now Viewable Outside the USA. Yay for those of us not in the USA - and well done to those who worked so hard to get the issues sorted out! Thanks.

*prod prod* wrong linky :) But you're right, it works! Yay and woot :D
Oh, I love it. But the songs are a bit too short for me. :(
Jed is now my favorite Whedon. Neil Patrick is my favorite Harris (sorry Xander).
I think the first Song was the best. I found the last one annoying because I couldn't make out what Captain Hammer and laundry girl were saying. Going to have to watch that again a lot.
Oh and funny very funny. I loved Moist with the moist letters.
Well Joss is my favorite Whedon again, but Jed is a close second (sorry Zack).

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Not working for me, even without the hyphen.
Never mind, line was fixed.

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Nice job getting everything running. Get some sleep team.
Most verily w00t! Thanks to Team Whedon for sharing Dr Horrible with the world! :) 'Tis quite funny, innit!
Wow this was totally completely worth waiting til three am for. Absolute epic. Thank you Joss, Jed, and whoever else worked the problem!!!!!!

Now to sleep.
Now it says "This video is not available at this site." Well, I keep hoping for the best ...
That is great news, and we can now continue spreading the Word of Joss to the (still) infidels. Excellent!
Thank you, all the Wonderful Whedons. I love you all and want you to have my babies.

You rock, the musical rocks, the whole world feels just a little bit shinier today.

And a resounding "thumbs up" from the Mr and Mrs B in Melbourne. :)
Live and wondrous in Sydney!! Freaking brilliant goldiness of goodness of rhapsodies of happiness!! *runs off to watch it again*
Jakob Schmidt:
Now it says "This video is not available at this site." Well, I keep hoping for the best ...

Strangely it works in IE, just not in Firefox.
Bless you team-Whedon.
It appears to be streaming for me, but it's taken 13 minutes to watch 13 seconds (on broadband) :-(

Resounding applause for making it available internationally though!!! Hurrah!
I'm using IE and all I'm getting is "This Video is not available at this site".

EDIT: And I've just tried using Firefox and I'm still getting the same message so it seems as though there are still some glitches to get sorted out as I'm sure I'm not the only one that this is happening to.

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Lacy, wafting curtains.

I've only seen it twice. I wish I didn't have to go to work!

*Delurk* Woohoo, that was awesome. Well worth the wait.
I'm in Scotland and using Firefox, and it's streaming perfectly.
WOOHOO! I'm watching it even as I type this. If course, by "watching", I mean seeing 5 seconds-break-5 seconds-break-5 seconds-break-5 seconds-break-

well, I'm sure you get the idea but what I've seen so far is ..... wait for it ..... awesome! Hah, got you!
Anyone know of any tricks to ease the buffering process? Like turning off certain system settings, or pausing, or something? I'm at 14 seconds now, so at this rate it'll be a couple of days before it finishes :0)
Most excellent!

Glad I didn't look at Whedonesque until twenty-eight minutes ago, or I may have been one of the "It Does Not Work For Me" posters.

Congrats to Everyone involved, I can tell this was a labour of love, and I can only wish the most disgustingly huge success for you all.
Watched it four times as a pseudo-american and now twice as international IP! I'm even playing it in the background so I can sing along. How addictive are those songs?......

Thanks wonderful Whedons for all the extra effort in getting it to the rest of the world.
Yes, yes, yes!!!! It works for me using Firefox.
I soo love the songs too and cowboys startled me appearing so suddenly but I liked them a lot.
Thank you Dr Horrible team for sorting out the glitches so quickly. It is a joy to behold.
Is it wrong and strange that I've watched this several times, and am now singing along with the songs?

No. No, it's not.

Team Whedon, you are a beacon of wonder and joy. Thank you.
As someone who only discovered the Whedonverse last fall, Iím so thrilled to see something new that hasnít been discussed already by the fans. It fells like Iíve been playing catch-up on everything Whedon-y.

I loved everything especially NPHís laugh, Moist, the singing cowboys, Captain Hammer smashing the remote, and Felicia Dayís an absolute doll with an absolutely amazing voice. I canít wait to see part II and III and get the DVD.

Everything about Dr. Horrible seems to be a pioneering effort so some bumps can be expected (not that it makes it any easier for the people who had trouble viewing it initially.) But it looks like Jed and the team fixed that broken wagon wheel.

Thanks to the entire Dr. Horrible team (especially the sleep deprived members.)

*Lacy, wafting curtains
Thanks to the fixers.
Odd about the stream not working in Firefox. I watched it just fine on the newest version of Firefox. Some buffering issues, but that's to be expected.
Blessed are those of the Whedon flock. Thou hast bestowed upon me such lyrical heavenliness and melodious nirvanaress-ness. From Down Under, I'm over the top giddy with gratitude. I shalst now go forth and spread the gospel of the Joss and his hymns of Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Freeze Ray Gun Song, and A Man 's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do. Amen. Hulu-luea!

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Damn I love working for an ISP, streamed smooth as anything straight to my desk. And so so funny, go Team Whedon!
Yep, worked fine for me in Firefox in XP (thanks so much to Team W for the foreigner-loving impetus and - presumably - the backroom boffins for doing the actual doing. You guys rock, and not soft either).

Hi-larious and cool and hep and all the good things (even free, one of the goodest of all things ;). Death whinny indeed. Wonder if we'll see Bad Horse and, if so, who drew the short straw and gets to play the, err, rearward half.

Man, Nathan's smarm was brilliantly done, working the Shatner there on top of the van ;). And even just from act 1 you get a feeling that Dr Horrible's actually on a journey, that as well as being funny and geeky and a bit sad he's really a proper character, actual and whole. And Moist was cool (and, obviously, a bit damp ;) didn't realise DH would be big enough to have an evil henchperson, clearly the guy's going [evil] places (or is he ? Din, din, dinnnnn ! ;).

Thematically it seems to be about the transformative power of Felicia Day so I predict muchos transforming. Penny's just so sweet already, she's gonna see through that pesky Hammer, Freeze-Ray or no.
I love Penny's song. I hope there will be extended versions sometime soon :-)
"This video is not available at this site."

Turn your firewall (Norton, MacAfee, etc) off and refresh the page.
Neil Patrick Harris is outstanding. He brings a certain energy and skill to the table that I just don't see in a lot of the actors out there.

Edit: Oh and I'm very appreciative to all those who helped make it possible for those outside of the U.S. to view Act 1.

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thank you thank you thank you :) Spreading the love as we speak. I've watched it three times now, and discover new things every time. Brilliant job.
Just watched.


Also, managed to get it on Slashdot.
That was absolutely fantastic. Favorite song so-far? Freeze ray (or whatever the official title turns out to be). NPH has an absolutely great voice. Also: I am now in love with Penny. And yes - mr Fillion is totally working the Shat there, Saje, hilarious.

I laughed socially-unacceptable-loud at the 'Bad Horse' song. Much good to be had. Now I'm off to the university, where they have a more stable connection to watch it again (and misuse the computers and printers for my own freelance work, heh ;)).

ETA: ah, yes, sharing. I've already called 2 friends to say it's up, posted it on my favorite Dutch sci-fi/fantasy newsgroup, will be blogging about it later on the Dutch facebook-a-like I frequent - which should get some other friends to watch - and of course I'm reviewing it for the cultural site I write for once all three episodes are up. We're such cheap labour, we fans are ;)

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Awesome, love it. Thanks for making it available internationally. Can't wait for the next!
I think we finally crashed the server - anyone else having problems loading the page?
Who is Bad Wolf Horse I wonder?

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"This video is not available at this site."

Turn your firewall (Norton, MacAfee, etc) off and refresh the page.

This didn't work for me, I'm still getting the not available message.

EDIT: Also if I go directly to the Dr. Horrible site rather than following the link here I'm getting an "Internet Explorer cannot display the Web page" message.

[ edited by rileysaplank on 2008-07-15 15:02 ]
Can't. Sentence. Properly.
I'm in Sweden, using Firefox, on a computer that usually doesn't do anything I want it to (especially when it comes to video), and the video plays perfectly smoothly here. Either it's been fixed or the bandwidth has cleared up or I'm having a lucky day. Either way, that was an act made of various flavors of pure awesomest, and it put a big smile on th'face. Want more. Gotta watch again.
I am one of those who will buy the DVD as soon as it's a thing.
Love it!!! Nathan is so funny!!!
What does it mean by "sorry, we are unable to stream this video. Please check your internet connection and try again"? I turned my firewall off and my internet connection is fine
An admin should also include that instruction about firewall thing and updating browser and installing Flash thing over here this thread, just in case.
A question to those that have downloaded this from iTunes. Is the video and/or sound quality the same or better than the free version? And, is it available from non-US iTunes? And and, is it watchable by a movie player of my own choise or is it limited to some Apple horror? The price is set at the right spot, so I'm seriously considering about installing iTunes to get this.
You might be better asking that in the general thread Eerikki since AFAIK, the iTunes sales are still US only (note, I haven't tried it since I don't use iTunes).

I'm curious myself to know if they've DRMed the file though.
The video and sound quality are better. They are an .mp4 file instead of this flash based file format. Noticeably better. Video is not grainy, sound is like a studio recording instead of the slight fuzz you get on the hulu version. The file is under Fair Play 2 DRM, which makes me go 'bleh' but whatevs...
I think we crashed the site. :(
Still works for me. And the term is slashdotted, not Fandango'd :) Kids today... sheesh!
It doesn't work for me. Network timeout. Sad for me, but success for the project I think. Assuming it's just massive traffic, anyway, and I'll be able to see it later. Once the rest of you stop watching it.
Okay, now its DOS'd for me as well :)
Yep, no new-fangled fandango for me either ;).

(and it's down from here too now)
I'm glad I got it on time, It's now a file on my harddrive. I'll be watching the show in it's complete form after act 2&3 are available. Too bad it's flash video, but hey, it's free and it's Whedon material after such a long time! YAY!
Well, the Hulu stuff is flash, the iTunes is .m4v (an .mp4 wrapper to accomodate DRM). Or are you saying you used something like Replay Media Catcher to sniff the .flv stream?
I think you all br0ked it. I can't connect no matter what browser I use. :( Which is all good if it means success for the Whedons, but not good for ME!!!!!
flv's get cached on your harddrive (well at least with Firefox 3). It's a simple matter of copying the correct file to a more permanent location. I stay away from DRM content anyway.
I can't get on either!! Darn Whedon fans making it all successful and stuff.
Hmm. Maybe there's hope for me yet. I just figured I was blocked here at work and *whines* would have to wait HOURS and HOURS till I get home to see it again. :P
Most people don't realize that and use a utility to do it for them. Oh, about:cache, how we love you ;)
ETA: Never mind {/litella}

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I see it has made the top 10 list on the itunes TV sales--combined w/site overload, seems like things are going well. (I'm so hoping the crew will get paid!)
I downloaded it from iTunes instead - now to wait for it to finish!
Also not working here in Brazil. I hope the issue is resolved soon!
Most people don't realize that and use a utility to do it for them.

It's how most of those "Save Youtube Videos" sites work. That said, the file that looks like it should be Dr H (by size) doesn't want to play for me after I give it a .flv extension (and yet a random Youtube vid - about 'to be' in modern Greek ;) - plays fine). Might be the cache has become corrupted somehow. Stupid corruption.

Course, i'd like to pay for it. Before I download and install eVilTunes, do we know for sure it's US only sales ?
I'm in Canada, and the page is not loading. Le sigh.
Hope they solve it, and I can see the magic, too.
You all say, it's awesome, never doubted it.
Waiting and waiting to be able to watch.
I just used iTunes for the first time. Since you all crushed the site so mightily this morning.

(Speaking of massive numbers of people hitting refresh, when was the last time the Whedonesque user count was updated? Seems it's been >7000 for a little while now.)
It's how most of those "Save Youtube Videos" sites work. That said, the file that looks like it should be Dr H (by size) doesn't want to play for me after I give it a .flv extension (and yet a random Youtube vid - about 'to be' in modern Greek ;) - plays fine). Might be the cache has become corrupted somehow. Stupid corruption.
Course, i'd like to pay for it. Before I download and install eVilTunes, do we know for sure it's US only sales?

Having the same trouble.

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It's how most of those "Save Youtube Videos" sites work. That said, the file that looks like it should be Dr H (by size) doesn't want to play for me after I give it a .flv extension

My regular player (VLC Media player) doesn't play it. Other flv's are fine. But I have another player called FLVPlayer and that one works.
Am I correct in saying that it's only available on the American iTunes store at the moment? I only ask in case I'm missing it somewhere on the UK store.

In case anyone not in America is interested, the only way you can purchase things off the American store without actually being American is if you have an iTunes giftcard. You can purchase them off eBay usually, and they tell you to use a fake billing address with it (I have no idea if this is legal or not, but you are still paying for it, because the gift cards are prepaid). I've never done this myself, but it might be worthwhile thinking about if you have an American friend willing to buy you a $10 giftcard.
I'm trying to transcribe the lyrics, but it's a bit tricky. Anyone able to hear the rest of Captain Hammer's line that starts with "When you're the best" or Penny's line under Dr. Horrible's "I stopped the van, the remote control was in my hand!" and Captain Hammer's last "The only doom that's looming is you loving me to death"?

Kinda funny, by the way, how Penny called Captain Hammer "Hammer Man" at one point.

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We broke it.

Facebook note:

We've officially crashed
Today at 12:15pm
We love you for crashing the site, we really do.

In the meantime, those of you who have iTunes capabilities can go there and get your fix. Our site should be up and running again in a few hours.

Your support is warming our hearts and kicking our asses. So thank you thank you.

J, M, J, Z

O.K., today managed to watch it, and it's fabulous!
NPH is absolutely legendary!
The site is up and running again. Loaded and played just fine, even here in the northern north of nowhere. It's brillaint! "poser in a parka" - he-he. This is going to be a very fun week. :D

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Still not running for me here in Germany, even though I tried most of the tricks discussed on ...
I guess I'll just have to wait for the dvd. (weeps silently)

I just saw it for the first time using the nyud link mentioned on

Now I've got a *huge* grin on my face! Joss you completely rule.

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