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July 15 2008

1st act of Dr. Horrible already in iTunes top 10 TV shows. #9 in their top ten selling TV shows, and the day is early yet. It's also number one in Top TV Seasons.

I know it's not standard practice, but I hope Joss posts how much this makes (or doesn't). I am insanely curious to see how it's working.
And iTunes is the only way to see it at the moment: we crashed their site for real. Also on twitter.

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It's number one in Top TV Seasons, is that what you were looking at? ETA Never mind. Added links and stuff to the entry.
The fan site has an image showing the Dr H listing all over the TV section of iTunes
Those are impressive numbers, especially considering non-Americans couldn't even access it via ITunes.

Glad I caught it before the servers crashed. In hindsight, maybe they should have uploaded the show to a couple of backup sites. Maybe not to Youtube, but the video quality on Vimeo was pretty good.

BTW, are there any details on when the DVD comes out?

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The iTunes news is thrilling, just thrilling. I also love how we crashed their site. Not because I want other people who haven't seen it yet to sob - I really don't - but because J,J,M&Z were so convinced that with their two huge servers backing this puppy up they'd be okay with all the demand. Hah! I love them being proved wrong on this.
Any word when it'll be on sale at non Northern American iTunes stores? Yes they do exist.
Is it charming or frustrating that Whedon & co. were expecting so few to show up that we've crashed the site already? I'm going with charming.
Dr Horrible shows up second in the trending topics on the *just* released
Even if they don't post how much money this brings in, I really hope they can at least release the number of viewings and downloads.
Do I have to sell my soul to the devil to d/l and use ITunes? After all, I have a Creative Zen.
I got the season pass this morning and have watched it six (6!) times already on my big ol' HDTV thanks to AppleTV. ZOMG, so catchy! My HIMYM-induced NPH crush is only worsening.
Yeah, I'm totally crushing on NPH. Who knew? The guy is hot and cute and has a fan-frakin'-tastic voice. Poor, poor Doctor Horrible. He's just trying to save the world.
Stayed up late to watch east-coast launch, will probably do the same again tonight. And will STILL buy it from iTunes. *sigh*
OK, first of all: it's AWESOME, and it gets better with each viewing. Nathan Fillion is fantastic, and NPH - Barney, man, love the suits but you would look so much better in jeans and a hoodie*. Also, fantastic monologue (terrible death whinny!) and beautiful singing voice.

The real reason I'm posting: is it possible to watch it on Hulu, without having to go through It must be somewhere on, right? Actually, I'm not even confident Hulu will work on my Linux machine at work um, I am productive.

*and yes, I remember Monday Night Football, I'm just sayin'.
It must be somewhere on, right?

I tried looking there earlier but to no avail.
It's, but the SWF applet they've set up checks the referrer is to stop it being embedded.

Basically, they're trying to stop people ripping it off and posting it on torrent sites. So far successfully, which is a first.
Interestingly, gossi, the error the app gives appears to be the same one people sometimes get when people go to the official site, as if sometimes the referer doesn't get relayed properly.
Gossi, the flash video is already on several torrent sites.
Krusher, lol. Oh well, there goes all that DRM and rights protection Apple and Hulu offer.

theonetruebix - yeah, browsers don't always pass referrers properly. Also a lot of web proxies strip them out. That's why some people couldn't play it.
Really? Cause using refspoof it still doesnt load from Although its been a while since I used refspoof so I may be doing somethign wrong :)
I wasn't able to see it streaming from my work computer. So I bought a season pass on iTunes...and am slightly embarassed to mention how many times I've watched it so far today.
I may also be wrong. It happens. Like, every 4.9 minutes.

I just checked and Dr Horrible is indeed up on a certain torrent site with the name 'Pirate' in the title. So the only way for international peeps to watch it is to pirate it. And they are.
I really hope that I will be able to see the first episode some time before july 20th. I still haven't been able to view it alas with the site crashing(yay for allowing international people to see it though).

I am a little concerned that this may occur again and again for the release of act 2 and act 3, and therefore except for some lucky people, a lot of people won't be able to view none of the acts. Anyone know what is exactly the situation? Are they going to be able to ensure this won't happen with act 2 and act 3? Is it possible to ensure that won't happen with the small time frame?

It is a great sign though that there has been significant amount of interest that the site is crashed. I just hope I will be to view it before I have to pay for it.

As someone suggested earlier, it would have been cool to have the episodes uploaded to other sites too as backup.

ETA: that sucks about the bit torrent and the pirating, but it goes with the territory, and I wouldn't think anyone would be surprised by that.

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kurya, I think they will be avoiding putting it on Youtube and such to stop piracy because Hulu and Apple say they have industry leading technology which stops people pirating material on those services. Which is fucking bollocks, of course.
Well to be fair it stops more people than YouTube does ;)
Right now both the episode and the three-episode season are #1 on ITMS for their respective categories. Right on! The fans have truly spoken, and loudly.

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I was so excited to see Dr Horrible at #1 in iTunes top 10 Tv shows! I purchased the season pass through some sneaky suggestions offered by a fellow Aussie who has done the same thing ;) So now I can watch it over and over and over without it being all jumpy like it was when I viewed it on the website(my internet is a bit funky atm)
I bit the bullet and purchased the Season Pass last night to be part of the first day of downloads. Glad to see it's topped the charts :)
Getting Dr. Horrible available on non-US iTunes stores...

I e-mailed Apple iTunes support about the (non-)availability of Dr. Horrible on the Australian iTunes store. Here's what they said:

Dear Jessica,

I understand that you would like to purchase "Dr. Horrible" but it currently is not available on the Australian iTunes Store. Thank you for the information you provided. Please know that I can appreciate your eagerness to add this item to your iTunes library and I will address this for you.

I'm sorry the iTunes Store doesn't have the item you wanted.

Apple is constantly expanding the iTunes Store's catalog of music, audiobooks, videos, and movies. To ensure that your request is considered, please submit it through the Request page at:

I trust this information was helpful. Thank you for being an iTunes Store customer. Apple appreciates your business.

With Warm Regards

iTunes Store Customer Support

Hmmm. They understand. They feel my pain. But no mention of if/when it might happen. :-(

So I went to the feedback page and left my feedback/request for Dr. Horrible to be added ASAP. I pointed out that as it's an 'indie' production, international rights agreements shouldn't be standing in the way (I can't imagine why they wouldn't be eager to list it to boost sales...).

So let's all non-US fans hit the iTunes feedback link and get this puppy available, stat. :-)

Mods, it would be great if this could be posted as its own thread so it gets front-page visibility, but I wasn't sure that posting it was kosher with site rules... By all means do so if it is - the more the merrier. :-)
So let's all non-US fans hit the iTunes feedback link and get this puppy available, stat. :-)

Actually, why don't we all do it, non-US or not?

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