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July 15 2008

Jason Palmer finishes his Serenity print series. The last of Jason Palmer's licensed Serenity character portrait prints are now complete, and the full set (with a snazzy album carrier) will be available at ComicCon or on the web site.

I checked with Yelena. If you already purchased the complete set and want to get the snazzy portfolio carrier to go with it, the price difference is $75. Totally worth it for those of us who don't have enough wall space to properly display them all. :)

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Looks gorgeous. I'm the proud owner of the River print (and a Starbuck one too), but I'm unfortunately not in a position to display it yet, but hopefully one day soon . . .
I did manage to get the limited edition Serenity print a few years back. Spent a bundle to have it custom framed, but it was worth it. Looks great!
just testing

ETA - test...

ETA - test 2...

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Oo! Another yellow! Do we have numbers on how many of you mods there are? It's like a treasure hunt! :)

Those paintings(?) are mighty pretty. Definately will have to wait til Comic Con before purchasing, but they're very shiny.

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