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July 15 2008

Television Without Pity recaps Doctor Horrible. No substitute for watching the episode itself, but I think this may be the first time they've recapped a web series.

And we're back.
Fun. And also: yes, people do still ask you to sign petitions in person ;).

(plus: no way Bait's better than Penny ;))

yay! Whedonesque is back! :)
Fun. And also: yes, people do still ask you to sign petitions in person ;).

(plus: no way Bait's better than Penny ;))

yay! Whedonesque is back! :)
Fun. And also: yes, people do still ask you to sign petitions in person ;).

(plus: no way Bait's better than Penny ;))

yay! Whedonesque is back! :)
Argh, can't edit posts. Sorry about the triple-post there... guess whedonesque's not [i]quite[/i] back to its usual glory :)
Working on it :) Milo is making a few final changes now.
I'm just happy to see that beautiful black background load up on my screen. Welcome back y'all.

How freaking awesome is Act 1? And how great are our heroes? (BDH and otherwise!) This is gonna be big for a long time! I can see the Broadway sign now...
Black and orange, brings back memories :+

Love the show, this will be the summerhit of 2008.
Now hopefully, we'll be able to handle the load (and them too), when Part 2 hits the web in the next few hours.
Things are looking mostly normal again site-wise. There may be a few more hiccups, stay tuned.
Yea Whedoneque!

Is it sad that I am just going from one thread to another staring at posts I've already read? /rhetorical

Hmmmmmm. "Preview" does mean "post" at this point...

[ edited by newcj on 2008-07-16 16:07 ]
It's aliiiiiive!
Heck, I can't get TWOP to play past the third page. Welcome back, y'all. Plus, I just went from clicking "Preview" to having it posted...

[ edited by Dana5140 on 2008-07-16 16:11 ]
Oh, right, that... ;)
I hope this fixes the post-on-preview problem!
Yay for a good team effort.
Seems to have done the trick - go team W!
Yea, Team W!!! You are the best.

Give me a "W"!


Give me a ...

Good does not have to mean lengthy.
Great to have the site back up. Thanks to all for the hard work.
I went through some serious withdrawals yesterday. Thanks, team W for getting the site back up. You all rock!
It was awful. I was driven away from my homey place to other places, such as TWOP, where I found this recap a little, moist?
Don't know if it's just me, but RSS isn't working now -- the feeds are updated, but links just go to /comments/16899 instead of . . .
TWOP's recap was fun to read... there is a lot of love there!

And many sincere thanks, whedonesque crew, for bringing our favorite site back.
At first when I saw the front page and clicked on the links and kept coming back to the same front page over and over and over I thought that it was a low-budget internet silent interactive sci fi video of the dream where you're trying to get out of a room and you go through a door and find yourself in the same room again and again and figured that I had wandered into Dr. Milo's Existential Angst-Along Blog.

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-07-16 19:04 ]
It seemed fraughtly-moist to me, dreamlogic. (Though as floofypooh says, there was love there, so that counts for something.)

I couldn't make it past page 2, though. Eeesh - sorry.

(Glad to see the W-esque Black and Orange and Grey and Beige and White and Red and Other Tints and Shades back up, folks - thanks for doin' that.)
Yipee! *shoulder boogies*

Man, almost had a breakdown yesterday when I went to comment and I got the hideous "white". Eeek! Hmm... white=bad, black=good... I wonder how Joss decided to assign the hero/villan colors?


So happy. Oh! And I converted another, who's 3000 miles away. Yay death nerds!
I read the whole thing, because I had nothing better to do.

I've been meaning to say for a long time that I love your name, floofypooh. But I re-iterate my opinion that there is difference between love and viscosity.
floofypooh is a good name.
Mud that smells like cumin? Sounds beleiveable, considering that cumin smells sort of like dirt. Fragrant dirt, tho.
It is! I've been thinking the same thing. In hindsight, I should've never gone with three boring-ass letters.

(hmm, should I edit my four consecutive posts, including two repeats and one lame 'whoops, we're no longer on .org and use actual html here'-error or leave them there as a testament for when whedonesque was almost but-not-quite-yet back. I think I'll go the lazy route ;))
I read all five pages and kept having to stifle my giggles because I'm at work.

Thanks to all the hard work behind the scenes for Whedonesque to get our home back up quickly - and in time for us to crash it again tonight??
We'll be standing by to monitor it closely now that its moved. No rest for the W.
Thanks, korkster! I do love the Whedon World, but I've been a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh much longer, since I was five years old....

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