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August 12 2002

Joss goes through the motions. Here's some detailed info on the contents of the upcoming Once More with Feeling CD release.

The CD will contain bonus tracks:

- Suite from RESTLESS ("Willow's Nightmare"/"First Rage"/"Chain of Ancients")
- Suite from HUSH ("Silent Night"/"First Kiss"/"Enter The Gentlemen"/"Schism")
- "Sacrifice" (From The Gift)
- "Going Through the Motions" (sung by Buffy creator Joss Whedon and wife Kai Cole)

The only thing missing is Giles singing Freebird! *chortle*
And Giles singing Behind Blue Eyes, and Giles singing The Exposition Song, and and and... :D

This is worth having if only to have the stuff from Hush, IMO. That was some truly effective music.
Agreed. Both Hush & Restless include some of the best audio in the entire series.

Of course my bootleg copy of OMWF includes an mp3 of Anthony Stewart Head singing "Sweet Transvestite." No way the official version can top that! I'll be buying the official version anyway though cuz a couple of my mp3s have glitches in them.
good sign: rounder records just released kay hanley's new album (cherry marmalade), which i bought at best buy. lets cross fingers for a wide release.

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