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July 16 2008

Felicia Day guests on! (Warning: Contains mature content) Felicia Day (Buffy, The Guild, Dr. Horrible) talks movies, video games and comics with Jonathan London (director of the award-winning short film, Gay By Dawn) while cohosting on episode #80 of

Great interview!
And I cannot wait for the dvd... musical commentary!
Glad this has been linked here now that whedonesque is back up (which is also great - good job people). Watched it last night thanks to the link over at .org and really enjoyed it - interesting and so very funny ;).
This was such a great episode - Felicia did an awesome job as co-host!!
That sense of humor and laugh...sigh! If only I knew anything about iPhones!
I'm trying to watch this, but I have to ask, before I keep going: Does the host ever shut up and let his guest finish -- or start -- sentences? I'm not even 1/5 of the way in and he's driving me crazy.

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