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July 16 2008

(SPOILER) Spike:After the Fall #1 and Angel:After the Fall Volume 1 Hardcover released today. Let us know what you think of the Spike prequel, and the Angel collected:)

Loved it. Fantastic writing as well as art. Bravo to Brian and Franco, really wonderful first issue! Spot-on Spike writing, as well as great Fred/Illyria moments.
It's not available on amazon yet :(

Btw, there are two. Angel: After the fall and First night. Which one is the right one?

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Man, I can't wait to get my hands on these. And to meet Brian in person so I can drool over his signature and plead him to tell me what happens next. Patience is not known in the black. Well, except for being an assistant to an ambivalent good/evil Goddess who thought free will was a mistake.

Wasn't there a Patience in Firefly too? Was she the one that shot Mal? Twice?
I just picked up my 'Spike: After the Fall' and I love it! Of course I knew I would, Brian really understands Spike's voice (ie the snark) and I love what he is doing with Illyria too. This is a nice focus on her character too, besides that it is interesting to get a POV that is outside of Angel's. I'm very excited to learn a lot more about Spider now.

PS I'm kind of sorry it isn't set in Disneyland, because I think that hell in Disneyland would be a hoot.
Saw the Angel book (CA$24) it looks very shiny. The book has extras, like all the different covers and sketches. The quality is quite high in printing, paper, and binding. The only missive is Angel on the cover, it's not for lovers of a perfect David match.

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I missed Urru!!! Fred turning into Illyria makes three beautiful panels.

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I have my copy.

Very strong start IMO and it seems this is going to be a nice bridge between First Night and the main ATF series.

I like this new Jerry character although I have a bad feeling he won't make it out of this series.

The Spike and Fred/Illyria stuff was great and I think once this mini is over will add even more depth to that.

I also like the Lorne/Silverlake nod and the fact Spike doesn't want to put anymore trouble on Lorne's head.

Also enjoyed Spike revisitng the W&H building.Of course he dosen't know that it's Angel himself who has already called "Squatter's Rights in there."

But we do get the setup for next issue's Franco cover with Angel's dragon.

And the last page of course is the setup for Spider and her girl's full introduction.

Nice beginning.

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This just further solidifies the fact that Brian writes Spike better than anyone except for Joss. A great read, and I can't wait for the next ish.
This was a great read. Thanks Brian!!
Best Lynch/Urru comic yet. And here's hoping it gets even better!
I thought it was rather blah and awfully light on plot. At least it's only a 4 issue commitment.
The Spike comic is wonderful. Great character voices, great art, and it's good to see this particular gap filled in storywise.

Can't wait for the next issue.
Yeah I really liked this one. Well done to Franco and Brian. Great Spike voice, it reminded me of BtVS on telly.
Oh I loved this! Lots of funny and just a little heart break (Have always loved the Spike Fred/Illyria vibe).
*phew* Finally found this thread *tips her virtual hat to SNT*

Now, seeing as I’m late (not in reading, but in commenting) I won’t go into much detail to why I loved this issue. Spike’s dialogue, got to love getting reminded once more of how amazing Brian can write our sharp mouthed boy. Illyria's "I only do what I do because I feel like it not because I care what you pathetic creature dare desire" attitude. The mystery of Fred. The confusion that Spike had been thrown in the middle of (not Hell-A but a demon god with a regression to human-being, serious condition). And Jerry, who we know will not survive the three next issues (but, I am willing to be pleasantly proven wrong. Kinda like him already). Spike’s off-hand comment to the beloved Lorne. It’s great that we haven’t been thrown all the way back to where it all first started with Spike, but I kind of wanted to see the reunion of Spike and Lorne.

At least Mr. Lynch better show us when Spike and Connor meet and how that goes about (family introductions and all are vital) please?

See. Not that much, was it?
I was a little wary of picking this up...seeing as Joss really has nothing to do with it...but I did enjoy it.

Thankfully, the one character Brian decided to spin-off on his own (within the ATF series) is the one character that he writes perfectly.

Still not sure how much we're gonna learn from this mini-arc, but it's pretty cool and entertaining. Kudos Brian!
I know I'm late to the party (on account of TFAW taking forever to ship my copy of Spike:ATF), but where's the love for Brian and Franco and this excellent book?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again: I wish Urru was still drawing Angel:ATF!

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