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July 16 2008

"I think I was in Heaven": Joss Whedon's Atheist Faith. Word from the Tampa Bay Browncoats of a "sermon" by the father of Buffy Studies himself, David Lavery. Apparently will include some singing. :)

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Also it seems it will be immediately followed by even MORE David preachiness, this time called In the Name of Gods: Monotheism and Polytheism in Battlestar Galactica. I'm extremely jealous of anyone that gets to go see this.
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So, wait. This is an actual sermon? Not a lecture? About Joss Whedon's Atheist Faith? I'm confused :)
Haunt, thanks so much for posting this!! GVH, I'm organizing this service and I decided to call it a sermon for the fun of it. Unitarian Universalist churches include atheists, pagans, Christians, Buddhists, etc. Our church has a Secular Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics Group (SHAAG) as well as a large group of Wiccans. You can learn more about UUs at We have a long history, but thankfully, are no longer burned at the stake.

Our church has some prominent Whedon-worshippers, including our board chair, the leader of our LGBT group, and the chair of our building program.

My email is in my profile if anyone needs more information about attending the Buffy service. For the prelude, I'm planning to have Sarah McLachlan's Prayer of Saint Francis from the Radio Sunnydale CD. In lieu of an opening hymn, the congregation will sing along to "Give Me Something to Sing About," with three women in front, leading us. The clip also will be showing above us. During the offertory, a man will play the guitar and sing the Firefly theme song. As convener, I'm drawing my opening and closing words from Joss.

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