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July 16 2008

Joss Talks Dollhouse & Dr. Horrible. Wherein JW speaks with TVG/Mitovich at the FOX TCA presentation, we assume, about such things that are important to us! Similar items with Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly and the TV addict too.

ETA - changed to the perma-link.

I added a similar item to the end of your entry.
Looks like the page has already been changed. Here's the longer-term link

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Was just changing that, Whedonage :) Cheers.
"Do you keep tabs at all with what's going on with Buffy and the comic books and whatnot?"

Hmmmm, yeah, great journalism there. ;)
Was that a trimmed down interview? Seemed like Joss had more to say but the clip just ended...
So why is the Buffy Tourney link getting deleted every time?
Thanks Simon, I'm just glad to be able to actually ADD something to the party!! Even if it's mere linkage.
So why is the Buffy Tourney link getting deleted every time?

Martial law.

Also, at least the interviewer kept his Buffy comics question and Joss' response. He could have edited it out after being shown up for it, but he didn't.
So why is the Buffy Tourney link getting deleted every time?

Cause the front page is getting swamped with news items at the moment since we came back from our crash. The Buffy tourney event had been posted about twice before so that's why it got deleted. Once things calm down then I have no objection to it been posted.
Oh, I have a suggestion for the .org suggestion thread.
ComicMix just posted a Joss interview, with some new quotes.

"The idea was, we'll do it for fun, and if our fun for some reason causes other people to have fun, and they end up paying for that, then I will actually have the opportunity to create a different paradigm of payment and profit-sharing for writers and artists involved in the project."

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I like Joss' answer to the "gay/straight" issue brought up (not the right place for that question, BTW). It is more of a spectrum, and I think that'll be something harder for readers/the audience to come to terms with.

Watching all of the videos at that party (Eliza, Joss, David, T:TSCC), it's cool to know that all of my happy will be in one place. :)
Huh, it really makes a lot of sense, hoping that Dollhouse would be a midseason replacement (though Fox is now talking about a 12-month season). That's how Buffy debuted, and might not have survived otherwise. Fox is probably still not enough into their 12-month season idea to scrutinize as much what is not on the air as what is. So Joss might be able to get a running start, again. It's been said before, but he's kinda smart.

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