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July 16 2008

In Depth Podcast Interview with the California Browncoats and their Comic-Con plans. James of CABC talks about SoCal CSTS and then reveals details about the booth at Comic-Con. Includes exclusives about the Jayne Hat Flash Mob and Signed editions of the variant Serenity comic. Also, in this week's Comic News Insider there is an exclusive announcement about the availability of Dr. Horrible shirts.

I just finished listening to the CNI podcast. The CABC announcements done by Jimmy and Joe start at 56:56.
Thank you for that! I started listening last night and kept getting distracted...
Umm, guys. There may be new and slightly different news on the shirts at Comic-Con very soon.
Oh? I just ordered one but may have to get another. Do rather hope they expand their women's sizes to more than just the fitted junior sizes. We got some of those for the charity screening and they are not generous in the chest area.

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hey! i listened to the entire CNI episode and it's awesome! everyone should listen to it all.

oh wait. im biased, arent i? being one of the hosts will do that to you. :P
Um, the rest of the show(Comic News Insider) is good too. ;)
OK, this is waiting on confirmation of our order. But...

The California Browncoats are proud to announce that we will be the exclusive vendor of Dr. Horrible shirts at Comic-Con. We will have all 4 designs, in both women's and men's cuts. The "groupie" shirts will be available in red and blue.

This is very exciting! I hope to have confirmation very soon that all is final and a done deal. When it is a done deal, I hope to get all your support in spreading the news. :)
Congrats on the exclusivity deal, James! To clarify, will sales of those shirts also being going towards the sponsored charity?
Wish I hadn't already ordered last night.
Actually, hacksaway, maybe that's a good thing -- you can be amongst those already wearing it who can answer people who go "ooh! where can I get one of those?"
BrewBunny - The shirt sales will not be going to the charity. Most of the sales items go to pay for running the booth (expenses only, no one gets paid a salary) and our other events. We use the sales at Comic-Con to fund almost our entire year of events. It also allows us to give 100% of the money we take in on donations directly to the selected charity. All administrative costs come out of the sales money.

If you check our site, it is clearly marked in the merch section which items have all profits go to a charity. As of right now we have the comic for KNTR, mugs for St. Jude, and the Firefly Keychain and WonderCon shirt for Equality Now.

Bix - I like that idea!
" can be amongst those already wearing it who can answer people who go "ooh! where can I get one of those?""

Yup, that's why I plan on wearing my DH logo one for preview night -- if we get there in time.
I haven't decided what shirt to wear Preview Night yet: The hammer logo, the no viking logo, the "Don't F*ck With Chloe" (from 24), or my vanity "b!X" t-shirt.
danregal, looks like Jinx is totally out of stock on all the women's shirts. I hope you got enough. I guess they aren't used to dealing with a customer base that actually has women in it. :)
We probably didn't. But we are getting over 300 shirts total, of which 40% are womens. That's almost as many as all our other shirt designs combined.

I'm going to make the suggestion that anyone wanting a shirt get one in the first couple days. I doubt we'll have the entire range available by Saturday.

For the record here is all the styles we ordered. No final confirmation yet, which I don't expect until tomorrow.

Hammer logo
Mens & Womens

Horrible Logo
Mens & Womens

Horrible Fan - Red
Mens & Womens

Horrible Fan - Blue
Mens & Womens

Hammer Groupie - Red
Mens & Womens

Hammer Groupie - Blue
Mens & Womens

And can I say what a pleasure it was talking to Jinx? They are going out of their way to do an additional rush order for us. I'm happy Team Horrible picked such a nice company. And it's very helpful that they are located in San Diego for easy pickup.
We got final confirmation. We will have all the shirts listed above at Comic-Con. Exclusively. No other dealers will have them.
Congrats. Have fun, and try to leave the booth at least once per day.
They make everyone leave the booths once a day. :)
But it's because they love you. Just remember that.

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