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July 16 2008

Mr.Trick in the Chicago cast of Wicked. K.Todd Freeman who played Mr. Trick on Buffy is now in the Chicago production of Wicked. He's playing Dr. Dillimond.

I saw him on the Wicked tour in Providence...he was amazing!
I thought he was great in Buffy. Never seen Wicked, must try and rectify that soon.
wicked is a great show, it is about the evil witch that isn't so evil and has a social conscious and a wonderful wizard that's not so wonderful, lots of singing with some original lyrics, hmmmm. the plot is kind of reminiscent of this new musical making the rounds on the web.
Oh, neat! I saw him in Art in Houston years ago; I wonder if he's touring with the production that's coming to San Francisco in January!
I LOVE Wicked... Would like to see him as Dr. Dillamond.

'something bad... happening in Oz'
I'm sure glad K. Todd Freeman was cast in Wicked - I always wanted to see more of him. As Mr. Trick, he was one of those actors you can't take your eyes off while they're onscreen.

I loved Maguire's book Wicked so thoroughly, and I wanted the musical to be so good, and while there are some wonderful songs and high points (and insanely-talented Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel and Joel Grey own their roles completely), but the musical seemed to miss so much of what made the book so compelling, and kinda sappified a truly original story and style.

(Before folks tell me that a musical is not a novel, I know it, I know it. I get the different mediums. I think Wicked was way flimsier that it had to be. Sondheim's Wicked would have been something to see, but as someone on here once pointed out, his Into the Woods had already covered some of the same ground...)

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Was lucky enough to see Wicked with the original cast. I see KTF more as the Wizard although Joel Grey was perfect!
i saw him in the Wicked production there in May 2007. He was great. :)
I saw him in this role in 2006 on the tour. He was good, sadly the role is pretty small.
You can also catch John Rubinstein (Angel's Linwood Murrow) playing the Wizard in the LA production.
but the musical seemed to miss so much of what made the book so compelling, and kinda sappified a truly original story and style.

I get what you're saying...
But still, the musical did worked for me.
I see it like two completely separate things. Both with lots and lots of awesomeness. And Idina and Kristin kind of made me forget about the not-so-good aspects of the musical.
Holy crapola. I can't believe I've actually found people who feel the same way I did about Wicked. LOVED LOVED LOVED the book, and thought the musical was only so-so! I tell everyone I know this (most of whom see the musical before reading the book and *GASP!* they end up hating the BOOK). I remember reading the book and going "How in the living Hell did they turn this book into a musical?" Then I saw it and said "Oh, they didn't make the book into a musical, they did something else entirely." Like QuoterGal said, the musical just almost totally missed the mark on what the book was actually about. I'm just happy to see someone who finally agrees with me on this. I thought I was the only one.

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