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July 16 2008

Buffy meets Cloverfield? Michael Vollman, lured to MGM by Mary Parent to revamp its marketing unit, has read The Cabin in the Woods.

"Parent sent him "Cabin in the Woods," a Joss Whedon thriller that will be directed by Drew Goddard. "I couldn't put it down," says Vollman. "It's 'Buffy' meets 'Cloverfield.' All I could think was--I can market the [heck] out of that."

It's unclear to me, I should editorialize, if he means the script itself is Buffy meets Cloverfield, or if he's looking at the two creators of the script and thinking THEY are Buffy meets Cloverfield.
It's humour and horror and lived in and great. I think he means.

I heard a while ago that CITW is a great script.
I'm really so excited for all the buzz this movie has been getting! My dream scenario would be for Cabin to be a big hit and have a profound impact (positively) on the Dollhouse ratings. (Not that they couldn't be solid on their own.)

In fact, I imagine this is many people's dream scenario.
Giant Dawn!
My dream scenario is that Dollhouse is such a huge hit that they beg Joss to bring back Firefly. And then decide to bring back Wonderfalls and Arrested Development too just for the heck of it. Since we're just dreaming anyways...
There are dreams and then there are dreams.
Those are good dreams to have.

Much better than the one about the aardvark and the pickle.
All I could think was--I can market the [heck] out of that.

I like this plan.

Sorry. That's just funny to me. Or tragical. Not sure which. Censorship is a horrible disease, but it sure has some amusing symptoms.
I'm sorry, redeem147, the aardvark and the pickle dream was cancelled mid-dream and replaced by a dream with a dancing meerkat drinking a martini. Much sexier.
[Heck] yeah, GreatMuppetyOdin.
I hope they let him use [hell] when he's marketing this horror movie to end all horror movies.
I'm not sure the word was "Hell", despite what they replaced it with.

ETA that now I notice that I don't think you were saying it was. Like I said in another thread, I have the dumb today.

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No, I would have used hell there. You're right-- it could have been and likely was one of several other things.
My dream is that Cabin is such a huge success that Uni immediately okays the Goners script and preproduction starts as soon as Joss can fit it into his busy schedule. But then y'all already knew I'd say that. ;)
He's going to market the Super Adventure Club out of it.
Also, that picture of Tom Cruise's mouth and sunglasses combo is absolutely terrifying.
So THAT'S what Super Adventure Club actually believes.
I'm guessing they edited out 'gwpapaa', to save their site getting stormed by crazy south park fans.

also notice that whedonesque is now the first hit on the word 'gwpapaa' on Google ;)

ETA: mispelled 'gwpapaa' there, the second time :p

ETA again: and, obviously, it should be 'gwpaapa', so I was wrong on all counts up there in my post (but not in my search for the word). Sheesh ;)

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He's going to market the [wonderflonium] out of it.
I have no argy-bargy with self-censorship, it's a form of choice in and of tiself. aLbeit the substi-words should ahve some relevance to the word censored.

Albeit, in sound tracks, a meaningless garble shouldn't be used, viz Cruel Intentions on broadcast tV.

And those bastiches blocked my Back Button!!!!!!!!!

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I worked for a few minutes with Mr. Vollman at Paramount, and he is GOOD at his job. I'm excited!

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I'm SO amazed with Dr. Horrible that I haven't had a chance to read about Cabin in The Woods. I would right now, but I'm watching Dr. Horrible again, so... later.
Again, if this truly can be boiled down to in its' simplest terms "Buffy" meets "Cloverfield" (or features as much or more humor than horror), I'll inevitably be disappointed.

Here's hoping that's a grand oversimplification of the script!
@theonetruebix: ok it was more like 5-8 months. Who can remember. Time flies when you' fun.
maxsummers, in addition to the category here, I've got blogging about Cabin here.
J Linc, so, something like Slither or Shaun of the Dead not your cup of tea?
You can boil anything at all down to simplest terms, that doesn't mean you've described the film. And Hollywood types love their "X meets Y" descriptions, mainly because their common language is film and TV - maybe "Cabin in the Woods" is the "regular expressions meets recursion" of horror movies but no-one in Hollywood is going to get what that means ;).

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