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July 16 2008

RedEye defends Buffy beating Batman in Best Superhero Ever Tourney. RedEye readers complain about Buffy being in the tournament... and winning.

Buffy crushed Batman in RedEye's Best Superhero Ever Tourney to advance into the Elite 8 against The Silver Surfer. Batman fans, and other comic book fans, have been accusing RedEye of having a 'secret agenda' and that Buffy 'shouldn't be in the tournament' in the first place, and that she's 'not even a superhero'.

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A rational argument.

There's no place for this sort of thing on the internet!
Here is the Buffy versus Silver Surfer fight.

She's winning again. Looks like more people will be complaining after she wins against him too.

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i'm such a loser. thanks zeitgeist!
Umm... yeah, it's just wrong. Batman wins. Period. It's what he does. Against anyone. No arguments.
Is it possible to really have a spirited debate with yourself if Buffy would actually beat Batman?

I'm sort of thinking she would though...

Is the competition who would win in a fight, or who is the better character? Best is sort of a vague term for me on this one.
The competition is "BEST" superhero, not "WHO would win in a fight".

From another RedEye blog (NOT ME GIVING A PEP TALK):

"Now, remember folks...this is a battle for who is the BEST CHARACTER, not 'who can beat who in a fight' (although you can use that as part of your argument). Let's face it, if a comic book writer wants The Hulk to get beaten by a Girl Scout, they can figure out a way to do it. So let's stick to why we love our characters, talk them up and not bash others for their opinions."

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Personally I prefer Angel over Buffy, and depending on the writer I would say a lot of times Batman is really great, or really cheesy. Though Angel is basically always great and human(despite being a vampire) as a character.
There is a kerfuffle at an Internet site? At a comic book Internet site? Over who is the best Superhero?

And people are surprised? Tell me no one is surprised. Please.
I don't think we need a pep talk, Coach...platinmtlc (is that Aztec?) We're like 50% points ahead.
Who is Aztec? And did you not read my post? I said it's from the RedEye blog, not me..
Given the earlier comments on RedEye from people calling Buffy a "c*nt" and whatnot, at this point I want her to beat everyone else in this tournament just to piss those people off.
I guess it all depends on how you like your angst served: with vengeance and the night and lots of fancy themed equipment, or with a stake and a well-done (in more than one way?) vamp and a dollop of witty retorts. I can't see one as being better or worse, personally.

But I always liked Ninja Turtles better, anyway. :P
Ah. "Best Character" is slightly different than "Who Would Kick Who's Ass" innit? And it's a tougher call for me. Batman can be an absolutely amazing character IF written by a great writer, but of course he's been around for over 50 years and has been written in literally thousands of different ways to varying degrees of success. When he's on he's on. When he's not... well, you get it.

Then there's Buffy. A much shorter span of stories to judge on, with a much more tightly controlled and consistent continuity. And Joss is arguably at LEAST AS GOOD AS the best Batman writers. But then there's the whole "Haunt really doesn't care for Ms. Summers as a character" thing that I have to take into consideration. I love the stories told with her, but her as a person/character? Not so much. Thus I think my personal voting data may be slightly skewed.

Oh well, I'm not voting anyways, so I guess my opinions don't count for much. ;)
I said it's from the RedEye blog, not me..
platinumtlc | July 17, 03:42 CET

Sorry, I did have a malfunction there, would you pronounce your name?
I can never find the vote totals on those pages, I just vote.
huh. I concede that Batman is a superhero even though he's not really superpowered...he has gadgets, technology and skill. He is my favorite among the old school though.

Did any other Buffy voting people also vote for Batman in the first round against The Spirit? Because I did. If a lot of other Buffy voting people did too, it would explain why he pwnd The Spirit and then failed against Buffy.

Where's the Wonder Woman love?
As much as I love Buffy, and Angel even more, I just can't see anyone beating Batman. If Christopher Nolan doesn't do the next Batman movie and Joss filled in my head would explode from the awesomeness.
I kind of hope they don't even try to make another Batman movie. It's pretty much impossible to out-do The Dark Knight.
I love Batman/Bruce Wayne, but he will never mean as much to as Buffy Summers.
More fuel on the fire for those who are down on Joss's fans, I'm afraid, even though they're doing nothing but voting for their favorite.
As much as I love Buffy Summers and believe that she is a great role model/superhero, I honestly think Batman should've won. I mean they are both talented superheroes and have both spawned out into comics, toys, movies, etc... and their fandoms are both really huge, but Batman is in my opinon a true super hero. He doesn't have special powers like Buffy, or any other Superhero, he's a normal man that wants to try and change the world and make it a better place. He proves that you don't need to have super human strength or magical powers to do something good.

Plus his gadgets are pretty much the best things ever.
... and their fandoms are both really huge ...

But i'd say Buffy's is clearly more active ;).

Good point too that though they were both "called" in their own ways, Batman doesn't have super-healing or strength. Pretty much every time he goes out he gets hurt in some way. Then he gets up and does it again. Every. Single. Night.

It's a bit of a pity really, these things are meant to be a laugh and a chance to bat (heh ;) favourite moments/villains/powers around. Nowadays they seem to have become an excuse to insult the characters, their fans and even the creators (in this instance, worse against Buffy - the c*nt comment was well out of order - but whenever it comes up there're also always a lot of comments on here to the effect that Batman's "just a" this or "only a" that, often by people that actually have no idea what he's "only a ..." or "just ..." because they don't know the character).
Hmm. I can't seem to vote on the silversurfer vs Buffy poll. It just shows me the number of votes without being able to cast one. Anyone else experiencing that particular problem?
Hi GVH, I had the same problem. If you have Firefox, chose Tools->Clear Private Data, and delete the cookies. Then reload the site, and you should be able to vote again. At least, thatís what worked for me. Not that I voted multiple times, of course, but my wife, my parents AND my dog also wanted to use my computer to vote for Buffy...
Thanks, Lao Tzu. And I had not even voted in this round yet. Maybe it was a coockie from the previous round?
Once and for all, these polls have nothing to do with who really deserves to win and everything to do with how many people actually care enough to want them to win.

Whedon fans would have Buffy win in a battle against the entire pantheon of the Marvel and DC superhero universes combined.

Although Archie might give her a run for her money. ;)
Highlander, agreed. It's an opinion poll. And an online one at that. The battle is in the rally and the buzz.

Badwolf, hmmm...I've had this argument before in Buffy vs. Xena.(Although there is no winning such an argument, it's mostly for competitive entertainment.) There is the temptation to de-empower Buffy and then compare her to non-superpowered characters.

I don't see the point. Buffy was called by supernatural forces, but she didn't have to answer that call. When her powers were stripped she still faught. She is still a normal woman emotionally. She doesn't have emotions of steel. She feels the burdeon and still fights. That is the strength of her character.

We would all like to believe that if given superpowers, we would use them for good. "With great power comes great responsibility." The only thing that stops a superpowered hero from being corrupted by that power is character.
Silver Surfer is closing in on Buffy! Help! Silver Surfer suddenly shot up 1000 votes or so and is now close to beating buffy!

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