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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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July 16 2008

Dr. Horrible Act II! It's live, discuss!

Drat, I cannot get it! It looks live, but I just get the icon to buy it on itunes.

*paces floor*

no international problems this time! =]

SO happy!
Wow, love the NPH and Felicia duet!!!

"Trust your instincts." LOL! "Sometimes there's a third, even deeper level thats the same as the surface one."

"What crazy random happenstance is this?"
how? what? how?

it's not showing that it's live for me!

*calms down*

i'll try again
Can't watch until tomorrow, but I'd just like to express my love for this series right here, right now. Because I've not yet done this.

I will return tomorrow afternoon with great love for this segment, I'm sure.
"Oh, goodness, look at my wrist, gotta go!"

"...and these are not the hammer... (walks away, comes back)... the hammer is my penis."
Nathan is frikkin awesome!!!!!
"Billy, you're driving a spork into your leg." LOL
"Captain Hammer threw a car at my head."
"Oh look at my wrist.."
"The hammer is my p**is"
"It's a brand new day!"

Is it July 19th yet? :)

Just finished my first viewing. In my opinion, even better than the first act. Which is no easy feat!
"these are not the Hammer..."

Woah I laughed so hard I had to pause the movie !
LOVED the duet. Beautiful!

"Billy? You're driving the spoon into your leg!" / "So I am" ... =P

*watching in bits... my net is driving me crazy...*
I've never had so much fun rooting for the bad guy!
Yippee yippee yippee!!!!!!!!!
Excellent follow-up to Act I! Great songs and dialog. "The hammer is my penis." Ha!
"The Hammer is my penis."
That was probably one of the best things I've ever seen. Seriously. Best. Ever.
Glorious. Hilarious. Heartbreaking. They're all so awesome - all of them. Yes, Moist, too.
Fell over at the "The hammer is my p**is" bit. Still recovering
"The hammer is my penis." So awesome!
*dies laughing*
Wow, that was just beautiful. I agree that that was one of the best things I've ever seen. Especially the first song, it is just great. Also yes, "The hammer is my penis" is a great line, as well as "oh look at my wrist."

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I want a soundtrack when this is all over!
"I hold a PHD in horribleness"

Oh, that was ace - even better than Act 1, if possible.

I'm so wanna join the Henchman's Union (I think it's Local 666).

Random quote-osity:

"Sometimes people are layered like that."

So true.

Oh, and "Like with pie!"

He said pie! *giggles*

Penny/Doc Duet - heartbreaking...

(Wonder why Doc Horrible twittered "Oh, crap" 5 minutes into it? Maybe his bottle of wine wasn't good?)
That was fantastic...between the opening great duet to the hilarity near the end...Saturday really can't come fast enough!
Could we somehow get "The Hammer is penis" on a t-shirt? Or?

Maybe better to have it, "These are not the hammer."

Wait - what was that about Doc twittering "oh crap." Huh?

All of you who are buying it in US iTUnes (that includes me): when do you suppose Act 2 will be up? It ain't now.

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That was absolutely amazing! I think it was even better than Act one! Oh, the songs! they were all so fantastic, I can't even choose a favourite, it was way too amazing!! so many quotes!!
And BTW,I loved that Penny's photo had some leafs around it,it was so stalkery.In a good way of course, since it's Dr Horrible.
Is it the 19th yet? No? Ooh..I think I'll watch again yet. just in case. before it crashes
OMG! This is so amazing, it is terrible that I'm in bliss seeing dear Billy in such pain?
And there is pie... and I have a PhD in Horribleness as I want to impress the Thorough Bred of Sin!!!
This is even better than Act 1, it is amazing... and I'm watching again now...
I cannot believe my eyes ....

Freakin awsome.

Your driving the spork into your leg.
So I am.

I'm starting to get sad because their is only one more left.

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I'm glad I checked at midnight. I thought it wasn't supposed to be up until 3:00AM on the East Coast. Yeah!
"Billy Buddy"

This makes me laugh. Who among us doesn't love Melville puns?
The opening close up killed me with pain and convulsive laughter, and then the rest of the show, well, just danced upon my still-warm body.

Must rewatch compulsively.
Not even exactly sure why, but, spewed a little at "What a crazy random happenstance..."
I liked this even better than part I. Happy Birthday to me! (no really, I'm 25 now)
Not at iTunes yet, but last time it wasn't "really" there till midnight PST, so I'm hoping I'll have it when I get up tomorrow.
I loved the first Act, and I didn't realise until I watched the second that it was missing the trademark Whedon pathos.

This second act was fabulous, and not in a "wow that was fun" kind of way. In an honest to god incredibly well done kind of way. NPH just knocked this one out of the park, and the songs, while less light, were all steller.

I can't wait for part 3, but more than that, I can't wait to have this all on my shelf next to the Buffy/Angel and Firefly DVDs. It could stand up there easily.

5/5, great work.

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Too fraking amazing for words!! Even better than act 1!

Neil Patrick Harris totally nailed it. He was so amazing, especially during the last song.

Felicia was adorable as usual. I loved the duet in the beginning.

Nathan was a scream as usual. I loved his reaction shots on their date. You can tell he wasn't into what she's doing.

The hammer is my p***s!!! So very funny. I about died when he said that.

I have to be up for work in a few hours but this was more than worth missing sleep for. I'm going to have to watch it again.

Great job everyone.
I think I died all over several times during Act II. And man do I ever want to see Ballroom 20 boo Nathan at Comic-Con next Friday, just to see what he does.

Felicia and Neil need to work more together after this. Seriously.
phlebotinin: "Wait - what was that about Doc twittering "oh crap." Huh?"

Doc Horrible's twitters on

I was hoping it wasn't some techy-issue.
I think I busted my esophagus on the "penis" line. Wait...what?
Pie! Sporks! A hammer penis!

An awesome second act...can't wait for part three!!!
I've watched it twice now and it gets better every time. I'm truly in love with the music of the brothers Whedon.
First thought: I remembered in the "OMWF" commentary Joss mentioning during Giles and Tara's duet (very much paraphrased here) that he put together their counterpoint by essentially doing the math with each of their parts, putting them together, and hoping they worked. Well, sir, I thought it felt a little clumsy there but that it ultimately worked. Here, in the opening duet, it appears you've been practicing. Beautiful work! I liked the first installment, but I lurved this one. Can't wait for part three.

Favorite line: "And how are things with Cheesy-on-the-Outside?"
I thought I loved NPH before this. I was mistaken. He is amazing. A. MAZING! Loved it. Laughed out loud too many times. Must now compulsively watch it over and over.
I thought that was definitely better than act 1, I really loved every minute of it! And I want to be singing all the songs already... :D I'm refraining from rewatching so I won't help it crash again but I want to buy the episode on iTunes already!
phlebotinin: "Wait - what was that about Doc twittering "oh crap." Huh?"

Doc Horrible's twitters on

I was hoping it wasn't some techy-issue.

I think it was just a joke to scare us...
I think the "oh, crap" was a he almost forgot to release Act II...
Joss and Crew - That was FANTASTIC!! I know that there was a lot of bashing after the first episode from people who could not view, but here in Canada at exactly midnight I watched episode two and it ROCKED! THANK YOU for such an awesome opus!
That opening song reminds me of "Walk Through the Fire" (complete with homeless huddled over a trash fire!) and that is high praise!

But it's plain to see
Evil inside of me
Is on the rise.

= chills

Loved Act II. NPH nailed the emotion and his singing is impressive. And yeah, I think midnight Pacific (3am Eastern) is the time for iTunes.

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Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

I think the duet at the start was my favourite - though the final song really got me excited. Can't wait until Saturday.

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Okay, that was just sheer awesome. How is it possible that this just keeps getting better and better?
oohhhhh i hate the fact i now have to wait 2 days for the next instalment!

"these aren't the hammer" LOL.........
duet was amazing
NPH was great........loved seeing his face change at the start of that last song.
So expressive

Back to having it on replay
oh and if somone transcribes the lyrics please email them to me

NPH and Joss are a match made in Heaven. (I mean, Joss' lines.)

A most fabulous ending to the Joss-TV drought. Wish every week could be like this one.
Enjoying watching part II with my kids when "the hammer is my penis" came up. That was... awkward.... Was wondering how the whole murder suggestion might come out.... "And sometimes there's a third, deeper level, and that one's the same as the surface one. Like with pie." "I've got a PhD in horribleness." "Is that the new catch-phrase?" (Moist futilely trying to open a jar) "You look *horribly* familiar" "I want to be an achiever, like Bad Horse" "THe thoroughbred of sin?" "I meant Ghandi." (Another Buffy homage: "Wanna see my imitation of Ghandi?") Wasn't as thrilled with the repetition of the Penny musical motif till the end of the song. Fun, fun, fun! Nathan does great cheese (on the outside). NPH is better than I could have ever imagined! Love it!
So when's the soundtrack coming out? Cause I am dying to have the songs to add the songs to my phone. They're so,so,so horrible.
I think my favorite part about this is that I have no idea how it's going to end. The good guy is actually a bad guy and the actual good guy isn't a very good guy at all. And just for kicks, they both sing!
i feel so bad for doc! i hope things go well(ish).
also, the music is pretty freaking excellent; for whatever reason i don't think i had particularly high hopes in that deparment, but it works!
Wow! Great songs! Everyone is so fabulous!! I wish we had conformation another one is in the works already.
Loved the guy ladling soup at the shelter! And all the rest of it, too, especially Giant Billy! Can't wait to see how it ends.
Wow, Felicia! Amazing. And that duet!

I need the soundtrack ASAP! Pleeease? (Oh, and the last part too.)

"Wait - what was that about Doc twittering "oh crap." Huh?"
I think they were just being an evil tease.
"Wait - what was that about Doc twittering "oh crap." Huh?"

That came right after the post "I wonder what's on TV...", so I'm thinking it's a sly followup. Coy, if you will.
First Act was good, with touches of brill. This was great, with added excellence. Felicia brought her pipes, and was allowed to play them. Nathan played nasty so . . . nastily. And the closing song was a terrific change-up of pace. And so many cool lines! And the return of the Bad Horse Gang! Beautiful.
My love for it grows with each viewing, and I started out with a whole lot of love.

But, please explain: " her the keys to a shiny new Australia?"
I heart Act 2 even more than Act 1 which just doesn't seem possible. Also, the hammer is my penis. ;) Hilarious, just as hilarious- seeing that line repeated like thirty times in the thread above. Surprisingly it got funnier each time I read it. Love the spork bit. And pie! And they're all so shiny and pretty and hearts and puppies are everywhere...Coming down now. Apparently Dr. Horrible is internet Prozac for me.
Joss and Co. - Thank you!
I wasn't thrilled with Act I, I'm glad I came back for Act II! Totally worth it, great stuff! The duets were fantastic!
Ok, now I watched all of it.



"Billy? You're driving the spork into your leg!" / "So I am" ... =P

"I got a PHD in horribleness" =P

"So keep your head up, Billy buddy." ... ahwww! ^^
That was cute.

Cap. Hammer is trully an ass.

'It`s a brand new day' ... the beginning was great, with NPH doing that confident face.

And I loved how Penny's picture is clearly a stalker-pic, behind some leafs and all.


Better than act 1, and I could not be any anxious for act 3.
I want some frozen yogurt now.

Loved it!
"But, please explain: " her the keys to a shiny new Australia?" "

He plans on ruling the world and giving her Australia as a present... Cause really, who would want to keep it?

=) I kid !
"This video is not available at this site."

What am I doing wrong??
I think the twitters were a joke... like, the team was gonna just drink some wine and watch TV and almost forget to put part 2 up.

ETA: Oops, too slow.

[ edited by KernelM on 2008-07-17 05:44 ]
Yes, they were a joke.
I kind of think the 'oh crap' was in response to the 'wonder what's on tv' twittette (what does one call a twitter entry?). I too am wondering why Australia needs keys though.
I love Dr. H so far, the characters, the songs, the whole 9 yards but even more I love the business model! I hope it makes loads and loads of cashy money for all of those involved.

I can totally see it hitting Broadway and perhaps even better becoming the next Rocky Horror Picture Show like... pop culture... thing-a-ma-tainment...ness. Go Go Micromogals!

Oh! Only one thing missing from Dr. H. This is a Mutant Enemy production right? Where is the Grrr? What has happened to the Arrrg? LOL! Please bring back the Zombie Alien at the end of act III. I miss that.
I didn't even know about the Doctor Horrible twitters. Must keep a watch on them from now on.

I finally got the Australia bit on the third go-around. I'm a little slow sometimes. It's probably due here to having my brain stunned into silliness by so much awesomeness.

Loved everything everyone's already mentioned, plus Billy in disguise doing some very angry and ineffectual ladling of soup for "the lost and found." Love the 'stache!

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"when I hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia", haha. Amazing.
The "Grr Argh" wouldn't be til the end of the credits.
The "Ham Jet." Perfect!

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
*waits for Act II on iTunes and its better sound so he can make his own mp3s for tomorrow's commute (and yes as stated before I will be buying the actual soundtrack but seriously do you expect me to wait until then?)*
Whedon Bros & Co. Rock. My. Verse.
This is brilliant! How is it that Joss just keeps meeting or exceeding our expectations?

The first duet was beautiful, the last song was great and I love me some Singing Cowboys!

I don't suppose there's any chance of being able to buy the soundtrack at Comic-Con??

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The songs are already stuck in my head... so catchy.
Love it.

Well done!
"The hammer is my penis." So awesome!
*dies laughing*

electricspacegirl | July 17, 05:17 CET

Yes, sitting here all alone at my computer, I screamed when Hammer said that. Screamed like a little girl.
Act 2 was wonderful!! I watched it twice...and will watch it again before I go to work in the morning.
If the site wasn't blocked, I'd watch it at work. Balls!
So...when's the DVD becoming available because I am so giving this to some people for ChristmaHanuKwanza this year!
: )

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I didn't even know about the Doctor Horrible twitters.

Current one, FYI:
drhorrible reading whedonesque :) 3 minutes ago from web

Hi. ;)
Love Is Not A Pie!!

Okay, I realize that's basically an inside joke with a very small inside, but someone here might should get it.

Good stuff.

How often do I look at my wrist to tell the time...
Okay, two watches are probably enough for the moment because it's past 5:45am now. Darn Joss with his refusal to let me sleep!

Seriously though - I thought I was blown away by Act I? Felicia's luminous, Nathan's fab as always (and now more than a little creepy), but NPH is just breaking my heart. I mean, it's still funny and sweet and all that, but I'm not the only one who thought the Dr Horrible parts of the first song are bleak right? Gorgeous, but reminding me that it's not just about the funny. And there's awe. Lots and lots of awe :)
Well how else would you drive Australia?
Awesome midnight laugh--and looking forward to some morning, afternoon, evening re-laughter tomorrow! Until then I think I really need to take a cold, hard look at my graduate program and consider transferring to a university that offers a Ph.D. in horribleness...sounds like waaaay more fun. ;)
So good. Soundtrack needs to happen. DVD needs to happen. So good.

I'm so happy this exists.
I laughed out loud at the "hammer" lines which might have been awkward if my bosses hadn't gone home at 5pm. Poor them! They can't see this brilliance until the morning! I loved the opening shot once I realized that my picture hadn't frozen. ;D
Awesome!!! I loved the first act and thought it couldn't get any better - glad to be wrong!! And yup, my favorite line was the hammer penis one too that so many of you above me mentioned! I cannot wait for the dvd of this and the soundtrack!
I know that everyone's already mentioned it, but dude. "The hammer is my penis." Genius. Classic. Brilliant.

And that was only one line! The whole thing was fantastic. And Billy makes me so sad, because I can relate to him so well.

I know that Joss has mentioned sequels, and it's been pretty light so far (but with, as Billy said, layers), but there's a dark enough undercurrent that I can imagine a tragic ending where Billy dies. I mean, like I said, this has been pretty lighthearted so far, but this is Joss we're dealing with.

I'm going to be transcribing the lyrics. As with the first set of lyrics I transcribed, if you want 'em, e-mail me.
Heh. I didn't realise until the second viewing that dr Horrible was serving soup in the kitchen so he could spy on them. Very cute.

As for the Australia comment - every one of us Downunder got a happy.
At MySpace they say they are here, reading Whedonesque!
You guys are brilliant!
That opening song really reminded me of Buffy's opening in "Walk Through the Fire." Considering that was my favorite song in OMWF, that's a huge compliment. This was definitely better than part 1 (which I really enjoyed). I'm not easily entertained, but I'm really enjoying this! It's now definitely sealed: I'm buying the DVD the day it comes out. Just... awesome.
Happy to say both the new and the new withstood the pounding tonight :) I mean we could all still... no, I won't jinx it. Hard to believe Act II was even better than Act I, but there you have it!
The twitter said "reading whedonesque".

I wonder who's reading... Is it Joss? Jed? Zack? Maurissa? All of them???????

Anyway... could we express enough how much we love all of you and how much are we loving Dr. Horrible?

I don't think so. But we're trying...

So I took a break at work. (Yes, I work evenings). This made my night much, much better. The opening was beautifully lit, and once Penny and Billy starting singing together, I got chills. I loved the songs in the first act, but these songs just raised the bar even higher. I was thrilled to see the Bad Horse singers return. My favorite song was the last one, "A Brand New Day," or something like that. It's awesomeness caught me offguard. And Neil did the beginning of the song in one take! That is some precise timing. I can't wait for the last part!
I predict a 10-minute standing ovation next Friday at Comic Con. =) Maybe longer, I'm not stopping until my hands fall off!
My t-shirt shipped. Woo.
My husband is about to kill me because I'm on m laptop in bed, but I watched it twice, and I can't wait to wake up in the morning just to watch it again!

It's absolutely amazing! NPH is awesome, and I think I hate Captain Hammer more than I hated Caleb.

"Oh, goodness, look at my wrist, gotta go!"

"...and these are not the hammer... (walks away, comes back)... the hammer is my penis."

My favorite lines!
I predict a 10-minute standing ovation next Friday at Comic Con.

Except for Nathan. We boo Nathan.
Are these continually stopping for anyone else? It's probably just my crappy computer being slow. Does anyone computer-savvy have any suggestions on how to stop that because I'm getting really annoyed. I'm laughing hysterically at a scene and then having to wait for ages to watch the next bit. It's killing it

Otherwise, my god this was great. On the whole there's less silliness in this than I expected
Still loving Moist! These songs are pure wonderful. Bring on the cast recording! Don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but does Joss voice one of the singing cowboys?
Can anyone tell me how much an episode or season costs on iTunes? I don't have it, so it won't let me look at the site, but my brother does and I'm totally prepared to pay him!
Penny can own my country any day....(worst double entendre ever)

So much joyous wonderment and confetti-delight at Dr.Horrible so far. Loved the songs in Act 2, as I was ever so slightly disapointed with Act 1's songs.

Moist is my favourite ever. "At best I make people fell the need to shower"....hahaha classic!
Allow it to buffer some and then make sure to kill any unnecessary programs running in the background. Also have the latest version of your browser and flash.

Can anyone tell me how much an episode or season costs on iTunes? I don't have it, so it won't let me look at the site, but my brother does and I'm totally prepared to pay him!

Eps are $1.99 a piece or $3.99 for season. Do remember that if you want to play it you need to be watching it on a system that has iTunes on it so it can be authorized. It is protected by Fair Play 2 Digital Rights Management.
does the "Sorry this video is currently unavialable" message come from high server load? Should I just keep reloading?

Silly question but... it's not cos I'm in Pacific Time and it's still nearly 2 hrs - midnight here, is it?
I love that the opening is a love duet showing two really different sides to being in love: the joy of new love and the abysmalness of seeing your love with someone else. I've definitely seen the world both ways when in those situations. What a beautiful blend. And the rest is also all awesome all the time!
I want a t-shirt with "I have a PhD in Horribleness" so bad!
Can anyone tell me how much an episode or season costs on iTunes?

$1.99 per episode or $3.99 for the whole thing.
@ everyone who de-coded "oh crap!" for me:

Thank you. I am such a sucker. Didn't connect the two twitters, and just thought that something was rotten in the state of Servers or something.


Ya wouldn't think I'd be such a mark.

I've watched a couple times now, and will move away from the trough 'til I can haz my iTunes download.

My thanks to the fine people at J, M, J and Z - you've won my heart completely with this one. And it's quite a hoot to be a part of this fandom as a production is actually happening, and not after the fact. (I know, the comics, but I am so actor-centric for my jollies...)

ETA: Oh, yeah, we have to do an over-the-top old-style vaudeville boo-hiss for Nathan - if I can bring myself to do it. I'm such a softie...

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Pie! Sporks! Oh man I can't even put into words how much I am loving this. Act 2 rocks, and I thought Act 1 was brilliant this is just glorious... Everyone is awesome, the singing is amazing. Did anyone else tear up at the beginning for poor Dr Horrible, and then in the middle and at the end? But he'll get his back "the birds are singing 'coz you're gonna die" That rules. Mawwww, so well acted by NPH and the others. Love all the songs again, and agree with everyone about wanting a soundtrack. Plus new wierd hand dance thingy with the fingers, to go with the previously mentioned shoulder jig. Hi-larious lines aplenty, ahhh I bask in Its awesomeness, bask I tell you! Or just watch again.. whatever.
I predict a 10-minute standing ovation next Friday at Comic Con.

This is turning into the most painful Comic-Con-that-I'm-gonna-miss EVER!

[ edited by maxsummers on 2008-07-17 06:12 ]
Thanks! I guess I'll just have to be content with watching it on my horrifically slow internet connection. But I suffer for the love of Joss!
I'm totally in love with NPH now. Uggh, the heartbreak.

And cheesey on the outside? Perfection.

Thanks for not phoning it in guys!
This is turning into the most painful Comic-Con-that-I'm-gonna-miss EVER!

We are more than happy to be your pain surrogates, maxsummers! ;D
"Apparently the LAPD and Captain Hammer are among our viewers."

Another amazing installment. Darker than the first, and the songs were stronger more intense. Really great.
Also, when Moist can't get the jar open... makes me laugh everytime!
Yes, I'm fairly certain at least Joss sings in The Bad Horsemen, maybe Jed and Zack as well.

And kudos to everyone who worked to get DrH and W new and improved for mega-event-traffic.
Our t-shirts are going to take on a whole new meaning.

Is it just me, or is Penny dressed kinda like Snow White?

Sequel, yes?
Awesome doesn't even start to cover Act II ... Holy Shit, Neil's singing is the bomb; as is the score and book. Period.

I am now rooting for the villain, because no hero should be saying stuff like, "And the hammer is my penis."

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-07-17 06:19 ]
I have to just echo everyone else: as much as I loved Act I, Act II was even better. It doesn't seem possible, but I just watched it, so it must be so! So many fantastic lines, amazing music, and the story just rolling along. I can't wait for the final Act!
Amazing - just so amazing. Even better (but darker as some have pointed out) then Act I, I think - and more emotional punch in these songs. Kudos to NPH, Felicia and Nathan...they're really knocking this one out of the park!
Wonderful stuff, Whedon family and friends!

Knowing Joss as we do, does anybody else kind of expect Act III to be one long tracking shot?
This is turning into the most painful Comic-Con-that-I'm-gonna-miss EVER!

We are more than happy to be your pain surrogates, maxsummers! ;D

Thanks! It helps to know I can share my pain. =P


Back to the pans/serenity model ... I KNOW it's pans. I've read it. I've seen pictures that show it. But I can't help to see the ship and picture a mini-Wash at the bridge.


Is it just me, or is Penny dressed kinda like Snow White?

Yep. Had the same feeling.

[ edited by maxsummers on 2008-07-17 06:23 ]
and picture a mini-Wash at the bridge

So that's why that pencil is stuck in that pot.
Wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh...
these have been the shortest 14 minute segments of my the crap is this going to wrap up in another 14?? There is so much I still want to see!
if I can bring myself to do it.

You will. I mean c'mon. Don't you WANT to help be the cause of whatever Nathan does in response?
I absolutely love Neil Harris as Dr. cutey-pie Horrible and how gorgeous is Felicia Day.
These are not the hammer... omg I was so shocked it was hilarious. Wow did I mention how much I loved NPH yet? He is really amazing.
So much love to all the Whedon's right now. And to think that there's a whole tonne of you with all this talent. I mean what's next? Surely world domination? or maybe universe domination?
I can't believe there's only 1 act to go... this should never have to end =)
So that's why that pencil is stuck in that pot.

bix is cruel!!
I love the acting. And the writing. Oh, and the lyrics. Well, let's not forget to mention the pretty score. The jokes are hysterical & the drama is tense. My heart is breaking for one man; and I'm irritated with another. Felicia is simply delightful.

I'm all kinds of happy the Whedon gang made this.
OMG I just got the pencil joke. *snickers*
Oh, man, why doesn't Joss just write musicals?

Oh, right, because everything he does is just as awesome.
Boo Captain Hammer! I will get a Dr. Horrible shirt, & wear it evilly! (Go Whedon gang!)
I just plain think that certain words are funny, and "spork" is one of 'em.

I also laugh at "cuspidor," "behemoth," "somatic," and "homunculus" - so if you could work those in somehow into your next production, I would make it worth your while. I don't know what that means, but it could be worth at least another big $4 to me.
So, I'm getting a Network Timeout error using Firefox 3 on Mac OSX 10.4.11. This just me, or is anybody else having a similar experience when trying to connect to
Working fine here.
I haven't upgraded my Firefox yet, but I have the same Mac OS, Barclay and I had no problems viewing with either Safari 3.1.2 or Firefox - it's actually running smoothly like buttah.
Simply incredible. Whedon brothers and company, a job very well done.
Oh, this was so wonderful!

I just wanted to say I've come to the realization that if Allyson Hannigan could sing, I'd bet she'd essentially have Felicia Day's singing voice. Or maybe it's just me.
I think it was mentioned previously in another thread, but I will make it official. Neil Patrick Harris was born to speak (and sing) "Whedon-Words."

It is also nice to see proof that we do indeed have a "whole clan" of Whedons to provide those words.
I have a titanium spork. It's handy.
Really enjoying being able to see this every second day.. can this continue for a while please? ;) Although I'm using firefox and it does this skipping thing every minute or so.. have to pause it and wait a while. A part from that I'm loving it, liked the songs in part 2 more then part 1. Rare that I'm wanting the 'villain' to get the girl
I like being able to plug my MacBook into my TV and watch it there.
Hee! Penny is reading James Gunn's "The Toy Collector" in the stalker photo. Neat!
Dr. Horrible team reads whedonesque to discover that they needn't have bothered with the tremendous amount of effort they put into their work... 'cause penis jokes are the key to our hearts ;)
I'm an incredibly pretentious music snob, and I think these songs are really good.

Also, I would really like to see Nathan booed at Comic-Con. Just to see his reaction. Assuming Captain Hammer doesn't somehow redeem himself in the third act, of course. I really have no idea how this will end.
Oh man!!! That last song nearly did me in! That was absolutely fantastic. 12/10!
dr Horrible was serving soup in the kitchen

OMG, I never noticed. But it's even better than that. He is so focused on Penny that he is pouring the soup back into the pot, then handing people back empty bowls! Priceless!

I really love the duet at the beginning, but I'm going to go against the grain, and say that on balance I still prefer Act I. "A Man's Got To Do" just blows me away.

Does anyone else think that song at the end of Act II has more than a hint of Pet Shop Boys to it?
I thought it was The Empire Strikes Back of acts. Not as jump-in catchy as the first, but oh-so-much-more-depth. But without the snow creatures.
Incidentally, is it just me or do I really watch too much whedon. In Act I, when Penny is speaking to Billy, his facial expressions are just like those of Joss himself in that episode of Veronica Mars. I got your number, boss.
dr Horrible was serving soup in the kitchen

But not the entire song. It's originally just some guy. It's only in the last part of that segment that it's suddenly Dr. Horrible.
But without the snow creatures.

What about Santa?
"I am now rooting for the villain, because no hero should be saying stuff like, "And the hammer is my penis."'

I must demur! After all it gives a chance for a "Captain Hammer,
What a Dick" T-Shirt that goes both ways!
Mort: "But without the snow creatures."

Hey, he's got Santy Claus! How much more snowy can you get? ;D

ETA: Hehehe, great minds think alike!

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Captain Hammer goes both ways? That's a twist.

*runs off to spread it around in a big internet game of telephone.*
Oh, and I also have to add that on 2nd viewing I was just as enrapt and tingly as on the 1st viewing. =)
Is it a ball-peen hammer?
Legendary. I love that so much effort has been put into this, and I am completely impressed with Felicia Day and Harris's performances.
Wonderflownium stuff! Wish there was more than just three acts! I'm really torn over how I want this to end, I want Dr Horrible to succeed but I don't want him to kill...

I agree with whoever said that spork is a just a plain funny word, along with fungi and meniscus. Yay for Australia rhyming with... failure?

Ok back to the paper writing for me - no wait, have to watch it again first! :)
Add "ball-peen" to my list of words that are just plain funny.

ETA: @witch_kat - Bill Hicks used to say, "Don't worry, folks, there are dick jokes coming."

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Well, the lyrics have been transcribed. As QuoterGal accurately speculated after I sent an e-mail to her, I have not been doing much else since Act II went live.

As I said above: If you want 'em, e-mail me! I will charge nothing, but would like a cookie.
Was one of the hobos at the trashcan fire Ron Moore?
And I'll be making another lil' Songbook, although not tonight and moving nowhere near as quickly as UnpluggedCrazy who clearly is.
oooo if joss and co are reading this please please please make more installments......i can't believe this is going to end so soon.....
I too am wondering why Australia needs keys though.
Because archipelagos are so last season.

Act II + OMWF + Act I + Act II again = one unhappy Thompson Gunner when his alarm goes off tomorrow.
Comic con-ers er....those attending Comic Con, please pass on a hearty Nathan boo from me. Thanks muchly.

Also, Act II is simply amazing. I cant even begin to find praise worthy enough of its brilliance. Blimey.
Thanks once again you awesome Whedons
Although I love Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion so far is completely stealing Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. I hope Captain Hammer appears more in the third act, because everything he says is comic gold.
Because archipelagos are so last season.

Oh, ow, I just broke something.

I hope it wasn't my ball-peen.
And I'll be making another lil' Songbook,
Oh yay!
I printed the little booky and we had a family sing-a-long in front of the computer. My husband is trying to figure out how to use Dr. Horrible in his ESL class. ("Listen to all those great idioms!") Probably have to skip the penis joke, though.
I think comic con should switch Joss's Friday panel with The Wolfman panel in Hall H. I bet Joss and Dr. Horrible could fill it to capacity.
Ok, I JUST noticed this... but when Penny is singing sitting on the table with Cap. Hammer, Dr. Horrible, who was previous outside, is now inside, in a mustache, serving soup or whatever! =P
That was funny!

EDIT: Ok, and now I noticed that this had been commented before. I'm slow. Need sleep.

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Truly this was the Empire Stikes Back of acts. Also I totally pictured the last song being sung on stage. And I choreographed it pretty darn good too.
"The hammer is my penis..."
It ran smooth like water.
Love Love, the work our cast has done, the writers, the crew did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Noticed that we mostly dealt with the same cast from Act I, including Moist and the Cowboys (who are so over the top, and reminding me of the non-existent cowboy, Riley plays in Restless).
Do have any idea when the Soundtrack cds and dvds will be available? I don't remember reading any of interviews with Joss and company that gave dates... or even ballpark estimations.

I soooo need the soundtrack to this ASAP cause I just can't stop humming and singing the songs for hours after watching. =)
I can't wait to see the 'Grrr Argh' at the end of Act 3
I just have to say that Act II's songs are awesome! Act I was good but Act II is better. I can't imagine how good Act III will be.
Again, this thing is amazing. So many jokes in so little time, excellent characters, awesome songs (soundtrack!!! I NEED THE SOUNDTRACK!!!) and NHP's reaction 'Get right outta town' after she tells him about her date was as heart-breaking as anything I've seen of late. And his silent look in the beginning! Pefect, just perfect.

I have one question; for non-US viewers, what option is there for us to actually pay for this thing? iTunes demand that I move to the US immediately, so I 'm looking for a less drastic option. :)
Loved it on the first watch and can't wait to watch it again:) I hope they have it available on iTunes globally soon though:)
Have watched the opening song like nine times now. Felicia is so amazing. But must go to bed. Very very tired.

And why does Dr Horrible have such a gigantic chair? That's going to keep me awake all night wondering.
This just keeps getting better and better! I love the Billie/Penny duet, it's just really well done. I am probably going to end up buying everything associated with Dr. HOrrible, especially the soundrack!

I still had the same problem watching on my laptop, but that didn't stop me. Just switched to my desktop and that solved all my woes.
Me wants my iTunes download! (See how I don't practice the patience I preach?)

Did they take away or summat? It ain't happenin' for me like last time, and I'm a firm believer in tradition and consistency.

Okay, I'm not, but I'd really like to download it nonetheless. I may only have a Master's in Horribleness, but as soon as I write my thesis ("Art and Artifice in the Spells of Elphaba Thropp") I'll get accredited and woo-hoo, you don't wanna mess with that.

Has anyone else downloaded it? I really got spoiled by its availability last time...
I told two friends about it and they saw Act 1 yesterday. One thought it was cute and some parts were funny, but isn't the biggest fan of musicals (she's a hardcore Joss Whedon fan like myself though). Her boyfriend couldn't get into it, he can't stand musicals. He's only just getting into Buffy, he likes it a lot, she's introducing him. He saw Serenity years ago, without having seen Firefly, thinking it was a standalone film, and didn't really like it. We'll work on 'im. I can respect the fact that he doesn't like musicals, we've already warned him that there'll be a Buffy one if he makes it to Season 6. Though we assured him he'll appreciate the humor even if he's bothered by the singing. This is a dude who loves music, loves a vast diversity of music, and frequently goes to shows and downloads tons on his iPod, so...I dunno. Guess theatrical singing just isn't his thing. I thought maybe he might be thinking along the lines of "musicals are cheesy and totally gay", but he really doesn't seem the type to make that sort of judgement.

hacksaway said:
"Is it just me, or is Penny dressed kinda like Snow White?"

Yeah, thirding that. I noticed it looked like the same kinda color scheme. Wonder if it was intentional.

Act 2 is awesome, I've watched it three times tonight. Will watch Act 1 and 2 together tomorrow.

My sister got free tickets to the Toronto premiere/press screening of The Dark Knight tonight, so jealous. We're going for the Thursday midnight showing. I watched the animated Gotham Knight tie-in to Nolan's Bat-franchise, comprised of a bunch of shorts, Animatrix-style. The animation in almost all of them was pretty and fun to see, but almost all the stories were dull or slight letdowns. A disappointing project, especially considering the amount of talent behind it, many of whom cut their teeth on writing/producing Batman and other DC-related material previously. It's always great to hear Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman though, he's the definitive off-page incarnation of him IMO (though it would've made more sense to get the movie actors to voice the animated tie-in, especially with cartoon Bruce Wayne looking like Christian Bale).

Anyway, a new Dr. Horrible act made up for the Gotham Knights suckitude.

[ edited by Kris on 2008-07-17 08:21 ]
Strangely I can view it on my laptop but not my desktop. My desktop just gets "This video is unavailable" errors.

BUT! Having watched on the laptop Act II is awesome! Trying to figure out what to do about the penis line and my kids who are waiting to see part 2 ... maybe judicious use of the mute button.

(It is funny though!)

I don't see Act II on the iTunes Canada store yet.
I started applauding after the first number. Holy smokes, that was incredible. Very dark and great harmonies. NPH, I love you!!! Felicia really kicked it up a notch. I want more Nathan singing, but I guess we'll get that on Saturday :)

Probably way-off-the-mark prediction: in Act III, we finally meet Bad Horse, and he's a super-secret guest star. David Boreanaz? Joss himself?
Third time. More funny. IJS. And "Brand New Day" makes me want to break out the tar and feathers. Captain Hammer, you are going down, motherfucker!
Hey, I managed to view Act II first time trying! So much fun, even better than Act I. Thank you so much Messers Whedon, you are too good to us all.
Wow, and double wow. I have to agree with many others here that I enjoyed Act II even more than Act I (which was already superb). Although what else to expect with all that bittersweetnes, something whedon(s) does so well.
Bad Horse could be kinda hard to pull off, seeing as so far it's been implied that he's actually a horse. If not like a regular horse on four legs, then maybe one that's sort of like a man and stands on his hind legs ? I can't visualize properly without more details. Then again, all that about ruling with "an iron hoof", being the thoroughbred of evil, his death whinny...They might all just be figurative. His evil death whinny could just be a really high-pitched maniacal laugh, he wears steel toe boots, and maybe wears a horse mask or something.

The show/movie is goofy in parts anyway, so they could probably pull off whatever it is without pushing the boundaries of the believability/visual cheese content of the overall story.
Did they perhaps trigger (no horse pun intended, but appreciated anyway) the Act I on iTunes early in order to compensate for the crashing of the server at the time, but since the server is stable now they aren't putting the iTunes up until the weekend?

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-07-17 08:33 ]
Squee! This is so much better than Act I... which, I now have a newfound love for. :D

But, while I'm excited for Act III, I don't want Saturday to come quickly... I don't want this to be over. :( *waits (im)patiently for DVD already*
Whilst I wouldn't want Joss to give up the Graphic Novel side of his work entirely, I really do hope that this marks the beginning of a trend in "Video Graphic Novels" er "Video Comics".... maybe... "Videomics" ??

Could be a whole new line of business, led by Mutant Enemy. Place for new writers to try out etc.
What a wonderful 2nd Act. Too many briliant lines to recount :) Am I alone in noticing the Shepherd Book-a-like in the soup kitchen? Classic.
"Captain Hammer through a car at my head..."
b!X, early and compensatory triggering was my hypothesis originally when Act I was made available Tuesday at 12:30a-ish, and it's seeming more likely to me now...

Oh, balls! If so, I get it, but the screencaps & music both are somewhat better on the iTunes version. Plus I'd have it in my greedy little hands, and apparently, I like to own things.

*looks at dusty, unused library card and many bookshelves.*

Ah, well. Some sleep would be a fine thing, too. I'll live.
I agree. this really is wonderful. I was expecting this act to be better than the first because the first act was exposition, good exposition, but still. It did not disappoint.

The Bad Horse singers really do liven things up. I love it when they show up. I mostly hear Joss's voice but wondered if that was because his brother's voices are genetically similar.

Oh, and just for the record, the penis joke was not one of my favorites, so please Joss & Co. don't skip writing all the other good stuff as you travel on. ;-)
Am I alone in noticing the Shepherd Book-a-like in the soup kitchen?

I'll add this to the list which so far consists of "Serenity is hanging in Dr. Horrible's lab" and "those cowboys are a reference to Firefly".

Said list being entitled "Firefly Things That Aren't In Dr. Horrible", of course.

While the guy certainly is black, and he's got some interesting hair, I'm not sure that makes him a "Shepherd Book-a-like".
I am patiently (not!) waiting for Act II from itunes. This is the first time I've ordered anything from itunes and ordered the pass yesterday. I thought it was supposed to download automatically as long as I'm signed in (which I think I am) but I didn't get an email either. I guess it's not available yet? Still?????
For me, it's the little things like the fake mustache and the huge chair that make the episode.

I guess the huge chair isn't actually little, know.
Damn you "watch again"! Damn you! *watches again*
Well bix, I guess it's whatever you read into it and whatever you get out of it :) I'm just one o' them what likes to play 'Spot the Other (Potentially, Could Be, Might Be) Whedon Stuff' in things ;)
I'm pretty sure iTunes wasn't supposed to kick in until Monday so if b!X is right everyone will get Act II in their season pass Monday at 00:01 a.m. Or Sunday at midnight if you prefer.

Unless I'm wrong, of course.
"Oh, Look at my wrist!", lmao. I love this, and i cannot wait to get it on dvd.
Oh, wow. When they had that scene in the laundromat, the just-talking one, it felt like I was watching a well-established Whedon TV show. It's like these characters have already become so real... Seeing Moist again too, :).

Love you all J, J, M & Z. It's things like this that make life interesting. Ooooh, and this marks NPH's Whedonverse debut. So now we can officially shower him with adoration, though everyone seems to have been doing that already. ^_^

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Wow, it's even better than Act I!
Hilarious, I was just amazed and laughing.
Regarding the 3rd act: Go Doctor! :)
Love Is Not A Pie!!

Okay, I realize that's basically an inside joke with a very small inside, but someone here might should get it.

Good stuff.

How often do I look at my wrist to tell the time...
bobw1o | July 17, 05:52 CET

Love IS a pie! Popped into my head too! But a cheesy on the outside kind of pie ... more like a quiche!

There isn't anyhing that I don't like about this project -- except for the waiting for the Dénouement. It's official, "Dr. Horrible" is the must-see panel at Comic-Con! Squeeeee!

Thank you J, Z, J & M!!

[ edited by MizBehavin1 on 2008-07-17 09:21 ]
First of all THANK YOU for making this available worldwide. I have been trying to download the acts via itunes but am unable to as they are not available in the UK store. Does anyone know if they will be eventually.
The tunes are driving my workmates crazy. Roll on act 3, this is totally brilliant.
It is always act II for me that really drives home the picture. I loved it! I had a scary (yet wonderful) thought that maybe this is the new verse we have all been waiting for. I'm sorry Dollhouse, I'll be with you when you arrive, but for now this is the verse I want to see more from.
I wonder if there's any chance that some high-resolution art is going to be released? Like, say, for wallpapers. I can't be the only one who wants to decorate my desktop with some Dr. Horrible-ness. While we're at it, there's Dr. Horrible's mobile phone ringtone too (oh, the possibilities! now if only someone would phone me) . . . and if I start wearing a lab coat in public now, I blame it on this.
Oh wow - how great is this?!

I'm crazy busy helping host Youth Day pilgrims, but managed to duck into a net cafe for long enough to catch the first 2 acts. (And got just about every person in the room to watch it, after they all asked why I was laughing so hard.)

Roll on, Act 3!
Loved it.

Anyone else notice Joss' reiteration of his philosophy:

PENNY Things happen-
HORRIBLE Don't say 'for a reason' that is the worst...
PENNY No, I just meant 'things happen.'

I wonder if Dr. Horrible and Cap. Ham. ever fought outside of LA? It would tend to explain the Santa-Clause + snow situation(unless that snow, and by extension that Santa, was fake).
Awesome again! Loved the "when I hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia" and just about every other piece as well. Roll on Act III!
Not bad, liked it a lot.

Kris said,
"Bad Horse could be kinda hard to pull off, seeing as so far it's been implied that he's actually a horse. If not like a regular horse on four legs, then maybe one that's sort of like a man and stands on his hind legs ?"

So you're saying that Dawn is bad Horse ?
I'm gonna just haveta, let's see ... carry the 1 ... times by 2 ... round the tree, down the hole ... about a millionth the Act II is even better sentiment. More songs, more character stuff, more Hammer-cheese ! How not better ? "Trust your instincts". Bad Horse's message. The three layers of unLayeredness. The actual swear-to-FSM real, live "walking bush" gag. NPH turning on a sixpence into actual Dr Horrible (hell hath no fury like a super-villain scorned as the old adage would go, if not for reality). The general "setting it up perfectly" feel to it. Fantastic.

It would tend to explain the Santa-Clause + snow situation(unless that snow, and by extension that Santa, was fake).

Yeah but the location was the same throughout the "seasons". Tend to think it was just a visual gag, as in, Dr H. gets Hammer-ed all year round.

The animation in almost all of them was pretty and fun to see, but almost all the stories were dull or slight letdowns.

And I hereby revoke Kris's being rightness ;-).
THANK YOU so much for this! Everyone's pretty much already said what I wanted to say but... I just loved this!! It was a perfect remedy after the day I had. I've watched the Act II a few times now and every time the last song ends I scream "Noooo!" because I can't believe it ended! And I do love Nathan...
Too many replies here for me to go through all them, so if someone already said it, I'm sorry, but no one had a White Snow feeling watching Felicia Day's outfit when she is singing in the laundry beside me?
The second act is even better than the first one for me. I hilarious, deep and moving in the same time.
Ummm... There's only going to be 3 of them, or are there going be more? Because I really love this show.. It's soo fun, and I don't want it to end!

But I loved it again, and it was awesome!
I'm really interested in seeing the bloopers for this. Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion must have had some good ones together, especially I imagine during the "and these are not the Hammer" scene.

I love Captain Hammer. He is extrememly campy, so close to being George of the Jungle at times that you can taste it (or other campy favs like The Tick or Robin from the old Adam West Batman show (same bat-time, same bat-channel)). I Love the spirit of the whole series.
Oh, brilliant. I liked the second part even more than the first one. AND THE SONGS ARE AWESOME!
Thank Joss I finally got both of the episodes to work (even if it took 4 and a half hours to watch both of them, in pauses and views...).

Wonderful. Can't wait for the 3rd installment.
I loved it. A real step up from Act I, which I wasn't expecting having enjoyed Act I so much. Again I must say that all the actors are great in their respective roles and the songs are excellent.

Also Penny is super sweet and adorable.
Is it so wrong that I'm cheering for Dr. Horrible to defeat his nemesis?
Really loved the songs from this act, and finally getting some of the Rent vibe some people pointed at from last act.
Magical. Both acts blew me away...can't wait till the third!

"Oh look at my wrist! I've got to go!"
I also agree, especially the final scene. Brought back happy memories of the climax (sort of, considering the position the bad guy was in) of "Fear, Itself."
Is there a chance we can invent Internet Academy Awards to honor this?
Oh, and feel free to root for Doc Horrible to pummel Captain Hammer. He's the type of guy who does it for the glory much more than the need to set an example for the rest of us. At least the Doc is honest in his evil. He should get a vlog where he can choose who can see him, though.

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My oh my. Neil Patrick Harris is absolutely incredible. I'm in love with that man.

"Captain Hammer threw a car at my head..."

"The Hammer is my penis"

I love that we're cheering for Evil, or are why?!

July 19th anyone?
You know, it’s funny. I thought nothing could beat Act One for humour, power, and acting.

I should have known I’d be wrong.

Review-type stuff at my blog.
My favorites little snippets after first viewing:

1) The oh-so-clever third pie line.

2) NPH with the cheesy mustache replacing the guy in the soup line and spying on Penny & Capt. Hammer.

3) The 'Bad Horse' ring tone when Dr. H. gets the E.L.O.E. call.

4) Small Dr. Horrible in the giant chair right before giant Dr. Horrible goes on the Godzilla rampage.

[ edited by MikeTMC on 2008-07-17 14:29 ]
I was sort of right about the singing cowboy Greek chorus of evil, but not about the cowboy on the right being Joss. Though I still hear him singing. Does that mean I'm mad? I can probably deal with it, just tell me.

It's impossible to stab yourself very effectively with a spork. No experience needed to know that, it's just common sense.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2008-07-17 11:23 ]
I know he has minions (well, he has Moist), but does the Doc have groupies? I wanna be one!

And can I just say that NPH *killed me* in the beginning, when he was split-screen singing with Felicia Day? The voice, the facial expressions, the anguish... And then it kept getting better and better...

I'm in awe, I don't think I'll ever recover. How can I ever enjoy *anything at all* again after this?
Act1 was fantastic but Act2 is just ten times better. Can't wait for the last instalment. Thank you so much to Whedon Bros & Co. You all rock.
As for the Australia comment - every one of us Downunder got a happy.

Too right!

The Bad Horse theme keeps cantering around my head...

And, yay! Spork!
I'm from Australia - the Doc is more than welcome here. We are ready for His Horribleness!
I am having too much fun watching this to spend time typing! Spork and pie! :D
That was awesome, better than act 1. Can't wait for act 3!
I'm going to say something nice, instead of intentionally being a dick for once. So, bear with me;

I haven't really enjoyed either the Buffy or Angel comic all that much. They're fine and all, but neither has blown me away as a comic or as a continuation to the series. And, I saw Serenity fresh over three years ago at one of the Joss birthday screenings. I haven't had a fresh, visceral Whedon experience in years and I really fucking enjoyed one.

I hope Act III and Dollhouse keep it up.

Much appreciation for everyone involved,
Heh - I made a "These are not the Hammer" T-shirt...
Heh-heh. Captain Hammer is afraid of ducks!
I never thought it would be possible to absolutely despise Nathan in a role. Which I suppose says how great a job he's doing.

You know, a weekly series would kick ass. Or monthly. I'm not picky. ;) That, and Joss should totally go for a career in Broadway. The man can right songs like nobody's business.

[ edited by deepgirl187 on 2008-07-17 12:17 ]
That was great:) I think Bad Horse is my fave theme-hope we get to see him!

And my new thing will be-
"Oh, goodness, look at my wrist, gotta go!"
LOVED this! Especially the "I cannot believe my eyes" duet.

Most of my favorite parts have been listed above, but I'll repeat:
"Trust your instincts."
"Like with pie." (Expected some pie reference with Nathan in this. Not disappointed.)
"Billy, you're driving the spork into your leg."
"I have a PhD in horribleness." (Think I'll wear a T-shirt with this on my first day of classes this fall. Think it will scare off some students?)
"Billy Buddy."
"I don't love these."
"You look horribly familiar."
"Superhero Memorial Bridge" (hysterical)
The opening with Dr. Horrible's deer-in-the-headlights expression.
Moist not being able to open the jar.
The moving bush.
Penny's Snow White costume with the bird design, the reference to the singing of birds, and the ducks. I half expected her to hold out her hand to have a bird land on her finger.
Dr. Horrible serving soup (or not).
Giant Da..., er, Horrible

I'm in the minority (with newcj) in not liking the penis line. It was redundant. But I guess it was in character for the Hammer not to be subtle. So I get it.

What was the character on Penny's shirt in the first laundromat scene? I thought it was a Betty Boop image at first, but it didn't look like it later.

Looking forward to Act 3 .

[ edited by palehorse on 2008-07-17 12:35 ]
Act II was even more brilliant than Act I. Must go watch it again to catch all the words from Felicia and NPH's duet which is my favourite song so far :) Glad to see Mutant Enemy back with a bang.
I'm in the minority (with newcj) in not liking the penis line. It was redundant.

The penis line being redundant is surely what makes it not redundant (i.e. the redundancy is the joke) ? Personally I love that you can have lots of witty lyrics and subtle verbal stuff and then a knob gag right in the middle of it all, Joss/whoever wrote it has got layers, y'know ? ;) So from now all the way until either infinity OR the end of this sentence (whichever comes first) i'm always, always going to refer to it as the Amazingly Undundant Paradoxical Penis Line.
palehorse and newcj, you can add me to your minority about the redundancy of the penis line. But I loved everything else!
Yep, Saje, got it. Still didn't like it very much. But if that's all I found wanting in this, I'd say it was a success.

And I forgot to say how great NPH is in this. Yes, it's redundant to say by now. But it's true.

[ edited by palehorse on 2008-07-17 12:47 ]

[ edited by palehorse on 2008-07-17 12:48 ]
Yep, got it. Still didn't like it very much.

That's cool. I just don't think "it's redundant" is a valid complaint about a joke that revolves around redundancy ;).

(but "didn't like it very much" is a totally valid "complaint" palehorse - i.e. you don't need any reason except "I didn't find it funny". So i'll shut up now ;)
What I liked about the penis line was that I had literally just been thinking how lovely it was that even though Joss had no content/language restrictions per any network, he still wrote such a clean, wholesome script. And then about three seconds after that, Nathan delivered his line, and I fell off the couch laughing.
"what am I thinking... I don't go to the gym- I'm just naturally like this."
The penis line is very funny but it does jolt with the innocent feel of the musical. Which is a shame really.
Joss & Co. finally could do what they weren't allowed to do on Buffy.. in your face lines. I like it.

[ edited by Krusher on 2008-07-17 13:17 ]
The penis line is very funny but it does jolt with the innocent feel of the musical.

I think the penis line is kind of like Luke having his hand cut off.
Could there be a potential comic book spin-off here? Bad Horse by Dark Horse?


p.s.- I still want my Bad Horse ring tone.
When I heard the penis line I felt the same as palehorse -- that it was redundant. However, in retrospect I think it was supposed to highlight a Captain Hammer character flaw -- unsubtle crudeness. For me personally, I think it would have been better to leave that line on the cutting room floor; however, in the context of this amazing production it is a small thing indeed.
Honestly, I liked Act I better, but Act II was still cool. I love NPH's "Yeah, we GET IT." look when Nathan comes back to deliver his penis line.

And The Bad Horse theme is the funniest song ever. The new verse just makes it better.
As a sidenote to anyone getting the vidoe is not available line, we got an email tip from someone who had had the issue and solved it:

I was also getting the error "This video is not available at this site.",
but I figured it out. Hulu requires the browser to send a referrer
header. Some people, like me, turn them off for security reasons.
If you're using Firefox, you can open "about:config" and search for
the string "sendRefererHeader". Make sure it's set to 2 in order to
watch Dr. Horrible. You can change it back after, if you want, but
watch out for websites that don't work right.

Thanks, akgeek!
Is it just me or has this not shown up on iTunes yet? I don't see it and, even with my season pass, it hasn't shown up for download yet. Fortunately the network was playing nice with Hulu this morning so I got to see it (once...want to watch/listen to again and again and....) but where's the download?
It has not; the question has been asked and we are awaiting a reply.
OK. Now the Captain Hammer shirt I bought wlll have another meaning altogether.
Captain Hammer is being so crude at that point anyway, the overkill of the penis statement just tops it off. And I found it funny that he assumes that everyone is as stupid as he is.
So we have Captain Hammer who is a twit and obviously not saving the world as much as he thinks he is. We have Dr. Horrible who does want to save the world but is going about it the wrong way.
And then we have Penny- who is actually doing something productive. Once again the true hero is the woman.
Wow. Just. Wow! I didn't think I could love Act II more than Act I, but I was wrong. It's fantastic! I love the last song.

Will the soundtrack be available? 'Cause that would be awesome.
Poor Dr. Horrible. It just isn't his week, is it?
He's been having a bad bad day.
+1 for Simon.
The whole thing is awesome, but it's mostly the opening 2:56 I keep playing over and over.

Also, I don't think anyone's mentioned the "Hammer Paddle", where he super-drives the boat in circles. Great sight gag to go along with Dr. Horrible's Bush of Invisibility. =)
Act II definitely more of the laugh-out-loud funny, and has better songs that Act I.

Obviously can't wait for Act III. I have my hopes for how it turns out but I'm sure I'll love it regardless.
What can I say. These first two acts have been AWESOME. Can't wait for Act III!
I want the giant chair. I think we may have already met Bad Horse.
Was trying to figure out what this reminds me of and then it came to me - anyone else seen the movie 'Mystery Men' from around 1999? It's very much in the same vein, same superhero satire genre and somewhat ironically was based on a Dark Horse comic.
Simon was very much right on this: ACT II is the Empire Strikes Back of acts. Darker, more emotional and more involving than ACT I - which was great in itself. Not sure the penis joke is the equivalent of Luke's hand getting cut off though, Saje ;)

I'm also going to have to echo the NPH love. How great an actor is he? The way he switches effortlessly from 'actual' evil (he's scary when he's mad), to sad, to funny and a few shades in between is impressive. You can deliver all kinds of shades of grey to a character in an intelligent script, but in a short-form presentation such as this, with no time to spell stuff out more clearly, you really need an actor who can drive home the spectrum of emotion, while still maintaining the overall silly. NPH was an awesome casting choice by Joss.

This also reflects on his role in How I Met Your Mother. I still think he's the best thing in it (although, truly, I love the entire cast), but I'm starting to regret that Barney is so one-dimensionally funny on that show. He needs to be in a regular Jossian drama and get to show his range more often.

Also: I am now even more in love with Penny (I think I have a total geek-crush *sigh*) and I absolutely hate Captain Hammer. These acts are pushing all my buttons very effectively.

Does anyone else think that song at the end of Act II has more than a hint of Pet Shop Boys to it?

Yep. And a hint of Savage Garden as well (who, of course, had a hint of Pet Shop Boys in them, themselves, so maybe that statement is redundant ;)).

has better songs that Act I.

Not sure I agree there, Jim in Buffalo. While I too think Act II is superiour, because the narrative flows better and because there's more going on beneath the surface, Act I does have some great songs. I think from just a melodical standpoint, 'Freeze Ray' is still the best song in the two acts so far (plus it's so. very. sweet) and the first Bad Horse song is superior to this one, I feel. Having said that, the opening duet here is absolutely amazing from a lyrical standpoint (and NPH's and FD's voices go very well together - better than NF and FD) with almost-depressingly-bleak lyrics for Dr. Horrible and the final song is amazing in its well-timed tempo switch and sentiment change from a story standpoint, but still, I don't think I'd go right out and state that the songs themselves are better in Act II than in Act I.

ETA: yikes, that comment has become pretty sizeable again, due to multiple extra bits I kept adding while previewing ;)

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I thought that was better than Act 1. I loved it. Act 1 was amazing but I loved the awkward dialogue in that act. Very much a Joss thing, and all the better for it.

Neil is sure ripping it up.
I think we may have already met Bad Horse.

Penny as Bad Horse?

Hum, that would be a cheap ripoff from Doctor Who's Rose Tyler & Bad Wolf :P
Or maybe Moist is actually Bad Horse ;). Or, possibly, may-or-may-not-look-like-Shephard-Book-guy in the homeless shelter.
Or those pots and pans.
I pretty much died of the LOL. :) Nathan's timing and delivery is *perfect*. And Neil just makes my jaw drop. Talk about layers. I looove his voice, range, his expressions, just everything. I'd love to see him make a guest starring appearance on Dollhouse.
Simon, I believe the penis line isn't just a joke, that it's coarseness is supposed to be a jolt (the dark edgy touch in an otherwise sweet musical). There is somehow an implied rape scenario (certainly a stated intent to use her and leave her) which is the very jolt our dear darling Billy needed to REALLY make him Horrible.

I kinda love the line.

Now, since I finally can access the black, I have to say that this was awesome.

I have a feeling that Captain Hammer is actually planning to turn evil and try to take over the world. Or he is actually Bad Horse.
Acts I and II have been deeply, thoroughly, 100-percent quintessentially Whedon. No mystery why everyone on this board adores it. Everything I ever loved about Buffy -- the wit, the layers (more than three, all different), the acting, the humor, the tweaking of expectations -- is concentrated in these 26 or so minutes. If anyone ever asked me who Joss Whedon was, I used to think the best reply would be to show that person Hush (or OMWF). I have a new answer now.

An aside: It occurs to me that Captain Hammer may be a sly reference to the cheesy Hammer horror films of the 1950s and 60s. Hammer horror = cheese = Captain Hammer = cheesy-on-the-outside.
Using her and leaving her is a far cry from rape though Hammer is clearly meant to come across as a slime-ball when talking about Penny. I dunno, maybe I was just raised wrong but 'The hammer is my penis' just isn't that coarse a line to me though many people apparently disagree. 'Penis' seems to me to have been chosen because it's more literal and obvious (and therefore funnier) but also more clinical than slang. 'The hammer is my dick' would be coarse, 'penis' is just part of the male anatomy.

I think we may have already met Bad Horse.

Captain Hammer would be the obvious choice I guess, in one fell swoop turning Dr H into an actual hero. Been playing with Nathan's character names etc. to try to make 'bad horse' into a clue but no joy. Except 'Mal' is bad of course. In the Latin ;).
I wish he'd said Hammer is a {my?} dick :lol: that would have been even better penis.
I finally just saw it with a little technical help from MikeTMC.

Love Captain Hammer's fake smile at the soup kitchen. Love Love Love all the Dr Horrible blog stuff. It can't be said enough...NPH is brilliant!

This is sooo living up to the hype :)
Saje, I certainly wasn't crying 'rape' (that is why I softened it with 'somehow implied scenario')... I just thought that the baldness of coming out with such a statement IS funny because of the obviousness, but also disturbing. And I was exploring why it seems disturbing to me. It isn't because 'penis' is a dirty word... it is because he means to wield it as a weapon.
Oh Joss and co, I loved it!!
I have many emotions as I wait for Act III: sad it is almost over, but excited... ok I have 2 emotions as I wait for Act III.

NPH, I don't think I can put into words how awesome he is in this show.

And Nathan, dear sweet Nathan... I think it is a credit to his skills as an actor that he can pull off portraying such a dick, although we knew he was a hair actor and Cap'n Hammer lives to toss his mane. He's perfect in the role.

Felicia is phenomenal as well. Her voice is so beautiful (and she did look a lot like snow white, except the hair).
Wow, 278 (and probably more by the time I've posted this) comments already. That'll teach me to not come here and post my thoughts when I first watched part 2 this morning.

I was going with the idea that Hammer might be Bad Horse (the whole cowboy thing being the far too obvious to be ignored clue) but the earlier comment about Rose being the Bad Wolf in Doctor Who has got me thinking more about Penny.

Like I need more reasons to think about Felicia Day. ;)

I'm with those that think the penis line was brilliant. As has been said, the whole reason it was funny was because it didn't need to be said. Captain Hammer having a very Joey-from-Friends-esque moment.

Looking forward to part three. And the ongoing television series and big screen adaption to follow...
How adorable is NPH? Even better than act 1. Wish it weren't over so soon.
This is such a big sucess, that as I was finishing my first viewing , which was like only about 2 hours since it went live, there were already pirated copies floating in the interweb.

I'll test a thing with low performance computers and low bandwidth networks in a few minutes , will report if I have sucess.
Saje, I certainly wasn't crying 'rape' (that is why I softened it with 'somehow implied scenario')... I just thought that the baldness of coming out with such a statement IS funny because of the obviousness, but also disturbing.

Just to be clear, I didn't say you were "crying rape" embers, I said it's a far cry from rape (i'm pedantic enough to point that out anyway BUT accusing someone of "crying rape" has very different implications to what I did so I thought i'd clarify ;).

I also don't think it's even "implied" (he does say "she's giving it up hard" but in context it's more a crude seduction - he's going to show her the Hammer-Jet for instance and "give her the night of her life" - and, I think we may find, gross underestimation of Penny than anything even vaguely like rape) but clearly your take varies. Don't see the wielding as a weapon thing either, aren't we a varied bunch ;).

I agree though, that that scene is where things take a darker turn and not least because, however you characterise it, the characters are now talking about sex which is inherently more adult than the slightly sophomoric romantic [non]wooing that we've seen up until then.
"...and these are not the hammer."

Does that make him Captain Penis?
Not to "hammer" the penis joke into the ground but, on further reflection it served several purposes at once; show indeed what a crass tool Captain Hammer really is, and a pretty dim bulb too, since we already got from his line (holding up his fists) "and I don't mean these" what he was implying. So he not only inadvertently sticks it to Dr. Horrible and insults his intelligence, he's doing it to the whole audience watching. Which of course, sorta kind'a really makes him that much more loathesome. I love how the hero and villain roles are turned on their head.

Did you notice how Hammer wrinkled up his nose at the ducks near the park bench? He hates animals too.

As far as wholesome fare goes, I'd point out the kicking ass lyric, along with "So make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he'll make you his mare." A kinder, gentler, funnier way of saying, "He'll make you his bitch." I'd rate the show PG and a soft one at that.

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"I agree though, that that scene is where things take a darker turn..."

Really does tell you a lot about how Joss fears his projects getting axed, doesn't it? It took six seasons for Buffy to take that darker turn. Doc Horrible got there in under half an hour. ;)
Maybe he's worried Fox are gonna turn the the internet off ;-).
They would, at that ;)

or, at least, old Fox would
Old Fox ? My god, they can turn the internet off five years ago so that he never gets a chance to make Doctor Horrible in the first place ! Somebody should do something ! Maybe send some sort of ... protector back in time to save the internet.
I just rewatched Act I after watching Act
In the finale of Act I, Penny sings "I wonder what you're captain of" ... cut to me remembering "The Hammer is my penis." bwahahahahahahaha!
love it!
This can't come out on DVD soon enough. Loved ACT 2!!
Saje, for some reason I don't fully understand myself, I feel we should send Summer Glau.
11:15 am EST and still no Act II on iTunes. I really want to watch it again too but I don't want to hog someone else's spot.
Dr. Horrible is so creepy in the soup kitchen.
Maybe they're going back to their original plan of making the episodes available after the run.

I so, poo!, cos I like carrying the songs with me.
Had to wait two days biting my nails trying to watch Act 1 and failing to do it on the main site, finally saw it yesterday on a back-up site (WhedonTube is the offical back-up, right?), and watched Act 2 today in the same place.

I'm speechless!!! What a fantastic job, Team Whedon! We didn't know what we missed all those years until ME work went on live screen again.
It was brilliant, and fun, and also deep and provocative in the best Jossverse way.
I was thrilled to see the themes of status quo vs. changing-the-world=apocalypsis again, the themes which were also played out in NFA and Chosen and now in Buffy Season 8.
Captain Hammer is the status quo, the traditional super-hero protecting the establishment (hee, you can guess that WGA strike played some part here). Dr.Evil is the one trying to change the world, but being too gentle and inept to do something drastic. And Penny, like Anne in NFA, offers the third way which is my favorite one.
Those themes - of how to deal with the crappy world we live in - must be on many people's mind now. I think Penny or Anne's approach is the most promising one, nurturing the good in the world rather than trying to violently change it with the risk of harming innocent bystanders in the process and probably arriving to the same place in the end (Angel:ATF anyone?).
I think, for example, that Louis Pasteur, with his medicine break-throughs, changed the world so much more drastically and unambigously to the better than Robespier and Marat. But there are no easy answers here, and again, I'm thrilled to see that explored again in Jossverse.

Dr.Horrible/Penny duet in Act 2 was incredible! Two ways to look at the world which keeps turning around regardless of how you view it, and having both good and bad in it.

OK, I just couldn't keep from waxing philosophical after viewing it, sorry about that.
But it was also so much fun! NPH and NF and Felicia were all incredible, but my favorite was Nathan I think, he was so wonderfully obnoxious! And "Hammer is my penis", oh my! And "I don't go to the Gym, I'm naturally like this". Whaa!

And the three layers thingie? There's one more layer underneath which is just like the outer layer? Brilliant!
And the end song, and the Giant!Doctor on the streets? Such a hoot! Can't wait to see how far Dr.Horrible will go, in Act 3!

Evil Horse is an intriguing character, the one who's truly evil and the one on whom Cpt.Hammer may yet redeem himself, by kicking his ***! Will the Horse ever show his face/muzzle? Those Henchmen of his were a bit Pythonesque, I loved it! And Moist is adorable.
Dr.Horrible reminds me most of all of Andrew and like Andrew he's a bit of authors' alter ego here. But he's much more serious, of course (than Andrew ;)).

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There was this great little thing I found on YouTube that was a interview between Ellen DeGeneres and the cast of "How I Met Your Mother", and in it, NPH mentioned how he and Jason (Marshall) would sing "Les Mis" in their dressing room while getting the camera makeup on. She pushed a little and NPH broke into Javert's "Valjean, at last, we see each other plain / Monsieur Le Mayor, you'll wear a different chaaaaaaaain ... ". Honestly, Jason wasn't at all impressive in his response (although "You Just Got Slapped" was a riot later in the year) -- he was more just pattering the words a la Rex Harrison -- but NPH had a great voice in it, so I wasn't surprised to see him belt the shit out of this one.
Like others who've posted above, I'm wondering if Penny is not what she seems. Huh. That would be neat. Of course, It'd be perfectly fine if it turns out her third layer is just like her outer layer.

As for (U.S.) iTunes availability, I hope I don't come off in any way as a whiner, but some consistency there would be a good thing, I think. My own Veruca Salt greediness aside (I want this on my pod so I can watch it everywhere and I want it now, Daddy!), it would seem to make sense economically to make this second Act available for download right away since the process started off that way. People are waiting for it. The cat is out of the bag. This is proving to be such a spectacular success in iTunes as elsewhere that I imagine a lot of people who are champing at the bit to do the iTunes thing saying, oh, what the heck, I'll just find a pirated version so I can load it up to my pod or watch it offline in whatever manner, 'cause I want to watch it a billion times NOW! Not me, mind you. But I can see it. It's such an instant gratification world we live in. Better to try to tap into the giant revenue stream that is iTunes, now that a precedent has already been set for instant iTunes gratification, perhaps?

Just my thinking. I probably don't know what I'm talking about.

Btw, I'm well aware that it is not yet available in iTunes outside of the U.S. Sorry about that, non-U.S. folks. This is all kinds of fascinating to watch unfold. All the business model-y stuff.
It isn't because 'penis' is a dirty word... it is because he means to wield it as a weapon.

That's not how that played to me, and not only because a hammer (the operative metaphor) isn't a weapon, it's a tool (the operative character description). He was just rubbing it into Dr. Horrible's face that he (Hammer) was going to be sleeping with Penny while he (Horrible) was not.

It seemed more like it was a more crass version of "nyah nyah nyahnyah nyah".
Hey anyone seen the latest Dr Horrible Myspace Twitter update?

I think Bad Horse is going to be a big name guest that has been kept a surprise. I'm hoping for David Boreanaz.
I didn't get the penis = weapon meaning at all, and I'm usually good at picking that up. It read to me more like Captain Hammer being a jerk than anything violent in regards to Penny.

They've been lurking like 11 hours now, Simon. ;) I kind of hope we don't see Bad Horse. I think he's probably more awesome as a reference.
Here's the bit with NPH and Segel counterpointing each other that I was referring to in my earlier comment:
Oooooooh. David Boreanaz as Bad Horse would be the bomb. I'd sure like to ride that "thoroughbred of sin." Wait - did I just say that??
Hey anyone seen the latest Dr Horrible Myspace Twitter update?

Wasn't it mentioned here at the time last night?
Is it just me or has this not shown up on iTunes yet?

So far the leading speculation (underline speculation) is that maybe Act I only went up when it did to compensate for the server crash at the time. (They had always said publicly that the downloads would be available after the streaming event was over.)
I think Bad Horse is going to be a big name guest that has been kept a surprise.

That would be cool. But I'm sort of rooting for Penny to be Bad Horse.

I really hope I don't have to wait until Monday to get Act II on iTunes. That would be the suck. I've really dug (repeatedly) watching Act I on my TV, and watching Act II on my laptop just isn't as much fun.

Man, those starving babies in Africa ain't got nothing on my suffering.
David Boreanaz as Bad Horse would be the bomb. I'd sure like to ride that "thoroughbred of sin." Wait - did I just say that??

You most certainly did Phlebotinin At least you didn't follow it with a 'Hi-Ho Silver Away!' ;)

btw I can totally understand the sentiment....
I don't see a twitter update about Bad Horse...
newcj, I think Simon's comments were unrelated. I believe he meant the "reading Whedonesque" tweet, and then moved on to Bad Horse speculation.
Oh..okay. Never mind.
I think Tonya J and Embers are right about the penis line. It's what pushes Dr. Horrible over the edge.

ETA: When the F--- is iTunes going to put up Act II???

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2008-07-17 17:13 ]
phlebotinin, I agree a quick iTunes release would be good because (1) It would be good business, for the reasons you pointed out, and (2) it would make me happy. =)

But until they put it out, I hope people can relax and not feel entitled (there's that word again) to have it at 12:01 in any time zone. Yeah, I was checking every minute to see if it went up, but when it didn't, I didn't feel the need to write anyone a strongly worded letter or hunt down a torrent. It'll be there, after this weekend at the latest.

In the meantime I've viewed it on the official site a couple more times. The server seems to be handling the load just fine, BTW, I don't think there's any need to back off so others can see it. (Any remaining problems seem isolated to people on slow connections or with referer issues.)
As many others said up thread, I think the reason why Act II hasn't been posted yet is because all three acts were not supposed to be posted until Monday. When the site crashed, I think the powers that be decided to post to allow people to see the musical while they were switching to the MONSTER server.
Oh! I forgot I also wanted to mention ... last night a friend came over and we watched "Storyteller" and we giggled as we always do about how burning trashcans signify some serious sh*t going down in the Whedonverse. And then at 11:00 CT I tuned in for Act II and there they were! I knew then that Dr. Horrible meant business. ;-)
What praise is there left to bestow on Act II? As everyone has said it was absolutely brilliant (and this thread is kinda wonderful as well ;). So hard to pick out my favourite parts and lines, but as a rock fan I did particularly love the last song. Can't wait not only for part three, but also for the opportunity to contribute financially towards this from the UK.

So much thanks to everyone involved in Dr Horrible – I’m sure we’ll be able to pay you back, but for now, look how happy you’ve made all these people. :)
At MySpace they announced that they are working at getting the Act II download ready at iTunes, so hopefully I'll be able to get that this afternoon! Yay!
Yay, new tweet, Act II on iTunes soon!
Captain Hammer's fear of ducks reminded me of David Boreanaz's chicken phobia.

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Does Dr. Horrible remind anybody else of Spike?
Does Dr. Horrible remind anybody else of Spike?

Only in the sense that I luuuuurve them both. :-D In all seriousness though ... hmm ... I guess what I see what you're saying with the post-chip bumbling attempts at evil, but not really.

Question: Is Pinkberry really served with sporks and not spoons?

ETA: Apparently, yes it is.

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Y'know what would be cool? Alyson Hannigan being Bad Horse.

If it happens, I called it here first. If it doesn't happen, forget I said anything.

And, Nebula1400? Absolutely. Moreso in part 2 but I can definitely see what you mean. Especially during Dr. Horrible's final song.
This iTunes discussion reminds me that I think a shout-out of extreme, glorifying praise should be extended to Jed Whedon, maestro of web fixitry. According to various interviews Joss has given in the last 24 hours, it would seem that Jed is the one chiefly responsible for getting the web kinks ironed out, such as they were. All that hard work is obviously appreciated but it's good to say so explicitly, I think. Thank you, Jed. And Maurissa. And Zack. And Joss.

Actually, not to beat a dead horse (please spare me, Bad Horse, I refer not to you!), I keep feeling huge amounts of gratitude to the Dr. Horrible team in general. What a labor of love. What a gift. A gorgeous entertainment. And free. Yowza.
Moreso in part 2 but I can definitely see what you mean. Especially during Dr. Horrible's final song.

That's where I'm seeing it, too.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2008-07-17 17:35 ]
After reading comments. Hmm, I'm not sure I'd buy penis-as-a-weapon metaphore, and I don't think Penny is in danger now - I mean, in more than Parker's treatment danger. Cpt.Hammer is a dick and penis is something he brags about, not really something he threatens with, that was my impression.
I also think Dr.Horrible turning to action was a dark turn for him as well - not because he thought Penny was in danger with Cpt.Hammer, but because Cpt.Hammer was getting his girl and insulting him a lot. Or maybe a bit of both.
I also don't buy Cpt.Hammer as a Bad Horse - he's too stupid for that, IMHO. I kinda hope Cpt.Hammer and Dr.Horrible find a common ground in the end in fighting Bad Horse.
But what about the Mayor (Mare? Heh!) as Bad Horse? We have a precedent... And that's another unseen character in the musical.
anyone know if it isnt working on ive tried all morning but it hasnt worked
Highlander and Nebula1400, after another viewing I see it, too.

foobeka, sorry, I haven't had any problems, either last night or this morning.
I wonder if there's any chance that some high-resolution art is going to be released? Like, say, for wallpapers. I can't be the only one who wants to decorate my desktop with some Dr. Horrible-ness. While we're at it, there's Dr. Horrible's mobile phone ringtone too (oh, the possibilities! now if only someone would phone me) . . . and if I start wearing a lab coat in public now, I blame it on this.

This, please.

Didn't Joss say in an interview that there were no secret cameos?
Act II's on iTunes now.

ETA: Weird, when I go to the Dr. Horrible page it's not there yet, but when I did Store>Check for Purchases, it started downloading as part of my season pass.

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It is? Maybe you're living in a slightly faster dimension, karosurly :) In my lagging dimension, only Act 1 is up. But what a fine act it is.

Edited to add: it's not downloading as part of my season pass. Truly, mine is a laggardly dimension.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-07-17 17:51 ]
A few of Neil Patrick Harris's line deliveries reminded me of the way Tom Lenk played Andrew. Just a few little moments though. Never saw anything Spike-like.
phlebotinin -- aw, poop. Not to rub it in, but my download's done and I'm currently blasting it on my TV thanks to AppleTV.

Ahhhh, I've been looking forward to 40" of Neil Patrick Harris.

What? ;-)
I love that Joss's three cast members all have voices that go so well together - particularly Neil and Felicia, they sound as if they we born to sing duets with each other!

I've now heard Act II about 20 times, if not more - I've had a browser window in the background at work all day, plugged in my headphones and I've just listened to it playing over and over... and over...
Ok, it's official, the song A brand new day (don't know if that's the real title, but hey) is my new favourite, I can actually imagine it being a hit.. Gotta love Dr H. larger then live putting his foot down on Captain Hammer (Giant Dawn anyone?)

It gets better and better!
Hah! I get the NPH crush. I've got a whopper of one. Not that he'd be interested in the likes of me. His character Billy might, though. That's something to hold onto while I'm waiting to get my own hands on those 40"....


(Seems Dr. Horrible is inspiring all kinds of Tourette's.)
I just realized that when Dr. Horrible gets all up in the camera's grill and says, "If all goes goes according to plan which it will because I have a PhD in HORRIBLENESS" I keep expecting him to say, " ... a PhD in AWESOME."
"Like a pie..."
This is classic...CLASSIC!
God I wish I had an Apple TV...
Weird, when I go to the Dr. Horrible page it's not there yet, but when I did Store>Check for Purchases, it started downloading as part of my season pass.

Karosurly, how did you do that? I've looked all over my iTunes page and I can't find anywhere it says "Check for Purchases." (I'm on an iMac and have a season pass.) Thanks in advance.
floofypooh, it's under the "Store" menu up top, between View and Advanced.
I want the giant chair. I think we may have already met Bad Horse.

JadeHand | July 17, 14:27 CET

Can Not Haz. We love the Big Chair (heck, *everyone loves the big chair). Also- good luck figuring out out how to get it out of the house. Getting it in was a challenge.

It's really popular with the tall people. Every tall person I know sees the chair, gets in it and dangles their feet off the front. :)
Oh, I keep meaning to ask if anyone's scrotum has fallen off as a result of Nathan's singing yet.
Act II's on iTunes now.

ETA: Weird, when I go to the Dr. Horrible page it's not there yet, but when I did Store>Check for Purchases, it started downloading as part of my season pass.

It's not doing it for me. :(
I've been trying to do "Check for Purchases" all night and all day every so often and I get no love.
I'm getting nothing from itunes yet from check for purchases - I checked my season pass purchase email and it says it will send an email when the next episode is available. No email on act II yet either.
It's really popular with the tall people. Every tall person I know sees the chair, gets in it and dangles their feet off the front. :)

Jonathan, I'm almost 6'6 so I can imagine so :D
It only occurs to me now that the delivery of the line about Australia reminds me of some part of The Simpsons episode with the boy band.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-07-17 18:13 ]
So Jonathan, how does it feel to live in the Lair? Love the chair.
Me neither on iTunes. I thought I'd been drawn into phlebotinin's Laggardly Dimension, but I'm starting to suspect karosurly has shifted forward in time...

p.s. Has anyone mentioned the Dr. Horrible Hand Jive? That was pretty cool. (Why do I feel the need to name and capitalize things?)
Thanks, karosurly... apparently I've been very remiss in updating my iTunes software, so that function is not there; I'm correcting that now...
ooooo the Hand Jive! That was totally cool! very smooth!
Working for me now on iTunes!!!!
This is bizarre, y'all. Not only did I download it but I also got the email.
Just received email (ironically after download complete).
Wonders if it'll ever turn up on iTunes UK.
I got the email but I'm at work, so no download for me for another eight hours. (Also, the Internet at work sucks, so I can't even watch the stream.)
itunes just worked for me too!
I hope the iTunes lag had nothing to do with the discrepancy between the price of the season pass ($3.99) and the price of the Gift season pass (which was $1.99 Tuesday and Wednesday, but is now no longer available. iTunes now says that if you want to give Dr. Horrible as a gift, you must purchase each ep individually).

If iTunes made a mistake in the pricing of the Gift season pass, it must pony up the difference to the Mutants. Because the Crew Shall Be Paid.

Typing of lags, iTunes still doesn't have Act II for sale as an individual download.
I like the idea of Bad Horse as being like a Keyser Soze. In that case... Bad Horse could be.... Moist? Horses do sweat.

But no, Joss likes to keep his cards close to his chest, and even more up his sleeve. I predict the mystery of Bad Horse will remain just that.

Maybe Bad Horse is like The First, except it can only manifest in the form of dead horses.
Got it... Act 2 is downloading from iTunes now... Yay!
Is it on iTunes Canada yet? Did that have to do with the issue of everything having to be offered in both French and English?

I wonder what the issues are with iTunes stores in different countries. I can see the complexities of rights and negotiations being potentially quite wretched. I feel bad for the ME team for having to navigate those waters, and I feel bad for those who don't have access to the U.S. iTunes store right now.

Act 2 is downloading on my machine as I type. I guess the laggardliness of my dimension is only a micro-laggardliness. Strangely, though, Act 2 doesn't yet show up in the list as separately purchasable. Seems to be downloadable right now only via a subscription.

I wonder if Act 2 will make it to #1 TV show today on iTunes. Here's hoping....
That's where I'm seeing it, too.

Add me to the list of people who see it too, Nebula1400 & Highlander. I've been meaning to mention it in this thread, but I keep forgetting. It's the way he looks when 'angry' in that final song. Plus maybe, something else I can't quite put my finger on. Is there's something similar in that song to "Rest in Peace", perhaps? Although I can't think of anything really noticeable from the top of my head, to be honest. But there's certainly something there. And I was never even a big Spike-fan, so it's not like I'm seeing him everywhere (not implying either of you are ofcourse). But it's just in that last song. NPH's acting is pretty different from that of JM, overall.

Also: after shephard-book-look-a-like and pots-and-pans-disguised-as-serenity, it's only fitting that the Buffyverse'd turn up as well ;)
Act II now showing up for individual purchase on my iTunes.
Looks like iTunes is finally letting us all have it (in the US, anyway).

We're all gonna be so let down after Saturday.
In case Joss 'n Company swoop through here to read the compliments, I want to make a statement about Joss' Sondheim influence and how wonderfully he used it in OMWF, and now here; from ballads to charming three-part harmony, to Dr. Horrible's Rat-a-tat start to A Brand New Day (all of that song is great, but boy it starts out with a bang): Disappeared has a moral dilemma, 'cause at first ..., all filtered through his own musical sensibilities. And not only charming and dramatically-ept score, but the use of language in the book. Renaissance Man? I think so. Do more, Joss. Off-Broadway and Broadway are calling you, texting you, paging you ...
The end song is kinda rocky and "blokey" and there's some "walk and sing" in it just like 'Rest in Peace' so yeah, definite similarities. And both characters have a sort of purposefulness to them.

Wonders if it'll ever turn up on iTunes UK.

Tell me about it Simon. Damn it Joss, I wanna pay for it too ! ;-)

[ edited by Saje on 2008-07-17 19:04 ]
We're all gonna be so let down after Saturday.

I for one am really looking forward to the commentary musical, so I'll be eagerly anticipating the DVD release. Wheeeee!
GVH Said:

Also: after shephard-book-look-a-like and pots-and-pans-disguised-as-serenity, it's only fitting that the Buffyverse'd turn up as well ;)

Ah, just admit it, we all have our own Jossession with the 'verse.
I for one am really looking forward to the commentary musical, so I'll be eagerly anticipating the DVD release. Wheeeee!

And those going to Comic-Con will get to see it with hundreds of other fans. Not to mention getting to hear the cast and crew talk about it at the panel.

Oh, and we got official confirmation. We'll have all 4 Horrible shirts at the California Browncoats booth.

Maybe that t-shirt shouldn't be called "Hammer's hammer."
Does anyone recognize the book Penny is reading in the photo of her Dr. Horrible moons over? The something Collector?
I for one am really looking forward to the commentary musical, so I'll be eagerly anticipating the DVD release. Wheeeee!

Oh, please let it be released as a DVD before the summer is over!

Like next week???
It's The Toy Collector by James Gunn. Who is a friend of Joss'.
For whomever asked upthread about Canada, yes, iTunes carried Act I although we haven't have a chance to pay for all three, just one at a time. Can't check to see if Act II is up there yet.
And crossing fingers that other countries get it soon.
It's The Toy Collector by James Gunn. Who is a friend of Joss'.

Have you read it Tonya J ? Are there any clues in there ? Mysterious and yet evil equines ? Sweetly cute redheads that end up being evil masterminds and/or super-heroes in their own right ?
Not yet - but I keep planning to and I know the basic plot having read it at Amazon dot com. I have to wonder why that book and am trying to resist reading in more than I ought. Go read the synopsis there and see what you think ... seems very un-Penny like unless there is indeed something coming up in Act III. Or it could just be a quick homage to a fellow filmmaker.
Thanks, Tonya J!
Is it schizophrenic to agree totally with both Billy and Penny's pov in their song at the same time? Yes/no?

And I suppose adopting it as a personal motto would expose too many significant character flaws, huh? Darn.

The soundtrack cannot come too soon. Look everybody, Barney's rapping!
I think Penny is also a wannabe super-villain applying to get into The Evil League of Evil, and this is her scheme to bring down Captain Hammer.
Is it schizophrenic to agree totally with both Billy and Penny's pov in their song at the same time? Yes/no?

It's not schizophrenic, but natural and wise, I think. :) Like glass half-full or half-empty - but it's the same glass.

[ edited by Nata on 2008-07-17 20:09 ]
Go read the synopsis there and see what you think ... seems very un-Penny like unless there is indeed something coming up in Act III. Or it could just be a quick homage to a fellow filmmaker.

Tonya, I'm familiar with The Toy Collector plot and don't know that I would say that it's "un-Penny like." Her conversation with Billy suggests that she too had a broken childhood, so it wouldn't be a shock to see her attracted to material about two brothers who had opposite reactions to the same family history, one negative and one positive. Kind of a "there but for the grace of god go I" thing.

[ edited by BrewBunny on 2008-07-17 20:14 ]
I think Penny is also a wannabe super-villain applying to get into The Evil League of Evil, and this is her scheme to bring down Captain Hammer.

I don't know if I subscribe to this theory, but it would make a lot of subversive sense to have the ingenue's stereotypical persona flipped on its head like Horrible and Hammer. Would that disappoint people though? It would be a rather Joss-like move, though. Not a death, but a total reversal of character. But with all the whispering about a super-sekret guest star, wonder if that will happen.

ETA: True, BrewBunny. But it's about a man's broken childhood and he's into a lot of unsavory things as an adult, which means he didn't overcome the things that happened in childhood. Looks like Penny has.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-07-17 20:18 ]
Her conversation with Billy suggests that she too had a broken childhood, so it wouldn't be a shock to see her attracted to material about two brothers who had opposite reactions to the same family history, one negative and one positive. Kind of a "there but for the grace of god go I" thing."

Maybe all three are siblings, but they don't know it.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2008-07-17 20:20 ]
OMG ! Maybe Penny's one half of Bad Horse and her evil brother's the other ?! Actually, does that even make sense to Americans, do you guys have pantomime horses ?

Go read the synopsis there and see what you think ... seems very un-Penny like unless there is indeed something coming up in Act III.

Hmm, some broad similarities maybe, it seems to be about a misfit that's trying to change his life so (very slight) shades of Dr H. Probably just a nod to James Gunn, Joss knows how we pick over his stuff and that seems like the sort of little nod he'd get a kick out of seeing himself too.

(but wouldn't it be the coolest coincidence if they just needed a book and Felicia Day - or someone else, Nathan maybe ? - happened to be reading that one at the time ?)
Actually, does that even make sense to Americans, do you guys have pantomime horses ?

Indeed we do! And also, indoor plumbing. ;-)

I've actually been thinking about how funny it would be if Bad Horse was one of those two-guys-in-a-horse-suit horses.
Maybe Penny's one half of Bad Horse and her evil brother's the other ?!

Maybe Penny and Billy are both the secret twin offspring of Bad Horse who were separated and hidden at birth. I've always thought that Captain Hammer's black gloves were a nice hat-tip to Darth Vader.
Turns out iTunes won't make the Act 2 download available for another day or two to those of us who bought the 'season pass' (why didn't you guys warn me that that was a lousy option? Save 50 ¢ but wait an extra 24-48 hours!).
I'm betting on Moist to be the true Bad Horse!
I wonder if there's a member of the Evil League of Evil named

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-07-17 20:53 ]

I must be the luckiest person in the world, because both times I watched this I was able to right then and there, no worries at all.
Turns out iTunes won't make the Act 2 download available for another day or two to those of us who bought the 'season pass'

Wait, what? I have a season pass and I got Act II a couple of hours ago.
I was kind of hoping we'd crash the server again. I mean, Act 2 is totally worth it! At least I can still comment. :)

Oh, man, I LOVED the songs in this one! And I still love my "Freeze-Ray", but to round out my trio would be the duo with Penny and the "Good Day" song! EEe! Lovely.

Always been a fan of sporks! Love to see the pie reference!

I think I'm going to cry when I see our Dr. Horrible team in person. They've made me so happy I can't contain it!

Oh, BTW, after watching Act 2 my brother demanded a Doc Horrible t-shirt. And he "hates" musicals. Another one bites the pie! Bwah ha ha ha!
Just watched Act 2 again on I-Tunes. I've watched the whole video around five times straight through now, and the first and last song many more times than that. I remain as in love with it as the first time I saw it. I'm not usually the type to rewatch things this obsessively.

My favorite moment, I love the camera on Dr.Horrible right after his confrontation with Captain Hammer, when he smiles his first honestly evil smile, and evokes for a moment Sweeney Todd.

In fact, elements of both the first and final song remind me of Sweeney Todd. Not the content as a whole, but moments of it. The characters disdain for the world at the start, and the under the breath rapid-fire prose between rock sections in the final number. As impressive as the duet is, considering the time constraints, that they have developed two numbers as evocative and honestly stage-worthy as those is major praise to all involved.

I really can't wait for Act 3. I actually watched the trailer again a few minutes ago, and noticed how much we haven't seen yet in the first two parts :). Saturday can't come soon enough.
Maybe Penny's one half of Bad Horse and her evil brother's the other ?!
Maybe Penny and Billy are both the secret twin offspring of Bad Horse who were separated and hidden at birth.
Or maybe Captain Hammer's the one with the super strength and Penny's the one with the visions? ;v)
Saturday will be a mixed feeling, yay, for the 3rd ep, OH noes for the last one :( I can totally see this one into a tv show, with song and dances. Oh well, I guess I'm not the one the Nielsen crap ratings counts.
I actually watched the trailer again a few minutes ago, and noticed how much we haven't seen yet in the first two parts :).
Yeah, I did that, too. How desperate is that?
Regarding the "Spike" look-

I only saw this when Dr. Horrible is announcing to his vlog that his plan is going to work and he is "for sure" in the ELOE. It's the cheek-bones, dude. And the way he tilts his head to show off the cheek-bones. I think Joss made reference to how happy he was that NPH had good cheek-bones.

For the OMWF, yeah, I guess I can see it, but that is totally the Doc to me. :)

Yay! All four shirts! The Shoulder Boogie & the Hand Jive! *need to practice that* Hm. After watching Doc, I seem to have lost control of my fingers... they're not typing like they should (evil!).

Bad Horse Suggestion: Just some Poser in a Parka. That would be Joss, to a "J". To have this whole quest going, and then for the Doc to "actually" become evil... just to find out he's bidding for someone who's just another tool in the system. Ooo. That would be a shocker. *claims it said here first!*
Can someone push this thread up top or does it need a new one?
It's already got a link in the snitch (under the donate button) on the right hand side of the main page. No worries. :D
You can see active threads through the recent comments link or under The Sitch. We don't 'bump' them per se :)
So korkster, you think Johnny Snow is Bad Horse?
I kinda like The Snitch better. It sounds like a demon bar where Buffy would go to beat up patrons for information. Or a B-villain Dr. Horrible would hang out with.
I love the duet between NPG & Felicia Day. Just Beautiful!

Can't wait for Act III. I also bought the season pass on iTunes. It's worth every penny!
I didn't mean Johnny Snow perse, karosurly. I just meant that one we meet Bad Horse, I think it'll be a no-name villian, a poser who's not doing anything really to change the system. Doc Horrible will do all of these feats, defeat his nemesis, and discover that he is alone on that part... of course that wouldn't leave much room for a sequel, would it?
iTunes Canada: I just refreshed and both I & II loaded on my machine.wooo wooo!
Still not sure if I will be charged for it and at want price?
Wow. It's fantastic!!! (I'm about the 400th person to say so, but it can't be stressed enough...)
I like the songs in Act II even better than in the first act. I want the soundtrack!!!
Now I'm gonna watch it for the about tenth time in a row ... :-)
Even better than act 1, excuse me while I go watch it for a 5th time.
Can't believe how brilliant this is! Heart beating out of my chest Pepe le Pieu style.
Can't find it on the website to link to, but, I just got the Tuesday iTunes "New Video Spotlight" email and it talks about Dr. Horrible as its first item:

"In this three-part musical comedy available for download exclusively on iTunes, Neil Patrick Harris dons a lab coat and the title of Doctor once again (envision mad scientist, not child protégé). Directed by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly), Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog tells the story of the aforementioned charming, yet twisted, singing supervillain; his archnemesis, the superhero Captain Hammer; and Penny, Dr. Horrible's love interest who he's too shy to approach."
My God. Penny is reading "The Toy Collector" by James Gunn in Doc Horrible's stalkery picture of her. I am blown away.

Oh, and the songs. Oh, and Horrible not pouring soup. And Fillion. Gaaaah...
Y'know, Captain Hammer is well-named, 'cause he's a real dick...

Would I be a bad, bad man if I said I really hope Dr. Horrible wins? I don't care, I'm gonna say it anyway.
Go Dr. Horrible!!! And that debut song in Act 2 is just amazing!!!

This has been just a great ride, looking forward to part three and then the DVD.

Keep knocking them out of the park Joss!!!
I'd just like to state for the record that my not-quite-three-year-old son has been going around all day hollering, "A maaaaaaan's gotta doooooooo."
Want it in itunes outside of US... How are we meant to show our love for Joss, and buy both DVD and eps, and make this a bigger profit than expected if we can't buy it on itunes?
I loved NPH's final song in this. That was one of the best songs so far. Probably second only to Freeze Ray.
Am I the only one wondering if the ending clip with Dr. Horrible being all huge and stomping on Captain Hammer was just artistic license with the music?
Jobo, I too love "Brand New Day" song, but I wouldn't say it's second to "Freeze Ray". I'd say there's a trio of equality of greatness between those two and the "Can't Believe My Eyes" song. Tremendously breath-taking!

Maratanos, I believe it was just artistic license with the music... and didn't actually happen... because what would happen then in Act 3?

Out of curiosity, am I the only psycho that's seen this like a gagillion times and still has the craving to watch it again? Is there cocaine in this musical? Why am I so addicted???

Oh, it's Joss. And NPH. And NF. And FD. And sporks. And fake bushes.

No wonder.
Am I the only one wondering if the ending clip with Dr. Horrible being all huge and stomping on Captain Hammer was just artistic license with the music?

Um, you're not even supposed to wonder about it. There's nothing in the text of the act to support anything else.
This huge foot stomping over Hammer's face was so familiar it was driving me crazy. Now I got it - Hamilton stomped over Illyria in the same way, in Power Play.
Oh, I thought of Buffy stamping out Gachnar.
When I first saw Penny's outfit in a behind the scenes pic on Dr. Horrible's Official myspace, I thought it was like Supergirl's outfit from the comic books a long time ago. Supergirl kept having different versions of the same outfit.
After my gagillion and one time, I noticed that in Act 1 Penny seems drawn to Billy, but he's too wrapped up in completing his mission so he can win the girl to realize that he's already won her.

Anybody else get that?

And now, in Act 2, the girl is look elsewhere after getting the cold shoulder, and Dr. H has refocused his mission- get girl at all costs.

Am I the only one?
Anybody else get that?

Yes. It's pretty clear (although I don't think I caught it first time through) from the way she tries to play off his not turning his back on a fellow laundry person remark.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-07-18 04:35 ]
Yeah, thanks bix. I found that one comment over on .org.

Man, I'm bored and want to talk about Dr. Horrible. Is everyone asleep besides you and me?

Is it bad that I sent an e-mail to a radio station with Dr. Horrible? My own evil plan is to one day turn on my radio and hear the Duet of NPH & FD. Selfish, I know.

Or "Brand New Day" on one of my not so good days. >)
RE: my first comment that you answered... don't you think that's stupid of Billy? And yet common in everyday life. Why can't people get it together and look back at someone looking at them?

Ugh. Sorry, I was Billy/Dr. Horrible once. You never get looked at when you're looking, but find out later on that you were noticed. You did have an affect.
don't you think that's stupid of Billy? And yet common in everyday life

Yes to both. And I still am Billy.

Actually, to be more precise, I am very good at both missing signals when they are there, and inventing them when they are not.
Pfft. Who doesn't?
Ah, the old connect-the-dots game. One of my favorites!

Well, I've taken a break from being Billy in the fact that I'm only focusing on my evil plans. That poison in the water main isn't a bad idea on some days. Sporks need to be included in there somewhere.

Ah, have you had the Billy where you were doing something great, brought two people together, and didn't get any of the credit (not that that was needed)? And, instead of the "credit", you were blamed for the circumstances instead which were technically out of your control because people didn't play their parts as they should?

I have.
Good morning, NYP! (or night, or whatever)

My friends in NY liked Doc Horrible but didn't really like the songs, which I totally don't understand. They carry the emotion and move the plot along! Maybe she's just nuts. I could feed her pie... maybe she only has the crust part of the pie.
Oh, I've also been stalking Twitter since I found out our players go there. Here's the newest Twits.

Dr. H:
@feliciaday You are pretty. Sing to me please.

To which, she responds:

feliciaday @drhorrible why Horrible, you are a forward thing! ;)

Ha. I was just reading twitter too.
A pie is nothing without the crust. Without crust, what is it? Not pie.

PS I've been Billy more times then I have been Penny. *le sigh*

Should I watch it again?
Ah, but crust is nothing without pie. It's just crusty. Bleh.

And you should watch it again, because then it gives me an excuse to watch it again.

Everytime gives me a twinkle in my eye.

BTW, I had to join Twitter to remind FD to bring a camera. And to tell Dr. H that I love him/it.

Creepy? Probably. But Billy brings out the best in all of us.
Ooo. The scene where Billy is singing outside the window hits home. I spent many hours outside a window sill. I was told that I couldn't come inside... but I could stand outside. Best friends are weird.

During the Duet when they are both singing on the wall, are they supposed to be on the same wall? Like, 2-sides of a wall? I think that's what it was supposed to be, but just making sure.
I think the inner wall was the homeless shelter and the outer wall was, well...the outer wall of the homeless shelter.

Also, I think it would have been funnier if the line had been: "My penis is the hammer". It compliments the previous line.
I agree with you on the first point, batmarlowe, but not the second. "The hammer is my penis" reads wonderfloniumly.
jcs: "Oh, I thought of Buffy stamping out Gachnar."

Oh, yeah, jcs, fo' sho'. (And do you think if I told anyone outside of this fandom that all I had to do was search one of the image folders on my site for "gachnar" to find those two screencaps already uploaded that they'd think it was just a mite odd? Hmmmm? Do ya?/Stewie)

Re: the love thing... poor Billy. But I've been Billy, I've been Penny, and I think there were a few times I might've been a bit of a Captain Hammer - minus the actual penis, of course.

Happily, nobody's drawn so black-and-white in Doc Horrible that we can't maybe find a little of ourselves in each main character. (Ya know, there's layers - just like pie.) Well, not just main - hell, I've been Moist, oh yes I have, indeedy: sidekick/henchman to a floundering romance.

Have I mentioned just how much I appreciate NPH's little eye-twitchy thingy when he's concerned or upset? I really appreciate how he's drawn his character so finely...

I get to watch Act 2 again with my honey when he gets home momentito, 'cause he ain't seen it yet. I love watching new Whedony-stuff with him, 'cause I get to see it all new again, through his eyes. It's fun!/sappy

(Oh, and I'm a Twit, too - come find me and be my Twitter-Pal as we Twit ever-so-moistly.)
QG, is your Twit name QG?

How exciting! Yes, I LOVE NPH's eye-twitch. I think the only time his eyes don't twitch is when Penny is singing to him in the laundry mat. Could be wrong. Why don't you scene-snatch it to make sure. ;)

ETA: Oh, geez. It's 10PM and I'm still at work. I should really go home now. 'Til tomorrow!

[ edited by korkster on 2008-07-18 05:51 ]
I keep playing the last two minutes over and over. I want a full length version of "Brand New Day" and I want it to play on KROQ.
I have a theory...that it's a wait wrong show...I have a theory on Bad Horse. I've seen a few people suggest Captain Hammer or Penny - since Penny clearly knows who Bad Horse is. Perhaps Penny is the daughter of Bad Horse. Or Penny herself is a villain and has tried/is in the League of Evil
TamaraC, I keep doing that, too.
Could Captain Hammer be Bad Horse? Is he intelligent enough to be the head of the Evil League of Evil? Interesting ... Whatever, I have one question. Why doesn't Joss write a full-length musical? With the number of hits Dr Horrible has had, he could open on Broadway and have a full house every night! I'd even fly over from the UK to see it, probably without a plane if Nathan Fillion was in it ...
Captain Hammer couldn't be Bad Horse (he is indeed too stupid) BUT Captain Hammer could be a persona affected to disguise Bad Horse, just like bumbling Clark Kent disguises Superman and playboy Bruce Wayne disguises Batman. Only, y'know, evil.

(and it didn't seem to mean much that Penny knew "the thoroughbred of sin", I had him pictured as a sort of John Gotti i.e. well known in the world, not a secret evil mastermind. Maybe it is her though, who knows ?)
My t-shirt shipped. Woo.
theonetruebix | July 17, 06:06 CET

Mine too!

And until it arrives, I'll be in my bunk, contemplating Captain Hammer.
As for the Australia comment - every one of us Downunder got a happy.

I look forward to being ruled by Felicia Day. How could anyone not?

Some Hypothesizing:

I wonder if Captain Hammer's political influence is based on the same way he deals with everything else in his life: punching. It may be that he was lying about signing the petition; Captain Hammer (as seen in the comic) abhors high level thinking, so would simply have either charmed or threatened the mayor. I suspect Hammer's bullying of Dr. Horrible is simply a microcosm of the way he intimidates the entire city.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it fits with Dr. Horrible's skepticism of the petition and all his talking about Captain Hammer being what's wrong with society. Unless I'm reading too much into this.
So...this is Mayor Villaraigosa we're talking about, yes?

I think Captain Hammer is more likely to be accepted into the Evil League of Evil than Dr. Horrible is. His name could go both ways, really.

I don't think Penny is Bad Horse, but there's definitely some kind of dark/tragic past there. Maybe she really is Snow White. And, um, the homeless people are her dwarves...
did anyone else get a ghostbusters reference out of the last scene with giant NPH? Looks an awful lot like the ghostbusters firehouse... Which I guess makes NPH staypuft? :)
I keep playing the last two minutes over and over. I want a full length version of "Brand New Day" and I want it to play on KROQ.
TamaraC | July 18, 08:07 CET

Totally right there with you, TamaraC. That's why I sent my radio station the link to Dr. Horrible. The producer there loves HIMYM, so hopefully she'll clicky the link. >)

I don't think Captain Hammer bullied the Mayor. As seen in the comic and the feeling from the show, it seems as though everyone loves him... but they just see the cheesey, do-gooder surface. They don't know about the third cheesey layer like Dr. Horrible does. If Cpt. Hammer wants something, he usually just gets it without "discussion".

I think Penny had it rough, but not dark death/tragedy rough. It would make more sense in my mind if she played the middle. Not well off, but optimistic (which she does). She has Captain Hammer's outlook on life but lives in the reality that Dr. Horrible does.

The difference between Dr. H & Penny is that he's a "glass half-empty" kind of guy. Sometimes I wonder when they finally do give each other a chance if they'll see they're not meant to be together.

I have wondered though if Captain Hammer is a tool for Bad Horse. There can't be bad guys without a good guy, right? CH may not know about the degree of his toolness, but it'd explain his Hammer Cycle & Ham Jet.
ghostbusters firehouse...

What's that?

Without answering that question, yes, I do see NPH and the Marshmellow man. He even moves like him. :)

I'm still tripping on the daylight effects of evilness. Usually evil is done at night... but Dr. Horrible's evil is done right out in the day, with angels singing and birds chirping. Sometimes I wonder if he just got those two words mixed up as a child... seeing how I agree with him on some of his parts and I find him more of a hero everyday.
I hope Penny is given a twist at the end, though I don't know that her turning out to be Bad Horse would be the twist I am looking for.

I was thinking about the celebrity as Bad Horse rumor and going through who Joss knows...which is probably just about everybody...then I had this vision of his introducer at the Equality Now event, and even though Bad Horse is very specifically referred to as male, I had a vision of Meryl Streep as Bad Horse. It gave me a laugh. :-D

[ edited by newcj on 2008-07-18 17:53 ]
Looks an awful lot like the ghostbusters firehouse...

Course, it's hard to tell what's specific homage and what's just in there because they filmed it on the Universal back-lot but yeah, that does look like the Ghostbusters' fire-house, good eye ;).

(maybe it is a nod given Dr H's giantness)
I still believe that Penny also is a wannabe supervillain and this is all part of her plan to take down Captain Hammer, get into The Evil League of Evil, and be with Dr. Horrible.
I think she's secretly somehow related to Bad Horse. She knew who he was, grew up in darkness and found the light, etc. Unless the light means corrupting a wannabe into actual evil. Hmmm. Possibly she is more evil than Bad Horse by inspiring evil in Dr. Horrible.

Could Captain Hammer be Bad Horse? Is he intelligent enough to be the head of the Evil League of Evil?

He's not very horsey, and yeah I think he lacks the skills needed to rule an evil league. The Brotherhood of Jerks would be more his thing. Nathan Fillion plays the menacing buffon who's just a bit absurd and just a bit scary and always a tad distracted by his own awesomeness very very well.
Nailed it on the head, Sunfire.

Meryl Streep as Bad Horse... made me shoot water out of my nose onto my monitor. Thanks.

I still don't think the fact that Penny knew who Bad Horse was is enough information to link her to being/knowing/related to Bad Horse in anyway.

I mean, he's Bad Horse, obviously famous, feared, & awed throughout the lands. Bad Horse: Thoroughbred of Sin is just a trademark just like Dr. Horrible: Ph.D. in Horribleness.

I do find it odd, however, that Penny doesn't notice Dr. Horrible as Billy. I mean, Cap Hammer is choking Dr. H while Penny is thanking being saved. Is it that she's oblivious to that fact by being enthralled with Captain Hammer? Or has she known that Dr. H = Billy for a long time, and it just didn't phase her?

And, as mentioned before by my fellow desperate fellows, what about all the other clips from the trailer we haven't seen? Like the dude in purple? Who is that guy?!
I mean, Cap Hammer is choking Dr. H while Penny is thanking being saved.

It makes perfect sense if my speculation is correct. ;)
Dr. Horrible is in disquise, remember. In street clothes, he's just Billy. Capt. Hammer recognizes who he is because of the blog perhaps.
I still don't think the fact that Penny knew who Bad Horse was is enough information to link her to being/knowing/related to Bad Horse in anyway.

No, but "I want to be an achiever. Like Bad Horse. I mean, Gandhi" didn't freak her out either.

Dr. Horrible is in disquise, remember.

Yeah, I think once he sticks those goggles on his head, most people can't tell he's Billy.

It makes perfect sense if my speculation is correct. ;)

The duet does work two ways.
Some bits of Dr Horrible (including all of Act I) are up on YouTube. Hope someone from the Dr H team contacts them to request that it's taken down. They have the right to do that, don't they?
My t-shirt arrived. Captain Hammer logo.

I have to say, I'm surprised at how small the hammer is.
Or.. it's so no one confuses anyone else with The>/i> Captain Hammer. His ego won't have that. So, logo on t-shirts worn by anyone else are small. Cute. Petite. So his will always be bigger.

*took out really bad joke, entered my actual thoughts.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-07-18 21:00 ]

It's comic book law, heroes and villains in disguise can't be recognized in regular clothes. Except when it serves the story.

Also, I don't think Captain Hammer signed a petition or anything for the building. I think he signed an autograph for the Mayor and then the Mayor signed over the building.
I think he held up his fists to the Mayor, and then signed an autograph, and then the Mayor signed over the building.
I think those are both plausible, danregal & bix. In all the vlogs we've seen, Lionness, Dr. H is always in costume, so I don't think his viewers should "know" either.

And, sorry bix, but after 460 comments (trying to get to 500!), I can't remember what your theory is. Is it that Penny is Glory? Or are you trying to say Penny = Bad Horse?

And Saje, how does the duet work 2 ways? Things are looking up for Penny/Bad Horse because the evil is afoot and being evil? While Dr. Horrible is slipping into her evil plan?

Is that what you guys meant, or did I just pull that out of the black?
I think Penny either knew who Bad Horse is because 1) in the universe of Doc Horrible, they dedicate bridges to superheroes and people know their supervillains or

I guess one huge question that comes up for me is

Or hell, I dunno - I really suck at speculation. I want all of the possible alternate endings to be true.
korkster, I just restated my speculation this morning. Heh,
I want all of the possible alternate endings to be true.

DVD special! All endings! Acted out with sock puppets!

And Saje, how does the duet work 2 ways?

That was me. She could be singing about Dr. Horrible. It's rather interesting how the lyrics and visuals are composed. Possibly it's just because we're supposed to sing things through Dr. Horrible's eyes though.

ETA: That's right, sing things. Through his eyes. However that works.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-07-18 22:05 ]
Ah that explains my complete lack of related memory. Thought i'd been possessed by the vengeful spirit of a murdered innocent. Again. You wouldn't believe what it's like getting that out of silk.
I hate the way you'all keep giving me ideas for funny graphics to make when I am supposed to be earning a living, not to mention various other commitments and stuff.

Quit it, quit it, quit it. Or I will get in trouble with my boss, who is a mean, mean person.

(Somehow I never quite pictured you all arrayed and ensconced in silk, Saje, possibly because I have a limited imagination...)
I only array/ensconce myself for special occasions, like being possessed by the vengeful spirit of a murdered innocent. In retrospect, this may be worth re-considering. Some sort of poly blend might be more practical.
I do think ritual garb needs to flow, so I can see why you went with silk, originally, but you really should look into something drapey yet washable. I recommend a heavy - and maybe brushed? - cotton in a dark print or black. Your ritual jewelry and weaponry will look best against the black.
That's the thing, clearly you need a certain amount of other worldly grandeur, a sort of flowing intimation of eldritch forces at work but is it asking to much for it to be machine washable too ? I dunno though, cotton doesn't wick very well and one thing i've noticed about possession ? Sweaty.
Ah, sorry bix. By the time I read it, it was like 30 comments ago. Okay, according to you, Penny has her own agenda to get into the ELOE, defeat Captain Hammer, and be with Dr. Horrible...

so why would standing there while Dr. H is being choked play into your plan? Is she playing hard to get? I'm confused.

Drapey yet washable... what about a parka? Easy to take on and off, covers your whole body from the ritual sacrifices, come in many colors... and to complete it with your ritual jewelry and weaponry, you should get a sombrero to protect your head form the evil rays of sunshine.

QG, since we're both not doing work when we should, providing our bosses with the chance to fire us if caught, I say we go out with a band and figure out how they made Dr. Horrible's goggles. What's on top of the base (regular goggles)? I thought it might be camera lenses, but I think I'm wrong. You're great at screen captures, can you get a close up?
To Saje: LOL.
so why would standing there while Dr. H is being choked play into your plan?

Because she can't, at that point, reveal herself as someone who would step in to defend Dr. H, because she's trying to attract Captain H? Or something.

And in the other thread someone answers your goggles question. They are just welding goggles.
Ah, okay. Get it.

Re: goggles. If I wanted to make my own... I would take some green standard student goggles (they have the vents on the sides like Dr. H's), color them, cut out some holes in the eye part, and glue an additional layer on top.

Maybe I can get a cheap top layer in a toy store, or use magnifying glasses...

Thanks, bix.
Saje don't wanna be no poser in a parka, korky, he wants to be a poser in a peignoir. Well, sortof a hooded peignoir... mebbe more like a chasuble or something... something with flow and flair. Made of a washable synthetic - wait, maybe a cleverly-draped-and-vented plastic shower curtain à la Project Runway? I really think this should be their next challenge.

(And If my boss fires me, he won't be able to sleep nights - literally, and so he knows.)
Ooo, what about a shower cap to compliment the shower curtain?

That's some power you have there, QG, to keep your boss from sleeping nights. NOw if only I could turn my boss into a human...

it's korkI (cursed with corrections my whole life)

I have to say, I'm surprised at how small the hammer is.

Guess Penny won't be having the night of her life ... Oh c'mon! It's tiny Hammer humor.
Thank you all for keeping me well-entertained while I wait for Act III. Instead of working.
(Who me, deadline Monday a.m.? That's ages away.)
ooh. It's finally getting close to the end of this thread snd time to start a new one. Hooray!
T - 23 minutes in San Diego.
Ahaha, I just now caught on that it was Billy with a moustache pouring the soup in the background of the homeless shelter.

Totally missed that before.

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