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July 16 2008

Whedon has Cabin fever. SCI FI Wire has a few details about The Cabin in the Woods. Not plot details, but production details.

I don't think a single thing in that article didn't make me happy. Especially the bit about Joss doing double-duty. Makes me feel a little bad for Joss, perhaps, but plenty of happy for myself. And starting production within six months... oh my.
Yeah, I like the bit about Joss and Drew apparently setting being greenlit as the condition for the sale of the script. <speculation>Perhaps a lesson from the Goners situation?</speculation>
I'm thrilled that Joss will be on hand for Cabin.
Must admit i wonder when joss finds the time for sleep sometimes......
still can't complain. Buffy and Angel comics, Dr Horrible, Dollhouse and now this......i'm content that i;m getting my whedon fix
But the lazy man hasn't made Ripper yet and I'm still waiting
Or The Serving Girl.

slave drivers aren't we.
And let's not forget us still waiting for Universal to wake up and smell the cash that 'Goners' could bring them if they didn't keep it in the limbo. Seriously, which part of 'Whedon's fans crashing sites to see Dr Horrible' isn't getting through to the Universal crowd?

I can't believe how greedy I'm becoming.
Normally the scale isn't the same for crashing a site and making big bucks at the cinema (by, like, several orders of magnitude ;) BUT in the case of 'Goners' (and 'Cabin...') we're talking fairly low budget horror style pics and those generally don't need the huge audiences to make their money back, so who knows, maybe someone will sit up and take notice ? Or maybe Joss needs to think less 'Universal' and more 'Miramax' ?

Ooh the six months comment is really encouraging. And I can totally see why he'd want to make it around LA, wonder if it'll be set there ? Cos it's not the first place this non-US type thinks when he thinks "woods" in an American setting, which could be quite refreshing.
Why, oh why Saje, did you have to ruin my perfect, blissful ignorance?

Too late. I can't go back to it now.

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There's some woods in and around LA, Saje. Did you think they went to Oregon every time there were woods in Buffy?
ETA: I'm sure there are some dl, it's just not what I think when I think "LA". And, to be perfectly honest, I thought they went to a sound stage every time there were woods in Buffy (great show, not always the most convincing outdoors shoots though ;).

Why, oh why Saje, did you have to ruin my perfect, blissful ignorance?

Oh i'm actually kind of agreeing with you Effulgent ;).

Joss mainly seems to do business with folk he knows (which makes perfect sense) but a smaller studio might have more realistic expectations. I was thinking of e.g. Kevin Smith who also has a cult (i.e. small but dedicated) fandom but who makes a nice living as a writer/director and keeps getting new gigs because his films always make money, even if they only take about $10 million at the box office. The reason ? They're cheap to make and do well on DVD.

And it seems like 'Goners' (from what we know of it) and 'Cabin ...' might fall into a similar budget bracket.

[ edited by Saje on 2008-07-17 12:06 ]
Cabin in the Woods is being made by MGM, right? If there's a smaller studio, not sure what it would be.
Yeah and "Cabin in the Woods" is being made. Whereas 'Goners' which was/is with Universal as I understand it is stuck in "development hell".

See what I mean ?
Last time I asked, nobody had a definite answer on whether Goners is still at Universal.
I think Goners is dead despite all the fancy Hollywood euphemisms.
I agree it has to be dead by now at Universal, if it's still there, Simon, but that doesn't mean it still couldn't be made. It would be more expensive to make than a brand new script because Universal's development costs would be stuck to it, probably. So unlikely but not impossible.
As of the 8th of July articles were still mentioning 'Goners' and Universal in the same breath. Not seen anything that contradicts that since. And it's not dead, it's resting ;-).

As others have already speculated though, maybe Mary Parent will take it over with her to MGM if/when Universal's option lapses ? Whatever happens, as I say, it seems to stand a better chance at a smaller studio.
Loved the name of Doc Horrible's e-mail correspondent, "Dead_Not_Sleeping."

From the hints, Cabin sounds like Joss and Drew are having their merry genre-busting way with the death-to-teenagers horror films of the 80s that Jeanine Bassinger said ticked off her purple pupil. Wonder if the little blonde girl will live . . . or turn out to be the monster . . . or lead an army . . .
I think Goners is dead despite all the fancy Hollywood euphemisms.

Although Joss was quoted not too long ago (the MTV Movies post maybe?) as saying he still had hope for it.

(Why do Cabin posts keep turning into Goners posts? Is this going to end up being another one of those things where a new project gets announced and everyone starts going, "Yeah whatever, why isn't he making more Firefly"? Heh.)

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Someone should ask him at Comic-con "If 'Goners' were ever to get made, is there going to be a sequel ?".
LOL... or, "If a Goners sequel were made, would they possibly greenlight Serenity 2?"
I didn't realize Drew Goddard was directing this until I read the article. Honestly that makes me more excited than anything else. He's a tremendously talented writer, and I can't wait to see what he does with it.

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