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July 07 2003

Xander on Angel petition There are probably a few of these around, but another Xander fan wants to convince Mutant Enemy that Xander would make a good addition to the Angel cast


like i want that loser on my favourite show
I love Xander, but why, oh why, should he be on the show where it makes the least sense to put him. He never liked Angel, Angel never liked him. I believe Xander himself dismissed the idea as dumb in the exit interviews once Buffy was officially ending.
I would much rather see Xander on a brand new spin off, than plopped into an established show.
Why would Nick want to continue as Xander? He's an actor, his fans should let him stretch and grow as one, instead of continuing in a one-note joke role, which it would be, if he was cast on 'Angel'. *sigh* He can always 'visit' during sweeps.
Well, Nick said he wasn't going to "Angel", and in all reports I've read, he seemed a little sad about that. He never said the idea was dumb, but he did say that it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. But at the same time, if anybody can make t work, it's Mutant Enemy. At any rate, I don't see why he can't have a guest starring role for an arc. It could be one of the many ways we find out what the Scoobs have been up to since the Sunnydale Incident.
spike never liked angel, so thats a stupid reason.

xander should definitely come on for an episode or an arc, and that's how cordelia can exit, leaving with him *dreamy sigh*
Well, it's not like Xander hates Angel. Just ... you know ... the guts part of him.
Of all of the former of BtVS, Nick Brendon is definitely the one I'd pay money to see as a guest star on ATS. I don't think Xander needs to be a permanent addition to the cast, but I'd love to see a two or three episode story arc ala Faith's return. Xander has such interesting history with Angel, Spike and obviously Cordelia that I think there's many great stories still left to be told.
Xander (like many Whedon creations) would make a fine edition to any cast.

Xander on Angel seems kinda out of place ... but I think that would be the beauty of it ... though, I suppose they might already be walking that line with one other, if not a couple other characters next season.

Though it might be cool for an episode or two.
Maybe he could stop by the Wolfram & Heart organ bank and get an evil eye ... just kidding.
Though under the advisement of Joss Whedon I can see anything working.
Evil Xander could be the Big Bad.
Wah! I don't want an Evil Xander! Vampire Xander creeped me way more than Vampire Willow, for instance, or even Evil Veiny Willow.
It's not like Nick Brendon is going to be too likely to find much major work after Buffy. He's a TV character actor with a speech impediment; the odds are rather stacked against him. I don't think he'd fit as a regular, but I would not be surprised at all if he made a few appearances. Reunion prospects'll be too great.
think Xander should be on at least a few episodes of Angel. If I remember rightly, Xander has been the only character to see vampires ( souless or souled ) as evil; he would make a great addition just by the fact that a soul - and redemption - doesn't really cut it with him.
Friarfunk ~ James Earl Jones is a character actor with a stutter, and it hasn't stopped him from finding work.
Nick was told that he wasn't going to be on AtS because Xander and Angel never got along and there wasn't a reason for them to work together. Of course, Angel and Spike hate each other too, but it's a more workable situation. They have a long history together, plus they have a sort of "two sides of the same coin" thing in common. Souled vamps, Buffy love, overuse of haircare products, etc. It'd be fun to compare/contrast them.

That being said, I wouldn't mind a visit from Xander. Although, one of the plans I've heard tossed around is having Giles and/or Willow show up for an ep or two. That would take care of answering the question of what the Scoobies have been up to, and they'd have more opportunities to interact with the different characters (Willow knows all of the Angel Gang by now, and Giles could contact Wesley about Watcher stuff). Depending on when they get rid of Cordelia (or if they just keep her in a coma off-camera), then Xander would only know Angel, Spike, and Wesley. He wouldn't ever get an itch to go visit any of them- so if he did show up, it'd have to be for a very special reason. And if they can think of one- hey- go for it!
See, THAT'S what would make Xander visiting Angel and the Fang Gang so excellent. You KNOW some shyte has hit the fan if Xander has to turn to Angel for help. That would be ONE kick-ass story!
Right on, saturn girl. I don't know about everyone else, but I never would've guessed that NB had a speech impediment, if I hadn't read about it in an article on-line. More power to him, and to any other actor who sidesteps the boundaries & stigma associated with any kind of disorder.
[tips hat to Saturn Girl]

Exactly. Nick did a lot of things before he tried acting. Maybe he'll try some more things; maybe he'll choose one thing and slam it to the mat. I wish him well, for he is the Comfortador.
"Nick was told that he wasn't going to be on AtS because Xander and Angel never got along and there wasn't a reason for them to work together."

I think that's the writers saying: "We don't know how to write stories for you, the only 'ordinary' character anymore and most of all, we've lost interest."

As for 'loser'... that would make most people on earth losers. And you know, maybe they are. Why watch winners all the time, anyway. Winners, champions, are boring. I'd rather have Xander on Angel than Buffy, or Spike or any of these so called heroes.
"I think that's the writers saying: "We don't know how to write stories for you, the only 'ordinary' character anymore and most of all, we've lost interest."

Hate to say it prolific but I think you've hit the nail on the head with this one. I'm a Xander fan and don't know how I'm going to cope without my Zeppo, but over the last couple of years on Buffy the writers have relegated him to little more than background noise. I'd rather watch the episodes I love than see Xander become a walking joke because no one remembers how to write for him. There is going to be enough tension between Spike and Angel next year, and while I love to see Dead Boy squirm, it's his show, the writers probably don't want to have too many people working against him.

I wish Nick Brendon every success in the future, I hope he doesn't get typecast as the 'best friend', although the comedy pilot he did implies that that typecasting may already be starting. To those who don't think he's a capable enough actor to carry a show on his own, or branch out onto other things I'd recommend you get hold of "Pinata" or "Psycho Beach Party", neither are particularly wonderful films but they do show a broad range of talent from the wonderful NB.
Xander doesn't need a supporting role on Angel. He should get his own show. I could pitch a plot arc for a show featuring Xander and any two other supporting characters - ideally Jonathan and Dawn. Actually they could be all new characters if the actors weren't there, but Nick Brendon needs a star vehicle. I might've mentioned my idea before so I won't waft on the details. There's still a plethora of story ideas featuring Xander's character. The character has been dying creatively since "Restless" because he's grown out of Sunnydale. Xander's like a tree that can't get any sun cuz of all the other trees surrounding him. I say replant him into a new vehicle and let him fluorish. Don't just throw him away like a weed.

I just need Whedon's ear for fifteen minutes and I'd have him salivating at the idea.

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