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July 17 2008

Joss Whedon Talks Dollhouse and his Love Affair with Battlestar Galactica. TVAddict speaks to Joss about regime change at FOX, and pilfering cast members from BSG.

Says Joss of FOX's treatment of Dollhouse:
I feel really good about how they plan to position it, and their feeling about it as a concept and as a show.

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Would love to see a meeting between Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams, as teased by that pic.
Would love for Joss to write an episode of BSG that would be amazing!!! Please?!
I heard he wanted to direct one but they couldn't work out the schedules.
Well he can't write on now, they wrapped principal on the final episode recently.
In which it will be revealed that the entire human race of the twelve colonies are in fact cylons. Descendants of cylons from thousands of years ago who fled earth from persecution. With each generation they became more human until they forgot what they were and lived as humans.

Only to create the cylons. "All this has happened before..."

Or something.
Joss, no you didn't! *finger snap*

I worship the air that you sneeze on, but those of us who also worship Tory Foster do not regard her as a "Cylon B*tch". She can take on Buffy in a fight pound for pound. :-)

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Well of course I have to insert my squee here, for obvious reasons. *joy* Please Joss, please pilfer more BSG actors!
I remember Joss saying he'd been trying to avoid people's ideas, because if they turned out to be true, it'd be like retroactive spoilerage. So I'm a little reluctant to talk about theories here, in case anyone else reading feels the same way.

Oh, and since Jane Espenson is writing the next BSG "movie" (IIRC), then maybe Joss can get the next one..? Pretty please?
Oh yeah, Joss and Katee Sackhoff! Dollhouse?
No Tory is evil!!! She deserves to die she killed poor Callie!!! Joss could write or direct an episode for the spin off series!
There is a part of me that is hoping that they don't go too crazy with the BSG movies. I really hope that they don't start doing them for the sake of it because I'd hate to see the show continued for the wrong reasons. Some of the Babylon 5 movies were great but others just felt entirely pointless and I wouldn't like to se that happen with the BSG story.

That said, if Joss was given the opportunity to write a BSG movie (one that needed to be made, obviously) then I'd not exactly be against the idea. I'd love to see how he would write for the characters of Baltar and Starbuck, especially.
I wouldn't care for a Joss written BSG unless he was able to inject his excellent sense of humor into it as well. I watched the first 3 seasons of BSG and it's pretty much devoid of humor.

Oh, but he can bring in Nicki Clyne to Dollhouse anytime. She's a cutie. :)
If I'm honest I'd probably prefer to see Joss write a more standard, humour-devoid BSG movie, if he was ever to do one. His usual style is perfect for the type of shows he creates (which would make sense seeing as how it's his usual style that he is creating them with...) but BSG isn't a Whedon show and certainly doesn't lend itself to too much humour.

If Joss were to write a Baltar-heavy movie then it's more likely that additional humour would work but even then it would have to be a lot less in your face than we are used to from a Whedon show. Otherwise it's going to seem forced and out of place in the greater BSG story.
I like Joss to stick to his own 'verses. He creates them so well. Much as I love BSG, I think Joss has better things (for him) to do.
No Tory is evil!!! She deserves to die she killed poor Callie!!!

IMO, that's all the more reason to love Tory. One of the first things I ever wrote about BSG after seeing all of Seasons 1 and 2 over a weekend was how much I wanted to see Callie chucked out the airlock. Thanks to Tory, I now so totally believe in Santa Claus.
Add me to Callie-chucked-out-the-airlock-thank-the-lords-of-cabal list!
Id love to see Joss direct a BSG movie. But I was never a fan of Cally. I do like Tory.
Aw, I love all of the BSG cast. They are really top of the league and I think sci-fi is lucky to have them.
I heart Cally. Haters!
I don't understand why anyone could hate Cally. Well except for the whole Boomer thing... But I love Cally, and hate Tory for what she did to her.

I'm not sure about the BSG movies, wasn't the series planned to end where it going to end? So why are additional movies needed? I'm not the greatest fan of prequels and sequels (unless they were originally planned to serve the overall story) but at the same time, I can't really complain about more BSG, or about the prospect of Joss writing any of it.
None of the movies will take place after the end of the series, storywise.

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