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July 17 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Strong nominated for Emmys. They got nominated in the 'Supporting Actor In A Comedy' and 'Writing For A Minseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special' categories.

Early reports that Christina Hendricks got nominated were sadly incorrect. Apologies for any confusion caused.

For Dr Horrible?............ :)
Next year :). Can webisodes be nominated for the Emmys?
Well I'm thinking that NPH deserves all the awards and honors that can be bestowed! I am so blown away by his Doctor Horrible!
I'll be crossing my fingers for Neil! He very much deserves it :)
This is a good week for NPH!!!!
No idea Simon, but want to bet the rules would get changed if one wins one? [1] :)

[1] Sandman

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Next year :). Can webisodes be nominated for the Emmys?

I was wondering the same thing.
Christina Hendricks also got nominated for her work on Mad Men in the Supporting Actress category. Congratulations to our Mrs. Reynolds!
I managed to miss that. Thanks for the heads up Arabchick.
Is he channeling Doogie Howser in that white lab coat?

I am so blown away by how great he is!
I do hope NPH gets to show his range more often in How I Met Your Mother. Don't get me wrong, Barney is comedy gold and almost everything he adds to the mix in that show is laugh-out-loud funny... but I'd like to see him able to stretch his abilities a bit more. We've seen it... twice, (I think?), now on HIMYM and I'm hoping they'll let him do it more often. Dr. Horrible shows what he's able to do, given a more flexible role.
Very doubtful that there will be a webisode related Emmy nomination. The best and brightest of the science fiction type shows on television can barely get a mention when it comes to the Emmys. You really think something as cult as a "webisode" will ever be recognised as Emmy acceptable when Battlestar Galactica has been ignored for all these years?

It seems to me like they only include Lost because it's such a phenomenon that they can't ignore it. I'll bet if it was on Sci Fi rather than ABC you wouldn't have seen Michael Emerson's name in the Oustanding Supporting Actor in a Drama category. Not that he doesn't deserve it, of course. He was truly brilliant through the entire run of Lost season 4. I'd say that there are a good few BSG actors who deserved to be in there somewhere though. A real shame that they've never been given the respect they deserve for that show.

I am so psyched for C.H. I'm doing my MAD MEN S1 rewatch this week, getting ready for July 27th...she is just so awesome. If you are renting/buying these discs, make sure you check out her commentary on ep#5 (BABYLON)...and the behind-the-scenes doc on disk 3 called "ESTABLISHING MAD MEN," in which Matthew Weiner waxes poetic on how C.H. completely changed his conception of Joan's look, feel and attitude. *squee* God her Joan is amazing; have you guys seen this fantastic studio photo shoot for S2 yet? Sigh.

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I wonder if NPH understands that by working with JW he's now going to be followed for the rest of his life by millions of rabid fans.
@Jim: well I was at the HAROLD & KUMAR 2 panel at NY Comic Con a few months ago, and I have to say he is ALREADY being followed by some other extremely rabid fans (HIMYM + KUMAR combined, whoa!!!)... LOL
Danny Strong was also nominated for Recount!
God, CH is pretty. I should be watching Mad Men as well, then, ProgGrrl? ;)

And we're only rabid in the friendly, non-infectious way, Jim in Buffalo
Danny Strong was also nominated for Recount!

*sacks self*. Good catch.
GVH, Mad Men is a superb show. Watch it! Christina Hendricks is perfect as Joan, and Vincent Kartheiser (our Connor from Angel) plays a little sh#t named "Pete" perfectly. He's really, really good. Other non-Whedonverse actors on the show are similarly dynamite.

Yay for NPH and Christina and Danny! Yay!

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2008-07-17 16:30 ] know what folks? That Hendricks nom is a typo in the Variety piece, unfortunately.

You can see the list, and AMC's own press release -- NOT listing her.


Well, she is still awesome, gorgeous, sassy, voluptuous, my favorite character on that show. Etc etc.

And yeah GVH you need to check MAD MEN out! (Here's a bunch of great MM linkspam if you're interested, at bottom of post.)

[ edited by ProgGrrl on 2008-07-17 16:49 ]
I wonder if NPH understands that by working with JW he's now going to be followed for the rest of his life by millions of rabid fans.

If this means more people will watch HIMYM, then I'm all for it. That show is too good to get low ratings. Congrats to all!
Hey, you can't sack Simon! I protest. know what folks? That Hendricks nom is a typo in the Variety piece, unfortunately.

I don't think I've ever changed an entry so many times.
I don't really understand awards that, for a particular category, hand out one award once a year.

What if there are two great actors in one year? I mean, seriously, how about just handing out awards as and when they're required? Oh look, there are two! great directors this year, let's give them both Academy Awards. It seems so strange there's a limiting case on this. And some years, perhaps there'll be nobody who's met the standards of people in previous years, and hence no awards are handed out. Like the whole Nobel prize thing. Surely this would increase the value of the award, and also the suspense in the sense that you don't know if anyone will have one at all that year?
What? A Variety typo? They should be ashamed. Jeez.
Simon: did you notice that Seth Green's Robot Chicken is also nominated, for Outstanding Animated Series? Seth is the Exec Producer.
If Sarah Silverman's "I'm fucking Matt Damon" (which I thought was hysterical) can be nominated for Best Original Song, we just need Dr. Horrible to air once on tv.

Maybe in some twisted way Joss can strike some deal with Fox to air it as a pre-Dollhouse/Whedon hype.
Simon: did you notice that Seth Green's Robot Chicken is also nominated, for Outstanding Animated Series? Seth is the Exec Producer.

I did see that but I thought I'd go with individual recognition than for actual shows (like Robot Chicken and Lost).

Hey! Next year we'll all be waiting to see if Dollhouse gets recognition.
I cannot believe that Mia Wasikowska failed to get nominated for In Treatment. Hell, Glyn Turman got a nomination for the show and he was on one episode only (though props for nominating both Gabriel Byrne and Diane Wiest).
Okay, since we're going down the "I cannot believe" so-and-such didn't get nominated road, can I share my extreme disappointment over the exclusion of The Wire? What the heck?
No Eureka love:(. Best handling (and by that I mean mature) of a love triangle in a long time.
So glad that I'm not the only one enjoying what they are doing on Eureka, Simon. The best show that no-one (in the UK, at least) seems to be watching. Or even knows actually exists.
That's fabulous news. I'm particularly happy for Danny Strong. An Emmy Nom on your first film script. That's really something.

And I heard on one of the cable news shows this a.m. that web-delivered "television" is now included for Emmy consideration. So our Dr. Horrible cast (along with Joss, Jed, etc.) should be eligible for nomination for next year.
Hmm, I watched the Eureka pilot, and didn't like it at all. It just seemed silly without much heart, thus not getting me involved with the characters at all. I'm assuming it gets better?

ProgGrrl & phlebotinin: I'll check Mad Men out (starting with those links). I'm always interested in quality television that might be happening as we speak :).

An Emmy Nom on your first film script. That's really something.

It really, truly is. Here's hoping it wins the Emmy, as such getting aired and/or released over here as well. I have yet to see it. Also, palehorse, since Dr. Horrible I can't see your name without automatically hearing a variation of the Bad Horse Act I song in my head: 'palehorse, palehorse, palehorse, he's pale' ;))

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GVH, regarding Eureka, very much so. It took me the majority of the first season to really get the show but by the start of season 2 I was certainly a fan. It hooked me slowly, the same way Farscape did. Season 2 has some really great episodes but it's the individual characters that make the show, for me anyway.
I adore Eureka. And I'm in the UK! Yay team Eureka Fans In The UK!

I love the "Live Smart, Eureka" PSAs on the S2 DVDs (also on the scifi site). Remember, nothing tears apart a town like mutation.
Okay, so the lack of Danny-love in the top of the thread was because he wasn't mentioned in the header? Sounds like a "reezable" explantion.

MattK: Doing things annually is just human nature, I s'pose. And at times a meduiocre year yields a emdiocre winner. Heck sometimes a good year leads to the best being robbed and a mediocre winner anyway, or soemtimes the least deserving but still truly great among a great field. (For example the Best Picture Oscar for Rocky, which will always remain a very important film but in retrospect seems less than its competition.)

That's probably the "really real reason" most people in The Biz say "being nominated is the real honor." It allows brgaging rights even when you lose.
RachVG, I've read your posts over at the DtD Eureka forum so can't say I'm too surprised to see you joining in with the Eureka love. ;)
I adore Eureka. And I'm in the UK! Yay team Eureka Fans In The UK!

Have you seen the new musical promo for the next season? It's very OMWF.

Hehe, love that promo. Nice to see is going to be returning for the third season. I figured that there was no way they were really writing him out but it's still good to see some visual confirmation.
Highlander - why blank out the name but then leave in the gender specific pronoun and other info? Seems like you should go all or nothing :)
Funny you should say that, zeitgeist. I was second guessing whether it needed to be a spoiler at all, what with the guy in question being all over the promo material. In the end I figured I'd go half and half and at least blank out the name for the super-spoilerphobic.

Does seem pretty pointless though, I know. But at least it proves I'm remotely thoughtful, now and again. ;)
I love that clip! I have it on my iPod (somebody at the forums recorded it from TV so it was clearer than the ones on SciFi and on YouTube) but they've updated the site with that slightly longer version now. I want that one too!
Congrats to Robot Chicken and NPH and Danny Strong for their nominations. Also saw that BSG received a nom for writing in a drama series. Which is nice however I think they deserved mention in a few other categories, Outstanding Drama series for instance and cough* Edward James Olmos *cough. I know the genre hurdle is a big one but c'mon have you people seen this show? And in my sheepish font I will apologize for highjacking the thread for my BSG rant, but I mean really where's the love! oops.
"And in my sheepish font I will apologize for highjacking the thread for my BSG rant..."

Wouldn't worry about that too much. Was waaay ahead of you there. ;)
Ah yes, that's where quickly scanning gets me I guess. Glad to know I have a partner in crime anyways. I was listening to NPR announce nominations this morning and snarkily saying Battlestar Galactica over and over again. Sadly it did not work. Now if I just had a freeze ray...
Have you Eureka fans out there found the show's unofficial writers room blog? Very fun...

BSG got six noms, up from three last year. Not too shabby!
I never know how to feel about those sort of nominations though, ProgGrrl. On the one hand, it proves that BSG is getting noticed by the Emmy PtB but on the other it also proves that they still don't see it as worthy of inclusion in the more important categories, despite clearly being aware of the quality of the acting. Sort of a back-handed compliment, to me.

Thanks for that Eureka link, by the way. Gonna check that out. :)
I love that blog. I was sad that there wasn't more info on episode 2 though, as The 4400's Richard Kahan is in that episode and I want to know about his role. He said he couldn't tell me more than the fact that he's in it so that he didn't get into trouble!
Congrats for NPH!! And apparently,I need to start watching Eureka and Mad Men. still, as usual, many were left out of.

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