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July 17 2008

Dr. Horrible for President? Looks like the evil doctor has a shot at the American presidency.

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What a clever website

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Two words: Awe-and-some. I renounce my awe, as this is an Internet prank/promotion for Paltalk, where one can make anything for president.

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Funniest thing today, that's for sure.
uh...ya... The first thing that came to mind was William Shatner in the "Get a Life" SNL skit. A little overkill to me.
Heh, that is clever, indeed, lol.
haha...that was pretty interesting.
LOL gotta have that bumper sticker!
The problem is, I'm sure some Whedon-fanatic will now create those bumper stickers :)
I expect a campaign bus before the conventions, with the Doc wearing a red, white and blue smock.
Dr. Horrible '08: America's Hammer For Freedon
(and he approved this message because...he wrote it!)
At first I thought it was some viral internet advertising by Joss and co and then saw the bit at the end.

I prefer the one Showtime did for Dexter whereby you have your name written in blood on a wall and he's apparently after you.

I wonder what he looks like! ;)

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