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July 17 2008

Cover art for the Angel: After The Fall 'First Night' Hardcover. Chris Ryall posts the Wesley-centric artwork by Alex Garner on his blog.

BTW, is the first ATF hardcover out or not ?

A hardcover for only three issues? Sounds like a rip-off to me...

(recalls Serenity 3-issue hardcover)

Hmm... but looks shiny, so hey, more power to those who do buy it.
Yes, it's out, or at least it's out in at least one comic shop (the Leeds branch of Travelling Man - who I do not work for).
They are not in stock at amazon yet.

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Beautiful work!
That is quite pretty!
Definitely will have to add to the collection.
Good to see Wes get the focus he deserves!

And the art looks amazing, they really are doing a great job on the HCs.
How perty!

*looks around sheepishly* Ok. I know I've been my chronic siesta loving PC had locked me out for nearly a day… but, did I miss the discussion thread for Spike: After the Fall?

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