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July 17 2008

Terry Moore Threatens to Turn Evil! Terry Moore threatens to join forces with Dr. Horrible if Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog doesn't get "big".

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I love Terry Moore, I recently got ahold of the Tara & Willow comics that Amber Benson helped to write and Terry drew, and I'm looking forward to him taking over 'Runaways'!
Ahhh, I so love Terry Moore. Strangers in Paradise was the hook my beloved husband used to suck me into comics. That, and Sandman.
Where does that say anything about Dr. Evil, exactly?
Yeah I see turning evil and joining with Dr. Horrible. Nothing about my now second favorite singing evil doctor. Interestingly, I have seen this mistake elsewhere.
Finally had a chance to watch and, I must say, Joss never fails to amaze in his art of storytelling. Wonderful!
Hmm, he's not as pretty as he was when he was married to Howard Hughes....
yep I posted the first response on Terry's blog.

OMG I think I just did a *FIRST*

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