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July 17 2008

"It's odd that I'm way more excited right now about 'Dr. Horrible' than the Emmy nomination". Emmy nomination reactions from Neil Patrick Harris and Seth Green (from the Hollywood Reporter).

I'm not surprised. There's something pretty darned exciting about Dr. Horrible.
I think that was the point Joss was proving. Breaking new roads once again in the land of media.
Ah, so many folks I really like got nominated: Neil Patrick Harris, Seth Green, Kristin Chenoweth, Bob Balaban... and "Recount" got a lotta love, including a nomination for Danny Strong's writing, which I think is well-deserved and dripping with moisture. And NPH is one class act.

Not bad for our folks, not bad a'tall - full list here.
He's such a mensch.
Awww! Maybe shows something is missing for everyone when a show goes the normal Holywood route. They kill the joy and creativity. Honestly, right now I hope all my favorite creative people turn away from Hollywood. Certainly, the Farscape crowd benefited from being away from that environment. I don't think Farscape would have been Farscape done in this country {and yes, I realize the Hollywood machine put up a lot of that money, but it wasn't in total control. }
"It wouldn't surprise me (to see an online TV category) in the future. We're in a tricky, uncharted territory on the Internet. If people know that millions of people will watch it, we're going to see more shows like this."
That would be amazing. I think I might actually watch the Emmys if that happened.
Some people actually think Two and a Half Men is good?
We're in a tricky, uncharted territory on the Internet. If people know that millions of people will watch it, we're going to see more shows like this. I'm not saying 'Dr. Horrible' is the most high-brow of shows, but it's good. We're not reinventing the theatrical wheel, but it's certainly an amazing 22 minutes of show so far, and I can't wait to see what happens next."

Ah, you tease, Neil! You already know what's going to happen! Unless that's your new instrument, to forget the ending of a very suspenseful show on high demand? Brilliant!
I love Neil Patrick Harris. I just love him. If I could tweak just a micro-bit of what he said, I'd drop out the "I'm not saying 'Dr. Horrible' is the most high-brow of shows.." The sooner the world doesn't require prefatory apologia for genre, the better. I fight this battle constantly with a friend of mine. She's all, "If it isn't sober, realistic drama it's less than." No, no, no. No!

Heh. I'm projecting on poor NPH. He doesn't deserve that. I'm so happy he's more excited about "Horrible" than about his Emmy nomination. That's wunderbar.
I think the Emmys have taken a step towards recognizing on-line programs. It gave nominations for "Special Class Short-Form Live Action" and "Non-fiction" categories. They include on-line features from "The Tonight Show", "Friday Night Lights", "The Deadliest Catch", "Battlestar Galactica" and "30 Rock". More and more shows have made webisodes t otide people over in-between seasons, especially "Rescue Me" and "Heroes". Seems like there will be categories for on-line TV features by next year at least.
Now if we can only get Doctor Horrible on that list.
Just when I thought I had reached the peak of NPH love, he's such a doll. I can't wait for the DHSAB panel at Comic Con.
I never thought I could have so much love for NPH. All this time I resisted, but Dr. Horrible is my kryptonite. *sigh*
I really wonder what the "sequel" will look like. I hope everyone loved it enough to stay on board.
That's it. I don't care if he's gay, I'm marrying NPH and having his little evil babies. He IS the perfect man! :-)
Stand in line, OzLady.
I don't care if he's gay, I'm marrying NPH and having his little evil babies.

I don't care if I'm not gay, I'm marrying NPH. No babies, though. They're expensive and annoying.
Hey, no need to marry. We can all share.
And that's why we love him.
Is there any way I can actually be NPH's baby?
I don't want to marry him, have his baby or be his baby... just being able to be two feet away from him without drooling and pathetically begging him to break out in song will be good enough for me.
Actually, I think I want to hug him. He seems so huggable... almost worth spending a night in the local jail.
Your hug is better than my near spelling miss of "song" into "snog" (long live Preview!!) I'm sure Freud could've solved that fingers slip in his sleep. ;)
I couldn't see this linked anywhere else yet, but damn if there aren't a lot of (long!!) Dr Horrible/NPH related threads to check through, so apologies if it's a repeat!

But Kristen from eonline caught up with Neil after he was done announcing the Emmy noms, and she has a short video interview with him about his Emmy nom and Dr Horrible up here.

I love seeing how excited he is about the whole thing, especially the fact that he was the one who brought it up! "I was IN it, and I watched the first part probably seven times."

Love him.

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