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July 17 2008

Joss on Best Week Ever. Joss appears on the show Friday night at 9PM EST.

This link is to a behind the scenes vid for the show.

OK, that was weird. BTW, I think this web piece is a behind-the-scenes of the actual BWE segment airing tomorrow, not that the BWE segment is a behind-the-scenes of Dr. Horrible. Nit: picked. =)
I thought the same thing. And the "funny man" with Joss was not too funny in my opinion.
I liked the car accident statistics bit, amusing.

(and Joss said a bad-bad ! I didn't even think he knew any swear words. Ahem ;)
Yeah, yeah, see what happens when you multi-task? ;)
I seem to recall hearing or watching something one time that gave me a distinct impression that he is fluent with the bad-bads when the FCC is not involved.
Joss knows way worse words... waaay worse words. I mean, only 'cause he's a word collector, not that he would ever say them. Well, I do believe I have heard him get bleeped once or twice. He does generally clean up well, though, usually. (Unlike myself, who can't even remember not to say the F-word in front of school children. Heads-up ComicCon goers who are bringing sensitive adolescents... Swear Like a Sailor = Me.)

He played "Baby John" in West Side Story? I may plotz from the cute attack that evokes, but then, "little and strange" doesn't seem at all off-putting to me. (And he can't have stayed very little, 'cause he seems to be taller than I am, and I'm 5'8".)

I'll watch this Friday night, but just for the Joss of it...
That Paul F. Tompkins better be praying Joss takes the subway. You just don't say things like that. Even if you are trying to be funny. (I couldn't get the tag for underline to work but "trying" is the word I wanted to emphasize)

As far as the tv screen time, Joss needs more! Why haven't we seen Joss on Letterman or Leno? I'd even be happy with a Conan appearance. There's a lot of civilians out there that would really embrace the Joss-love. How about the entire cast and creators on an episode of Oprah or something? Isn't Joss' agent supposed to make that sort of thing happen at a time when his buzz is greatest? (Well maybe that's after a bottle of wine but you get what I'm saying, right?)
I agree. That was weird even for me. Run, Joss, run! And don't go back there. Be snuggled into the warm, wafting arms of Whedonesque.
So what is Best Week Ever? Besides strange?
If I was Joss, I would have fled from that annoying, unfunny person, too.
Best Week Ever is the VH1 show that talks about the events of the week at the end of the week. Lots of gossip and debuts for the week mentioned. Can't say I've watched it anytime in the last couple of years (my husband has parental controlled VH1, he can't stand anything to do with music) but I'll for sure watch tomorrow if the Joss man is on.

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Oh crap ....this is on TV? How yesterday.
Best Week Ever is the clean-ish VH1 version of sites like and Vulture where the snark runs wild, but it can be pretty funny. It's not all put-downs, kudos are given out in a back-handed but uproarious way.
I feel a little sheepish admitting that I love Best Week Ever. I don't watch it on a weekly basis, certainly, but whenever I'm around and it's on, I usually laugh a lot. But the manufactured humor in that clip (Joss, of course, is funny, because he is who he is and can't help but be cool, but Paul F. Tompkins just sounded sad) was disappointing. I hope the actual show turns out better.
I love BWE (and the Soup), can't wait to see the full deal tomorrow.
All I have to say is that it's good to see Joss doing stuff. The man's a genius. Some might disagree, but it seems as if he disappeared for the longest time before Serenity hit the silver screen.

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Wait. So the idiot with the hideous tie and even hideouser matching pocket square is on his own TV show? And Joss not?!

Dr. Horrible is right - the world is so screwed up.
Wait. So the idiot with the hideous tie and even hideouser matching pocket square is on his own TV show?

It's not his show, he's basically a cast member. Best Week Ever is full of various comedians, a lot of them are hilarious.

I love BWE personally, and it's a great place for Joss to promote Dr Horrible since the show often talks about internet phenomena.
You just don't say things like that. Even if you are trying to be funny.

Err, we all know that saying things don't make 'em so, right ? Cos i'd be a lot richer if it did ;).

(we've still got a lot of stone-age in us I reckon "Ooh, don't make the fates angry" ;-)
We may be behind on the learning curve, Saje, but that doesn't mean we're not trying.

And personally, I find my square wheels quite effective. ;)
Saje--I agree that I'm guilty of not wanting to to tempt fate. I guess I'm a little superstitious. But healthy superstitious.

I just fail to see the humor in making a joke about Joss dying in a car crash. Hey Paul Tompkins, why not throw in a cancer joke? You know what's really funny, people with disabilities.

It was tasteless and offensive. If they run that part in the segment on the public airing, I'll probably be forced to write my first complaint letter to a studio.
Well, that's a line thing, if it crosses yours then do what you feel is merited by the transgression alexreager. As we've found, one person's tasteless and offensive is another person's funny.

Personally I see the humour in it (i've made similar jokes myself though, admittedly, about myself rather than others) but then i've also made jokes about brain tumours too (i.e. cancer). It's nothing like making a joke about people with disabilities though IMO since that has a clear victim (the joke about a car accident only has a clear victim if you really do believe him saying that could cause Joss to have a car accident).
The only jokes I like to make now have a clear victim- me.

I was too good at making fun of other people at such a young age that I needed a new challenge. I find it quite pleasing when I crack a joke at my own expense and people laugh then get uncomfortable because they're laughing at me. It's funny to see their quick flick through emotions on one of my comments.
Back when Jack Paar was hosting TOnight or Merv Griffin had his syndicated daytime show from the Little Theatre on Times Square, behind-the-scenes people like Joss *did* get on the big talk shows.

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