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"Oh Summers you drive like a spaz!"
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July 18 2008

Joss talks Buffy/Satsu with Cornered at the FOX party during the Television Critics Association press tour, Joss also gives the lowdown on tastefully naked Willow.

Best Week Ever look out: Joss is featured as Best Lesbian Week Ever.

Wow I just spent way too much time perusing that site.
Like Joss, I hate taste, too. Let's just detaste (untaste?) that particular upcoming comic-book frame. We should file a petition. Why should Oz, Tara, and Kennedy monopolize all the Willow ogling? We readers need some lecherous-ogling-fun-time once in a while. Am I right?!

(Looks around at astonished gazes and the pleasant cricket sounds).

Okay, I'll be quiet now.
quantumac, but on the plus side, you saved me from doing it...
I have no doubt that we'll have something equally delicious to look forward to in Dollhouse. (Really, no doubt. Hint.)

Interesting. Not surprising, but interesting.
Who could have played Satsuko if S-8 were live? I leave up to anyone venturing a guess when it'd actually be filmed.
Is anyone else in awe of that photo of Joss and Eliza? Now, Joss, I mean absolutely no disrespect. I have a T-shirt that proudly states whose master is who. But I just have to say, I am not sure that I have seen anyone, ever, look as unglamorous as you standing next to Eliza Dushku, with the possible exception of Nick Nolte in his mugshot. You're the American Dream, man.
It's the American dream to look unglamorous? What am I missing?
Hey, Joss is cute! But, okay, yeah, Eliza is stunningly GORGEOUS in that photo.

Maybe it's alpha5099's American dream to stand next to Eliza and look unglamorous?
I don't know about the American Dream, but I think the Internet Fan Dream is to write scifi and hang out with actresses who kick ass onscreen. But without needing to dress any differently.

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