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July 18 2008

EW lists the 25 Biggest Emmy Snubs. Pretty sure you've heard of the show, and the actress.

Thanks to onur for the heads up.

That link only goes to a photo?
That's just what EW's lists look like Ivalaine (photo with small blurb). You can click next/prev to see the next/previous item in the list. If you're of a cynical persuasion you might see this as a way of getting (at least) 25 page views for every "Top 25" list and thusly making more from advertising.

But you won't find anyone of that persuasion here, oh no. *cough* ;).
Hey, Roseanne was listed at number one. They mention no credit given to writers... sound familiar?

Not sure if the list was in any order, however, but it figures.
I've recently been re-watching Seasons 5 - 7 and it has reminded me how good Sarah's acting is. The first time watching any show you're following the plot, whereas the 2nd (+) time watching you can really appreciate the nuances of the performances -- Buffy & Spike's evolution in particular (during the seasons I'm watching.)

Sarah's not getting nominated was (hopefully) a reflection on the GENRE and not her individual performance.

What are people's opinions on the strongest actors in the BtVS cast?
What are people's opinions on the strongest actors in the BtVS cast?

SteveP | July 18, 14:18 CET

can of worms = open ;-)

I loved a lot of the acting and the nuance that various cast members were able to bring. There was so much overlap in their abilities, but IMO each had their own biggest strengths. Overall, I'd go with James Marsters for versatility, depth, and incredibly clean transitions. He seems to be able to do everything. ASH has a wonderful ability to find the reality and truthfulness of the most absurd situations. Nicolas Brendon has wonderful comic timing and the ability to communicate silently. AH can create an empathy through the camera that is very powerful. SMG can project confident strength and total vulnerability within the same character with an ease that is very truthful. IMO, DB improved the most over the seasons. The first couple episodes make me cringe, but by the time he left for Ats, he had found both Angel and Angelus.

I love seeing an actor develop his abilities on the screen in front of you. Watching DB do just that is one of the pleasures of watching the early seasons. James Marsters also had amazing development as a screen actor in his time on BtVS. IMO the scenes he blew me away with in the last seasons, would not have worked if he had been given them in season 2 when he was new to the medium.
Have to rank ASH and Aly among the strongest actors in an amazingly talented bunch.

But, seriously, all of the regulars on Buffy and Angel were phenomenal. A great case of the right people with the right story and script and the right directors.

Almost miraculous, really. I truly marvel at the spectacle.
Wow, ok. Two of the many things I love of this verse is the amazing writing and acting. All of them were amazing, granted, some more than others - but it depends on which direction the characters were played and it was indeed a pleasure to watch the actors find the characters and truly make them their own (and I'm talking on both BtVS and Ats). I do have to agree that James Marsters tops my list, but he is closely followed by Tony Head in their abilities to transition flawlessly. *ugh* Everyone is amazing. I can list all the reasons (I remember I once did, that forum upped and died though – never really got over the loss) but I won’t. Let us just all agree that we are rightfully bitter that all actors and writers were snubbed (and deserve much much greater shows/movies and awards). *flicks away bitter tear*
My vote's for Clem.

Seriously, though, we wouldn't be here if we didn't think our actors were the best they possibly could be. We may lose battles (Emmy), but we won't lose the war (undieing fandom).
I think all the actors had different strengths which when put together is pretty explosive.

James Marsters and Alyson Hannigan are my favorites. James brings the psychological and Aly brings the emotion.

And props to Nick because I think he had some of the most wordy tongue twisty lines.

I hardly ever care to watch the Emmys because the stuff I like isn't nominated that often. This year looks pretty good though.

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I agree with the earlier comments that the various cast members all brought particular strengths to the show. I'd credit not only SMG consistency in maintaining a strong performance during a long-running show's exhausting schedule, but also give props to the casting folk. In parts both large and small they had many, many talented people making the most of the show's writing.
The only part I liked about the awards shows (back before I became a TV hodad) was the Im Remembrance montages.

Have to echo Aly on the emotion. James was also superb with the modds and Sarah for technicala cting. And, I know I'm prejudiced but I have to credit Amber for being able to breath so much life and love into Tara, who was written so cardboard-y.

And yes, the casting itself was brillaint. (And I'm always amazed how sane-and-sober a bunch they are, on average, compared to most other groups of similar size in The Biz.)

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It's seems to me that Alyson Hannigan should have received some kind of supporting actress nomination for "Doppelgangland". In one episode, she plays Normal Willow, Vampire Willow, Normal Willow pretending to be Vampire Willow, and Vampire Willow pretending to be Normal Willow.
Since I didn't watch BtVS until after it was off the air, I didn't have feelings one way or the other about the Emmy nominations, but the first time (and every time since) that I saw the scene with Spike and Buffy in the church in "Beneath You", I exclaimed out loud, "I cannot believe that guy never won an Emmy!" I still think that is one of the most powerful scenes I've seen. I also think that SMG's acting throughout the series was always on, no matter what emotions or moods she was portraying.

Of course, I like them all and think all the actors on both series - and Firefly, of course - deserve at least Emmy nominations.

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