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"Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy... Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."
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July 18 2008

Happy birthday, Jed! It's Jed Whedon's birthday. Congratulations!

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy having thousands of new fans. :)
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday and congratulations on a job well done with Dr. Horrible!
Happy Birthday Jed! Thanks for all the hard work on making sure we rabid masses (but rabid in the way of being very excited, not in the way of foaming at the mouth and needing to get shots) get to see your little web thingie that's become a global, internet crashing phenomena and rightfully so.
Yeah, it's rabies but the good rabies ;).

Happy birthday Mr Jed Whedon esq. and others beyond counting.
Happy Birthday Jed!
Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday, Jed!
Happy Birthday, Jed! Welcome to the ever-growing list-of-people-whedonesquers-wish-happy-birthday-to-in-threads-they-may-never-read-simply-because-it's-fun :)

And also: way to go with the crashing-the-internet-thing. Evil masterplan is working.

(wait... maybe Jed is Bad Horse?)
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one.
Jed, happy birthday! Presents and cakes, many good cakes AND pies, should be arriving soon.

In turn, THANK YOU (and J, M, & Z) for the incredible, Horrible present you have given so many of us! :-)
Happy Birthday, Jed!
Happy birthday!
Whoo hoo! Happy Birthday, sir!
Happy birthday Jed.
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, Jed!
Happy Birthday, Jed and may many more days of wonderful horribleness be granted to you!
(wait... maybe Jed is Bad Horse?)

GVH | July 18, 16:52 CET

But isn't he one of the Bad Horse Singers? Would he disguise himself as one of his own minions?

Anyway, happy birthday to another July baby.
Hey, it's Jed's birthday. In honor of having him write Dr. Horrible, some of the lyrics, and being one of Bad Horse's cowboys, I say we sing/lyric him in this thread.

Pointy, take it away! :)
Happy b-day Jed!
Happy Birthday, Jed. Thanks for staying up all night this week to make sure we could all see your fabulous work. I can't wait for Act III tonight.

I hope you have a week-long (or more) celebration.
o/` When you're a Jed... o/`1

1Yes, I've now made this joke twice. Once here the other day, and once this morning on Twitter.2
2Yes, I understand that both prior times, I included "you're a Jed for life", which is a riff on something that's not actually a real lyric in the song.
Pointy, take it away! :)

Felicia Day likes Pointy's previous G&S ditty: (Scroll down through comments.)

[ edited by m'cookies actual on 2008-07-18 18:05 ]
"(but rabid in the way of being very excited, not in the way of foaming at the mouth and needing to get shots)"

Wait, you mean everyone else doesn't foam at the mouth? Oh, crap.

Also, does anyone else wonder what the other Whedon brothers look like? Right now I just picture them as clones of Joss. Actually, that would explain why there are no pictures...
I think if you picture the Bad Horse chorus but without moustaches and cowboy hats you might not be a million miles away (on one or two counts anyway ;).
I assume you aren't talking about Jed and Zack, pictures of whom have been linked here.
In fact there's one picture that's been linked here of Jed where he looks more like Seth Green's brother.
Is that the one where Joss appears to have freakishly long arms?
Zack. Jed.

(Zack looks a bit like Seth Green maybe - two eyes, nose etc. ;). I don't see the Jed resemblance though - err, he's the one in the middle right ? ;).
But isn't he one of the Bad Horse Singers? Would he disguise himself as one of his own minions?

a-hem: kaiser soze. Just saying.

Happy B-day, Jed.
Happy Birthday Jed, have a great day... but please do get Act III up tonight regardless!
I didn't say he always looked like Seth Green. I said there's one picture where he looks like Seth Green's brother. And that one isn't it.

And yes, the one I'm talking of is the one that makes it look like Joss has freakishly long arms.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-07-18 18:44 ]
Ah, get you. What does Seth Green's brother look like ?

Whedonesque... where people comment on our Whedons having a resemblance to people we know they're not related to... just because it's fun.

And, bix, I see it in the eyes and beard. The beard proves that the Whedons are red-heads. That's a mighty red beard.

I'm jealous.
Here's a picture of all the Whedon's (and more)
May your birthday be filled with happy and ponies.
Can we appoint Pointy as our official Whedonesque court singer person? I think there's a word, but I don't know it.
Here's a picture of all the Whedons (and more)

That's the one with the long Joss arms and the Jed that looks like Seth Green's brother.
I am not your dancing monkey.

OK, this one has the tune of the Beatles' birthday song, and you have to sing the guitar parts along as nonsense syllables.

They say it's Jed's birthday
He's working past midnight
Although it's Jed's birthday
We're gonna crash his web site

I'm glad it's your birthday
Now go out and see Dark Knight

ETA: No, this monkey don't dance
Not a cha-cha-cha-chance

Crashy the web!

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-07-19 06:14 ]
Good thing I don't have any little brothers, I don't have the pull to get work for them :-).

Happy B-day Jed!
Okay, apparently I fail at Google. I'm still suspicious, though.
Happy Birthday, Jed! =]
Many happy returns (whatever that means), Jed!
I am not your dancing monkey.
OK, but will you be our song-writing monkey?
(You're just so good at it!)
Excellent save on the site the other night! We really appreciate it. Happy Birthday, Jed, wishing you the best!
Happy Birthday Jed!!!
I hope to seem more projects like Dr Horrible
OK, but will you be our song-writing monkey?

Hey, I'm trying to type Hamlet here . . . keep getting $&! Pinafore . . .
Thanks, Pointy!

And, no, you're not our dancing monkey. Clearly you're human (monkeys don't rhyme). But you're the best one I know who can come up with a song on the fly. :)

Thanks again! *chants for cha-cha*
Happy Birthday, Jed!
Very happy day, & thanks for being a Whedon.
Happy Birthday man :D thanks for all your work. Hope someone gives you sleep for your Birthday. I suspect after this week you'll need it.
Happy birthday, Jed!
Jed, each time I watch the vids, I hear more in the arrangements/orchestration, which makes it like a great album as well as a great musical. Subtle stuff, I'm really impressed.

And Maurissa Rhymes With Everything, what wonderful pipes and acting chops! I'm hard to please, and pleased.

Very, very fine work, I'm blown away by the whole third act. Feel pride.

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