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July 18 2008

Part 2 of "Dr. Horrible" producer Michael Boretz interview. More on the making of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" and Boretz's short film "Splitting Hairs."

link is not working
Works for me. Not quick though.
That was a nice interview. This is so true:
“Everybody loves working with Joss. He fosters a really fun environment and what he writes is beloved.”

I like how on the Splitting Hairs site he uses Joss Whedon to quote the film.

Funny and twisted and God help us, probably true. -Joss Whedon

Has anyone seen this movie? I think I want to check it out.
Newcj, it took me a couple of tries before it came up.
I'm impressed all over again at how many people worked on Dr. Horrible - all these names we recognize because they have worked with Joss before. Then there are (must be) all the people who have worked with Jed or Zack or Maurissa, who also helped.

No wonder it has such high production values.
And Happy Birthday Jed!
And it speaks volumes about what sort of fella he must be to work with. All these people that he'd worked with previously were willing to hop aboard the Horrible train.
Sounds like this could be the dvd to end all dvds. Well, not literally, I hope. But I'd like it today, please. (Joss makes me greedy.)

I'm curious to see Splitting Hairs as well. Any way to do that?
I think there should be a SPOILER tag on this. One of the shooting locations he discusses is rather suggestive of a possible major plot point:
You think so, AlanD? I just took it to be an open area that could be converted... like say into a homeless Caring Hands shelter?
The DVD extras should include a downloadable Lisa Lassek skill set/experience file. The technology exists.
Maybe korkster. I guess we will know in a little over nine hours.
Wow. 8 hours left! I don't know if I can go through it, wait that long, calm down after it's over. Does anyone have a prescription?
Dude, it must have been Discovery Channels show Monster House, I loved that show. That is freaking cool that it's still around and they could make use of it.

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