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July 18 2008

A Dr. Horrible Voldemort Connection? Someone over at The Leaky Cauldron, a Harry Potter website, thinks so.

Actually I think that web mistress and Whedon fan Melissa Anelli was more than happy to be able to post this. That's the way to do cross fandom promotion!

I thought those books looked familiar. Hm...
Hmmm... I see Dr. H as a Harry, not a Neville or a Voldemort. My main reason being that even though there is evil in him, he does not let it "control" him. Even when he's tempted.

I sound completely absurd. Nevermind.
But he aspires to be evil, he just doesn't quite succeed. Hmm...maybe more of a Draco Malfoy? Only less ferrety. No, not really. Or Snape perhaps. Ok, there's not really a good match.

Anyway, good promotion.
oh hell yes! It's the day 'flimsy excuse' was re-re-defined. :) any chance to spread the love is good in my book! Can't wait for act III!
Oh Melissa Anelli! I had no idea you were a Whedon fan (dude, it is kinda surreal when fandoms collide).
There can never be enough HP/JW miscegenation. Thanks, Melissa (and continuing kudos on your wonderful site, of which I'm a big fan).

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