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July 18 2008

Washington Post hosts Q&A with Joss. On Monday, July 21 at noon EDT, he will be online at to answer questions posed by readers "about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, his new show Dollhouse and more."

Submissions can be sent in before or during the discussion.

Holy crap! Four of my very good friends are WaPo reporters. Which lucky devil gets to host this? Who? Who? Wow. Does this qualify as a two degrees (or maybe 3) separation from The Man Himself?
I must say it.

Joss is king of the world!
Joss is king of the world!

Probably they want you to ask something in the form of a question. Maybe try "Joss, what would you like to be king of?"
Ask my question, ask my question.
I asked one. It was hard to ask a good one. I'm not sure I did.
Washington Post.......................................... $0.50
Internet connection to participate.... .............$35
Opportunity to ask His Highness a question.... Priceless

For everything else, there's Whedonesque.
SteveP: hee hee!
Will this be replayed later? I won't be able to listen on Monday when it first airs, but I didn't see where they put old interviews to be listened to later.... Or maybe someone hear will find a way to record it?
I have submitted my Question Carefully Crafted to Ask Joss Whedon Should I Ever Find Myself in an Elevator With Him. I'll keep you guys posted. :-)
embers, if this is like other WaPo chats, it'll be a written Q&A. They'll either have someone transcribing Joss' answers over the phone or he'll be typing them himself.
Thanks karosurly, I'm sorry to have to miss this... but it would be a little bit much to change my doctor's appointment for a Joss Q&A!
embers, they'll have the transcript up, no worries.
The question I've been wanting answered is, "Who are the cowboys?" But maybe someone (around here) knows the answer to that already??
Watch the credits. We know now.
*grumble* Why did my cousin have to get married on a Monday?

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