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July 18 2008

What would Joss Twitter? Affectionate send up from the Great White Snark.

The Cloverfield one made me laugh.
I've been enjoying the real Facebook notes and twitter messages from the Dr. Horrible crew. Or at least it seems to be one or two people speaking for the group. I think the fictional Joss messages are pretty fun though.

Speaking of which, someone just twittered "Are you ready for Act III?"
For a moment I actually thought Joss was a Twitterer, which made me go look for him, and Summer Glau, Eliza Dushku, and SMG.

I'm such a dork.

To which, I replied, "Heck yeah!".
And I just Twittered about me and my Captain Hammer shirt. Seriously.
That reminds me, I still need to order the awesome Dr. Horrible one.

I found the top ten midly amusing. I only sorta-laughed at the cloverfield one. Does seem like a fun site, though.
Yeah, Dr. Horrible's Twitter and Felicia Day's have made me finally get a Twitter account of my own (and a FriendFeed account, and start to use my account, and a LibraryThings account, and a Flickr account -- I decided I might actually stop being an Internet hermit and get into this whole social thing).
"This hair doesn't dishevel itself"...? Hahaha.
Ah, yes, missed that one. Okay, I'll now give GWS credit for one completely funny line and one averagely funny one and I'm sure he'll jump up for joy when he hears some random whedonesquer liked 1.5 of his lines ;)
I'm sure he will, GVH. We hold some sort of weird weight now.

I like your shirt, bix. After watching all 3 acts, I'm still torn on which shirt to get, but for different reasons. Sheep? Tool? Label? I just don't know. Maybe I'll get one and use the goggles we're purchasing to hide my conflicted emotions on the topic.
I only got the Captain Hammer logo shirt because it's the only one in black.

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