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July 19 2008

Better than kittens and sunshine and cheese. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is one of this week's Critics' Picks over at Salon.

"Are you ready for Act III?"
--Dr. Horrible's Terrible Death Twitter

Crashy the web! Crashy the web! (So sorry, Jed) Crashy the web!
Idiot bravado!
Idiot bravado!

My chant's better.
Mine's more surreal.
For such a short blurb, the author managed to say a lot! Well done.
Twitter seems to be down. It's a start.

Hmmm, just noticed: Horrible. Horra-Bill. Billy.
Thought it would be Stephanie Zacharek doing the recommending. She's a major Whedon fan. Nice to know that other Salon critics are fans too.
I know "Joss and his brothers" is easier to say than "Joss and his brothers and Maurissa Tancharoen," but I really do wish people would make sure to mention her when listing the creators. (If I find it disheartening, it's just possible she does, too...)

I can't Twit and I can't Goners, and I can't at least a few other sites - the Internets are gone mad. Did we really break 'em?

But I can get on and connect to iTunes, so das ist gut, nicht war?
QG, Twitter is back up.
Yeah, now I can Twit and I can't Goners. I dunno, but I've got Guests coming. Guests!

So no Doc for me 'til they've gone, which is a species of bummer - The Guests had better be both amusing and filled with pathos. Yeah, and they need to sing, too.
Poor QG. I hope at least one of them is moist. Or hard.

Ugh, I know they're the new 'bad' but that just sounds gross. ;)
That was totally nice praise. And I can't agree more. In the fact that I want MORE.

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