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July 18 2008

Dr. Horrible fansite's interview with Jed and Maurissa. Includes a nice bit about the problem of it initially not being accessible internationally, how that came up, and how it got fixed. Also speaks to the international iTunes question.

This entire interview is making me giddy. Wait until you see what Jed has to say about Comic-Con and Nathan.
How cool are they? So very, very cool.
The audio is great to listen to, too. Great interview.
I'm very happy to hear that a soundtrack is in the works. These songs are much more catchy than I thought they would be. As soon as the soundtrack goes up for sale, I'll buy it.
Ahhh, and now he know who to thank for "the hammer is my penis" line.
I nominate this for best Dr. Horrible interview of the week :). Very insightfull and great to hear them adress things that have been talked about in our little fandom for the past few days. And thank you Zack, for the penis line ;).

Also: do we know who wrote which songs? (apart from 'Freeze Ray', which was apareantly created by Joss).

So, Bix, is the boo-a-thon on for Comic-Con? Really wish I could be there :)
Oh. Oh! That's how you pronounce it. I was rhyming it with "Citroen." And "overflowin'." That's much easier. Almost too easy.

Edited because punctuation is our friend. Our slightly anal friend.

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So, Bix, is the boo-a-thon on for Comic-Con?

Somehow I don't think we'll know until the moment comes. But it remains my intention to push and cajole right up until it's time.
Awesome interview. Unfortunately, I didn't realize there was audio until the end. Oh well.

A Captain Hammer costume is easy as pie. Multi-layered pie.
Thank-you Maurissa, for pronouncing your name!

And also for this, which I thought was very funny:

Oh my gosh, her makeup entourage, her hair entourage, her dream analyst, I mean itís just out of control

I've never considered going to Comic-con, because of the crowds, but I'm starting to envy the Horrible fun you guys are going to have.
b!X, did you deliberately leave out a comma in the tags? Perhaps emphasizing the partnership?

Great interview, lots of new tidbits, and I'm crossing my fingers they can somehow get the soundtrack ready for next Friday. :)
No. Not deliberate.
MT: Yeah, we want more than anything to have people at midnight screenings singing along to Dr Horrible. We want more than anything to have a bunch of people at Comic Con dressed as Dr Horrible, that, I think that would signify success for us.

It's official. Now we have to get dressed up. Mwah ha ha!

I loved MT's laugh. :) And the pronunciation of her name. Man, I forget that more than just us are reading the black.
So Young Zack is responsible for the Amazingly Undundant Penis Line, that's very cool cos I thought that was a very Joss line. Reminds me of 'Good Omens' where, in interview, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett commented that bits that everyone thinks were written by one were actually written by the other - writing voices are weird that way.

And just to put it out there again, thank-you so much to Jed and the techies at Hulu for working so hard to make it available internationally so quickly. Above and beyond fellas, above and beyond ;).
Hey, Johnathan (Purple Pimp), Jed & Maurissa want to know if the pots and pans of Serenity were intentional or pure accident. Care to comment and let the world rest easier knowing the secret? *holds out mic*
Yeah, Mr Reilly, Lair-Owner Extraordinaire, was it just an amazing happenstance of lighting and shooting angles or was there intelligence in that design ?
There's a response to the pots & pans question in the comments on the page
More importantly and less cryptically, he already stated flatly over here that it was a complete accident that some people thought they looked like Serenity.

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Thanks bix. Missed that before.
Oh, like he's not part of the global conspiracy. People, open up your eyes!

(Except the one you keep shut in ;-)

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My shallow contribution to this thread:

That Jed is a major cutie.

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