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July 18 2008

'How I Met Your Mother' Co-Creator Carter Bays Reacts To Neil Patrick Harris' Second Emmy Nod & Talks "Robarn." Neil Patrick Harris and Carter Bays, when discussing the fact that 'How I Met Your Mother' will see a 'lighter' tone this season mentions Joss as the polar opposite.

This year, they'll go a shade lighter. "I think our take on this new season is that we're going to have a little more fun," Bays said. "We're trying not to go the Joss Whedon-route of putting our characters through absolute hell for our own amusement -- which, man, he's really good at -- but I think we're going to take a new approach and just try to tell some really fun stories."

This is my first post, I've had a good look and can't find the article anywhere, feel free to delete if I've done anything wrong.

No, no, it's "BroTP," not "Robarn." :)
No, no, it's "BroTP," not "Robarn." :)

And here I've been calling it Robney...though to be fair, that episode only aired here last thursday.
I'm actually not sure what the fandom consensus is on the ship name. BroTP is what we use over on the TWoP forums, and I think it's cute.

Dr. Horrible fans reading this... go watch How I Met Your Mother. You won't regret it.
I have the dumb. Wrong thread.

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jkalderash, you're not wrong. How I Met Your Mother is surprisingly wonderful ("surprisingly" only if, like me, you don't generally love the slicker-looking TV sitcoms). Wonderfully quirky in places, superb cast, great structure and writing. I'm 'flixing the seasons as we speak, and definitely see some Coupling and other influences.
BroTP is the general consensus on LiveJournal, too. Now, if only the media would catch on!
BroTP is what I've heard. It's a good one, too,much more fun than a smushed pairing name. I think I need some HYMYM after Act III
BroTP puts me in mind of 'Brother Toilet Paper'. Or perhaps 'Broken Toilet Paper', and see, as both make me feel like immediately showering or using hand sanitizer, it doesn't really work for me.

In my mind, I was calling it 'Swobin', which for some reason makes me giggle in a most Swarley-like fashion.

Still, kudos to NPH and well done to Joss and co for pulling him into the Whedonverse through Dr H. (*Insert evil-league-of-evil laugh here*)
Read every comment in this thread. putting my two cents in:

awesome ending. I realise I should have expected it, knowing Joss as intimately as I pretend, but I was led up the garden path beautifully.

Act II totally has the kick arse songs

I have finally realised what I want to do with my life.
giles, act/sing in musicals or become a supervillain ?

I'm amused by how the Whedonesque news possibilites grow with each new franchise/actor/crew member added to Whedon's resume. I know we were already getting How I Met Your Mother news due to Alyson Hannigan, but now there'll be more of it plus Neil Patrick Harris-specific stuff.

I'm gonna rent HIMYM almost entirely because of Dr. Horrible. Yeah, a few actors I like/love being involved always made it appealing, as did many Whedonesquers recommendations and that Robin Sparkles/`90s Canadian Pop Sensation hilarity that probably would've been funnier if I knew the show and the characters better...but yeah, I'll rent.

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