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July 19 2008

New Japanese Poster for 'Dragonball' starring James Marsters. Doesn't actually feature James, but for those anticipating the film, you finally get to see the orange gi, plus some nice ki action.

Those crazy Japanese.
The poster makes me think "why, why ?!?" but whatever, it's just an early look. Watched some episodes of the cartoon whe I was a kid, it's cheese and could sometimes get real boring and had some fairly awful English dubs (no idea if the Japanese original tracks were any better).

Ernie Hudson and Chow Yun-Fat are in this along with James Marsters ? Damn, wish I was looking forward to this more. Depending on how it looks when the trailers come out, I might check it out in theatres for spectacle alone, but otherwise it looks like it'll either be a renter or a skip if it's panned across the board.

I've never thought much of Emmy Rossum, except for in the film version of Phantom of the Opera where I think she did very well and had a nice voice. So, another maybe potential highlight ?
Hm. It could be worse,
Hair's just not big enough. ;)
I was so disappointed when I saw the first pics of Chatwin in normal clothing, but this makes me feel better.
I am still dreading this...
I'm really going to wait until we get an actual trailer for this to pass any real judgement. James has said some stuff about how although many of the details are changed, it's still Dragon Ball at the core. Plus, I'm likin' that ki ball.
The poster doesn't look that bad. Hair could be better, but I have to admit that it would probably consume their entire special effects budget to do it properly. I'll wait until the trailer to judge, but I'm probably going to love it no matter what it looks like so long as there is the movie is rife with gratuitous collateral damage.

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