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"And on the day the words flimsy excuse were redefined, we stood in awe, and watched."
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July 19 2008

Next New Networks on Dr. Horrible. 2008 Webby Awards winners NextNewNetwrks talk Dr. Horrible.

Joss Whedon has possibly the most dedicated and organized fan following online of anyone working in Hollywood right now

And internet-crashiest and website-resuscitatingest. Also linguistic abusingest. Did I mention I'm waiting on Act 3 to download and the t-shirts are all gone?

Penny Arcade linked to Dr. Horrible. I was beginning to think they wouldn't, which was a weird thought.
That was a cool shout-out. I love the positive vibe surrounding almost every article or blog-piece on this. It makes my inner fanboy happy :)
[A]nd the t-shirts are all gone

Hmm, it's curious that all the women's t-shirts are sold out, but the men's Sing-Along Blog and Dr. Horrible styles aren't even close.

ETA: And Zeitgeist will be so relieved to see the "slashdotted" usage, rather than any parvenue expressions . . . ;-)
You've got that right. The new fangled expressions have no etymology. Slashdot linking you actually DOES take your server offline, so that expression makes perfect sense.
SNT, the Hammer Hammer shirts are sold out through men's 3XL, I believe.

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