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July 20 2008

Dr. Horrible: The Early Years. The dawn of a new fan series?

That is just totally adorable, and I wish I'd thought of it first.
(Wait, damn it- I can't believe I forgot to have kids!)

But hang on, I DO have some nephews and nieces just lying around.
Not return a library book? He is horrible!. That is some awesome memorization going on for a little kid. Kudos.
Heh, good bit of work that from the wee lad and the Hammer-Mahal was funny.

Is it just me though or does anyone else feel a bit battered just thinking about Dr Horrible as a boy ? Young and full of hopes and dreams and now look at him. Bloody Joss ;).
Too cute. Too too cute.

I hope that when I have children they will go along with my love of all things Whedon (or at least put up with it, if not joining in with the whedonlovin' completely), just as this boy as.
Kids, do NOT operate a chainsaw whilst on a slide.

Just sayin'. :-)
I'm waiting for the infant Hammer to show up. And the walk-on appearance of a token adult to tell them both, "You'll shoot your eye out." Cause it's all fun and games until...
I go with the adorable and add an awesomly cute. And I foresee a firstgrader school musical performance before long :)
I gotta say - i loved the smart alec who commented "oh no he's totally copying Dr Steel"

small things for ............
Oh, to be a young geek again! Excellent!!

I half expecting a shot through the trees of the girl next door.
OMG that is the cutest thing ever! I am very impressed.
"I blame my parents lack of foresight in the department of timber utilisation"

Just too damn cute.
All I was thinking as I was watching this was "Someone save that kid! Give him a hug. Introduce him to baby Penny who cannot resist that cute face!" And he ain't a doctor yet, he'd just been accepted to a Bachelors program lol

Anyone else wondering how adorable the much young and hopefully less vulgar Hammer looks like?
Delightful! It just needs a young Loni Peristere to add a quick closing cgi shot of the taj mahal imploding.
Too cute for words.
awww! I just saw this, how adorable!

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