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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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July 20 2008

Brief interview with the former Yosaffbridge. Good bible.

My answer to the question in the article's headline is definitely a "NO!"
It's so refreshing to see a beautiful woman embrace her body instead of trying to starve it out of existence.
It's great to see her featured and doing so well! Yay Mad Men.
I'm not getting the thread-title, at all.
filops - go back and watch "Our Mrs. Reynolds" again. :)
Dang, days' just starting, it's Sunday, and already I have a homework assignment!

I also enjoyed her recurring guest role on NBC's Life, which I think is coming back for another season. So my question is whether Christina might reprise her role from the first season, in addition to her Mad Men commitments?
Shadow stands up and applauds Christina.

YAY Christina for being comfortable with who she is, and YAY Joss for bringing her to our attention in the first place and also for not treating her character like a pariah because she wasn't svelte.

"You're Marilyn. It's so refreshing to see that." AMEN!

Just recently I saw an ad where a young girl is standing on a sidewalk staring at an underwear model on a poster. And then they show several images of women w/unrealistic bodies, and the young girl curled on the couch watching TV. It's by Dove, and it's about a self-esteem course that they've started for girls and young women.

On the plus - it's great that there is such a program. On the minus - it's a shame that there's a need for such a program.

We need more Christinas and Americas and Ambers and Queen Latifahs in this world, and less Calistas and Yancy Butlers. Oh...wait - they already are less.

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