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July 20 2008

Seat 42F has a photo of Fox's Comic-Con poster tube featuring DOLLHOUSE and tons of other shows. This is the first Comic-Con swag I might be willing to step on another con-goer's face to get my grubby hands on.

Too bad I'm not going this year. *G*

Also Seat 42F has these new DEXTER season 3 photos, including a nice shot of Julie Benz as Rita.

Why is Buffy on there? Didn't FOX productions only produce it?
Because it comes from Fox Home. That's the DVD label that Buffy and co are on.
Ah, I see. Thanks!

Cool collectible, btw. Hope a few make eBay.
There are only enough of these for about every one out of five con-goers, folks. Get yours early.
I know it's not popular with a whole lotta viewers here, but...has anyone here read recent articles about the 2-hour 24 prequel-to-Season-7 movie that'll be airing in November ? Is anyone else like me letting themselves get their hopes up a bit that the showrunners will pull off the seemingly insurmountable feat of bringing the show back from the mostly-awful Season 6 (the opening arc and the very ending, that's about all there was to love in it for me...there may've been some liking in the middle, but it was marred by so many missteps and ripping off previous seasons). 'Cause it sounds like they might find something new in it (even though the series probably should've ended at Season 4, or Season 5 only without the cliffhanger ending and one character death that was stupid).
I'm confused, as usual. Does it come with posters inside it? Are there pictures of those posters somewhere? What does one do with a tube that has pictures of posters on it?
You need the tube if you intent to be grabbing posters and artwork and whatnot while you're walking around -- otherwise, what would you carry it all in?

There's usually a couple of exhibitors that have promotional tubes of this sort.
I KNEW choosing orange as an accent color for my room was a good decision. I am sure I can find some use for it...maybe.
The Fox booth (along with about 50 other booths) will also be giving away posters.

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