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July 20 2008

Serenity standard edition DVD for $5.99 at Best Buy. Not big news? No, but it does include a "movie cash" certificate to see Hellboy 2: The Golden Army or The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor for free.

Wow that really is a great deal. Its like getting Serenity for free. If you plan to see any of those movies...but lets face it, who wouldn't want to see Hellboy 2 or Wanted?
That means it's cheaper to buy seven copies of Serenity than it is to buy seven tickets at the movie theater. Then, I could give away Serenity to people who haven't see it yet, and my family gets to watch The Mummy on the cheaper. We've already seen Hellboy.
And since movie tickets can be 10 bucks, that is an incredible deal!
If I was a US-resident I'd take this deal. It's indeed, in fact, cheeper to get that DVD than it is to go to the movies. Plus, Hellboy 2? Must-see, in my book :)
I ordered 2 of the BDM, and 1 copy of Children of Men. Does this mean we can finally say that the full-screen version of Serenity has made it to the Budget Bin after almost 3 years of success? If so, that's a pretty good run!
Do you think this deal can be found in Best Buy stores as well ? Like the movie coupons are packed in with certain DVDs, maybe ?

Already saw Hellboy 2 and Hulk, not sure if I wanna see the new Mummy movie (no Rachel Weisz?!? Plus #2 really completed it nicely. But I do like Brendan Fraser and Michelle Yeoh, hmm).

I definitely wanna see Wanted. I read the comic it's based on a few weeks ago--it's funny, but the characters are so not even likeable-evil like early Spike or something, evil evil, no redeeming qualities evil, not in-their-nature evil, chose to be evil. It's still an awesome book though and I loved that Mark Millar basically fucked up the DC Universe without explicitly saying it was the DC Universe (Wanted was published by Image/Top Cow anyway). Apparently the movie is excellent, but from the trailers I can tell that they changed almost the whole premise of the book, so it's probably a different animal.

Of the $5.99 offerings there, I would only buy what I haven't seen or don't already own, seeing as that cost is only a bit more than a rental.

Land of the Dead, The Good Shepherd, Miami Vice, Red Dragon...four movies I've wanted to see.

I doubt the coupon applies to Canadian moviegoers though.

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